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__kindle cover disasters

Every time I open THIS Tumblr blog I just start laughing. These Kindle Covers are the definition of ‘disaster’. You’re welcome for the smiles and laughter! 8 more words


Some Dude Got His Nipple Photoshopped Clear Off In This Diet Coke Ad

I don’t know what the advertising agency who created this Diet Coke ad — which is appearing in magazines and on billboards throughout the UK — wanted people to think when they looked at it. 113 more words


Holy Photoshop Disaster, Look At This John Stamos Movie Poster

Reading today’s movie titles – “Let’s Be Cops,” “LOL,” “Sex Tape,” “Best Night Ever,” “Heaven Is For Real,” etc – I’m constantly reminded of that time-lapse scene in… 140 more words


Sprouting Heads? -- Photoshop Ruse

This morning while going through Pinterest (I can’t seem to get enough of that site, now that I’m detoxing from Facebook) and I I came across this picture of a woman apparently photoshopped to be carrying 9 babies.  99 more words


Nice 007 Photoshop Homage

Photoshop is fun. I use it for this and that, although I am by no means an expert. Mistakes are part of the fun, unless you’re creating something for public use and your mistake winds up being viewed by the public. 113 more words

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Friday Funny - Unfortunate Magazine Cover and some Porn (not really)

We spotted this over at Boing Boing this week, by way of Photoshop Disasters

One has to wonder, “What were they thinking?”

You gotta feel for that model, who most assuredly had zero input into the cover’s composition. 23 more words