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Tutorial for creating a Text Mask in Photoshop w/ Images.

I see this most of time on Tumblr when I had one. Tumblr was fun while it lasted. 208 more words


Oct.9th Another project day!

Today I had another project day! I used it to go over techniques in Photoshop and it was very fun!For my first one I took the generic color scheme painted stock photo that shows on the official online store for that Warhammer of the Baneblade model from the Imperial Guard army. 48 more words


You know you want one... part 10...

Yes, nothing says ‘pouringmyartout’ like this 100% cotton crack squirrel t-shirt!


bands with sharks in the forest

Here is Twenty One Pilots. Here is Twenty One Pilots with  shark in the woods. All I did for these pictures to become what they are now was I put all 3 pictures up in Photoshop then I used the eraser tool and just erased wach pictures background and then placed then in order to become this picture. 87 more words