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The World Below

As of last Friday, I am totally unable to properly hold a stylus/pen/paintbrush, due to my right hand being in a cast that immobilises my thumb. 163 more words


Wild Thing WIP's 2 & 3

Been listening to Heartbeat of my Soul, by Irina Mikhailova, and When We Were Small, by Rosie Thomas, amongst others, whilst doing this. The Rosie Thomas album is achingly beautiful (:


Spot removal in street photography

Street photography is mostly related to photojournalism, where a photograph shows the real activities on a street. It is not at all required to manipulate such photos, but there are some elements which certainly distract the viewers to see the actual story from a picture. 498 more words


Alice's Baby

Alice’s Creatuie

This is the Creaturina that only Alice knows. This Creatuie is soft, gentle, and loving… though, still, slightly scary. Alice can literally make… 504 more words


Alice's Baby WIP

This is what I’m currently working on. This is Creaturina as only Alice knows her; soft, gentle, and loving… as apposed to hard, vicious, and lethal, which is how the world, except for those she protects, know/knows her (: