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Stark Coffee Flavored Wafer

Title : Stark Coffee Flavored Wafer
Type : School Project
Tool : Photoshop
Year : 2018


Colour My World

I’m back for another “Daily Gratitude!” Before I start, I have to say that my inner rebel is coming out today. I grew up with the American version— 314 more words


Exercise 4.4 Layers - Research and background tests

28th March 2020

For exercise 4.4 we are asked to experiment with ways of making layered imagery. We are specifically asked to use photoshop for the creation of our images. 3,659 more words


Let's Demon Today

A bit more of an illustrative look than I wanted, but I like the composition and colours. Also, hooves ftw! :D


Article B6: Write a Tutorial: Making an Animated Logo Gif

Making a GIF on Photoshop sounds likes something you cant do, but you definitely can. I will show you that it is as simple as counting from one to ten. 387 more words