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Daily Doodle 272

Daily Doodle 272

So I decided to do a digital portrait speedpainting tonight, then Photoshop froze, then cam software crashed, then Pc crashed, so then after a restart this happened!šŸ˜„



To be a just a graphic designer or an illustrator!

Lately I found myself thinkingĀ  a lot about the type of graphic designer I want to be. I mean everyone now days knows how to usephotoshop and add a few text and effects and you got a poster! 260 more words

My Diary


March 2017
Adobe Photoshop C6 (Brush tool)


Dogwood Photography Challenge: Week 11

Week 11 – Technical: Split ToneĀ 
Split Tone is an editing technique where the shadows are toned one color, and the highlights a second color. Split toning is often used with color grading in the media to give a scene a desired look and feel. 53 more words



Had a little bit of free time today. Instead of taking a break I thought I’d work on a person project which also ended up being my submission for this weeks #colour_collective.