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Olin matkalla Marokossa, siellä kuvasin paljon maisemia yms. Olisin mielelläni kuvannut ihmisiä omissa touhuissaan, mutta Marokossa ihmiset eivät tykänneet kun heitä kuvattiin, joten keskityin vain maisemiin ja eläimiin. 75 more words


Wolf girl

Coś nowego, tym razem dziewczyna z wilkiem.

George's American Virgin

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll be aware that this year I am embarking on creating my own… how shall we call them…dream? imaginary? projects and clients.   623 more words

How To Convert RGB To CMYK For Printing

When working in a digital format it is best to start all projects in RGB format and later convert it to CMYK for printing purposes. Why you ask? 297 more words


Character Design in a Story Project

Once upon a time, there was a Castle in the land of Zodatia, and there lived a beautiful rich family. But, this story is about who lived under the Castle, a lobster named Alaris. 211 more words



I was playing around with Photoshop during class and I made this:

**The poem is not mine. I am not that good!**