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Hello everyone, here is my process for creating the first mock-up of the mobile application for my organization, Young Visionaries. I’m still pretty new to the UI/UX field of design, so I decided to start from a template. 57 more words

How to Change a Background in Photoshop

One of the most common questions when it comes to Photoshop is, “How do I remove a background?” There are variations of it—how do I move someone to a different background, or change the background—but the gist is the same. 9 more words

Haunted World

Still playing around with Photoshop, i’m really enjoying this effect! :)
I wanted this one to have an eerie/haunted atmosphere, so i faded the picture a bit and added a texture to give it a scanned film look! 65 more words


I Never Wanted Reality (Disaster and destruction are real and people will stop and look extra-long every time.)

“A photograph is not reality—it is at best and illusion. It brings back memories, changes emotions, but it is not real and you can never achieve reality in a photograph.”  I never wanted to be a photographer and I know that can sound very confusing coming from a man who owns a camera and uses it almost every day. 1,016 more words

E-Commerce and Information Usability and Design Projects

Really enjoying my graduate coursework right now. Before this semester I normally didn’t use Indesign for assignment unless it was something more visual. This semester though I’ve been using it more like Word and I’ve been pretty pleased with the ways my assignments are turning out. 182 more words


ASU Duel in the Desert Bib

Created bibs for the upcoming meet on May 2nd.

Overall really liked how these turned out. Struggled for a little bit trying to create a design that wasn’t just horizontal bars and I think spending the extra 45 minutes to think of a different layout worked out.