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Designing Around a Theme

Designing Around a Theme

by Christine G. Adamo

When it comes to designing for clients, it helps to have a theme in mind.

What do I mean by a theme? 247 more words

Other People's Work: Why It Matters ...

Other People’s Work: Why It Matters … & Why You Should Care

by Christine G. Adamo

What can we learn from other people? A whole lot, as it turns out! 348 more words


It’s always exciting to see your work in print! Once again, thanks to a Jessica Glynn/Taylored Image collaboration, we had the opportunity to see 10 pages of our work displayed in the May edition of Canadian House and Home.  12 more words


It’s amazing how simple it is to make a GIF, or a graphic interchange format, using Adobe Photoshop.

Here is an example of a gif I made by breaking down video screen shots frame by frame from a movie shot on my iphone. 259 more words

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Thursday 28, 2016

Today in class I got to work on my own projects.

I decided to illustrate one of my good friend’s short story she wrote a very long time ago. 103 more words


where have i been?

I have been absent. Fully absent online lately. And completely present offline. 

As you might have noticed I have not been that active on social media in the past few months as I might have been a year ago. 293 more words