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A quick concept rendering for detailing class.

work by thomas grant macdonald, 2015, all rights reserved

Landscape Architecture

SOLUTION - "Problem Parsing the JPEG Data" Error - Photoshop

Here’s a quick and easy fix to this annoying error you may encounter when attempting to open an image in Photoshop.

Simple Photoshop Retouching and detail enhancement

Visit our video to view just how easy it is to enhance your photographs in a few easy steps


Basic Photoshop

How To Create Pixel Explosion Effect On Photoshop CS6

Last week I watched a really good tutorial on creating pixel effects on Photoshop. So in this post I would like to share with you my vision on the effect and how to achieve it. 349 more words


Photoshop lessons the easy way

Welcome to our blog for all that is photoshop where we will be posting video lesson for you to enjoy and learn below is our first video please visit and like / subscribe and help us grow

View here click now

Basic Photoshop

Using a Levels Adjustment to Remove a Color Cast in Photoshop

If you shoot under mixed lighting or with the wrong white balance preset, you can get a nasty color cast or tint in your photo.  Fortunately this is an easy fix in Photoshop which can analyze the image and fix it for you with minimal work. 198 more words

Technique & Tutorials

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