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Angry Kara WIP

I am enjoying Supergirl. The instant I saw this scene, I had to paint it! This is a very angry Kara Zor-El, in an episode that deals with, among other things, the recently outed Supergirl’s anger issues. 138 more words


Hammer of the Wind WIP 2

Finally finished her chain mail!! Jeez, that was tedious! But worth it (:

Between hours spent laboriously toiling away on the mail links, worked on other details to relieve the monotony, but most of the time spent on Hammer since the last WIP I posted, has been spent on that mail. 81 more words


Remembering some floods

Remembering some floods.


Here we are on December 24, 2015, Christmas Eve, with temps in the 60s with highs projected to records for the next few days. 339 more words

Random Thoughts

Hammer of the Wind WIP

Still happily working on my awesome new creature! I have completely re-drawn her chain mail several times, now, and am doing it yet again… think I’m liking it better this time. 268 more words


Wind Hammer

This is the cutie I’m currently creating. Her name is Hammer of the Wind. She is an elite Sprite warrior, charged with the protection of all the normal Sprites, against Trolls, Ogres and all the other big bads who want to harm sweet little, lethal Sprites. 89 more words