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Where The Slime Live

A Photoshop exercise inspired by the Morbid Angel track “Where The Slime Live”, from their 1995 album Domination. This piece looked to combine using techniques such as noise and grain filters, liquefying tools and typography.

Dragonhunter dragonfly (male)

“Get a shot, any shot; refine the shot” is one my mantras for wildlife photography, as illustrated in the following three-photo time series of a  289 more words

Digital Photography

Compress a PDF

Rather than upload large PDF files to compress their size, you can easily achieve this within Adobe Acrobat. The link below shows this simple process step by step:



The Baking Mama

Here’s an original cover photo made for a friend, using Photoshop. It portrays my friend, Mai, who is fond of baking. Mai used this as a cover photo for her Facebook page.


Thunderstorm Over the Great Pyramids of Giza

Is this a real photo of a thunderstorm over the great pyramids of Giza?

Other captions used: “pyramid struck by lightning during the Dragon storm”, “power energy light”. 21 more words


Dali's cave

This image is often shared as the Dali’s cave or an example of a real life optical illusion.

Idea is that the flying birds create an optical illusion of Salvador Dali’s face. 39 more words


The sinful acts of attention seeking

By Artur Odwald

Don’t lie, they say. Yet, we are lied to on a daily basis. What’s worse, we accept these lies as the norm. We know that advertisements exaggerate, profile pictures are carefully crafted, and the right narratives are used to make stories colourful. 687 more words