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For several nights before the Sprite caught up with the bad humans, they were having scary dreams… in these dreams, something unstoppable, with burning eyes, was coming through the trees to devour them… she hadn’t caught them yet, but, even at that distance, she was in their heads (:



This is something I did a few years ago, I called it ‘Little Lost Lamb’ (: I’ve called this post ‘Testing’ because it looks like, for whatever reason, my last few posts, though visible to me, on my blog, are not appearing in the general community… so I’m going to post this then go straight to the tags I’ve posted it under, to see if it is there… 49 more words


My Best SG Portrait

I think this is the best Suicide Girl portrait I did… this is Schuld, and, need I say, she’s drop-dead gorgeous (: I was really pleased with this painting and, in fact, never painted another SG after this.


Lost Sorceress

A sorceress, exhausted and lost between dimensions, wishes that the path to knowledge wasn’t so hard and lonely…

… rallying her flagging strength and will, the lost sorceress causes the chaotic forces around her to coalesce into an energy source she can use to get back home. 12 more words