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Spot removal in street photography

Street photography is mostly related to photojournalism, where a photograph shows the real activities on a street. It is not at all required to manipulate such photos, but there are some elements which certainly distract the viewers to see the actual story from a picture. 498 more words


Alice's Baby

Alice’s Creatuie

This is the Creaturina that only Alice knows. This Creatuie is soft, gentle, and loving… though, still, slightly scary. Alice can literally make… 504 more words


Alice's Baby WIP

This is what I’m currently working on. This is Creaturina as only Alice knows her; soft, gentle, and loving… as apposed to hard, vicious, and lethal, which is how the world, except for those she protects, know/knows her (:


Pilot WIP's 2 & 3

Almost finished my sweet Pilot (:

Because she is the product of genetic engineering, the Pilot is beautiful, and physically perfect… something she is completely unaware of. 157 more words


Pilot WIP

This is what I’m working on at the moment. She is the pilot of a gigantic war ship. Chosen for the position, while still in the womb, she has been enhanced on every level to be the human interface/operator of the ship’s AI… she can ‘see’ and ‘hear’ like a space telescope, and think and react as fast as the fastest computer. 173 more words