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Crazy Cousins-A Photostory

Hello, my wonderful friends! It is I, Izzy. Today, I have a photostory for you featuring Charlotte Anne and my sister’s PC Felicity. The two girls, are, believe it or not, biological cousins, and they just happened to end up at the same house! 806 more words

Charlotte Anne

New Friends Part One

Lame name, yes I know. I didn’t come up with anything better. I really should have. Anyway on to the story!

This is the story in which new things will be announced by the way. 247 more words


Queen of the School

It’s Monday. Neko doesn’t mind Mondays.

In fact, she looks forward to them. On Sunday, Neko plans her outfits for the rest of the week. Monday’s outfit is usually the best. 524 more words


Joy's Journal 2-12

The rest of the parts

                         Right after school my group met in Serenity and Roberta’s room. That’s when I decided to make my move. I was going to come straight out and tell them, but they started taunting me about it first. 291 more words


Final words for 2016.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, this will almost certainly be the last blog post of 2016 but there is no need to shed a tear as I’m hoping to come back bigger and stronger in the new year! 259 more words

Photo Stories

Skipper's Music Battle (photostory)

It’s halfway through Skipper’s music lesson when the class is interrupted by the arrival of a new student. Skipper frowns as she watches the girl walk in. 529 more words


Festive Fun - By IrishAG

 It was the day after Christmas in Williamsburg.

Felicity Merriman had celebrated with her family the day before, and since she was old enough, was allowed to stay up later than her little siblings: Nan, William and Polly.  479 more words