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Creaturina's Girl WIP 2

My gorgeous, lethal, golden-eyed sweety continues to take shape (:


Creaturina's Girl WIP

This is what I’m currently enjoying working on… if you don’t know her, this is Creaturina’s tough-as-nails, human sweetheart, Alice. Creaturina is tough because she’s a virtually indestructible, immortal alien; Alice is tough because she’s just plain tough, physically and mentally, defeat/weakness has never been an option for this fearsome warrior girl. 11 more words


The Scientist

Silly me! She wasn’t a soldier, or a pilot; she’s a scientist!

It’s so obvious, now.

She is the head scientist of a fourty-strong team who have landed on a remote planet to study the alien structures there. 211 more words


Current WIP

This is what I’m currently creating. I don’t really have a story for her, yet, just a general concept. I toyed with calling her ‘ 56 more words


Wild Thing

Finally finished my beautiful wild thing (:


Cassie Fetty - The Gals of Country Music (20160930)

Walk around and shoot the image; take plenty of pictures.  The final editing takes place in the darkroom or Photoshop.  I am still using Photoshop CS5 and love it. 69 more words

Glyphic 2

I have imagined these glyphs as the written language of beings whose scribes are chosen for their ability to mirror-write, that is, they write with both hands, their form of what is our left-hand/right-hand variation would be that most of them work from the centre out, but that some of them go from outside left, and centre, and work across… or, the other way round. 51 more words