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Yuki's Day at Work

Hmm, so this is where you work? Seems a bit… I don’t know… plain…
Yes, it is, but I have to make the money somehow! 203 more words


Gingerbread Scone

After the shortest wait ever (2 weeks and 2 days from order to shipping, what the hell?!) my Honey Delf Scone Prince arrived! He came while I was in Florida, so I went to pick him up on Friday since I took the day off work :) I had some help opening him! 189 more words


Photograph Stories- Dear Mum

The Guardian newspaper invited readers to compose a two hundred word letter for  Mothering Sunday  starting ‘Dear Mum.’

I decided to enter mine which was duly published in the Family section on Saturday March 14. 733 more words



Today was the last day of our vacation by the sea.  We have had an enjoyable and relaxing time but now we must go back to our regular everyday lives again. 175 more words

Enchanted Daydreams

Sean Sees the Soundside

This morning dawned bright and sunny.  No fog today!  So Sean and I went to the sound for my morning walk.  He told me he wanted to see boats so we found a place to see some boats. 126 more words

Enchanted Daydreams

V's Adventure in the Fog

I took V down to the beach this evening so that she could see the ocean.  It was incredibly foggy out and when we got to the sand we could just barely see the water.   174 more words

Enchanted Daydreams

Nell's Adventure on the Beach

This morning Nell insisted on accompanying me on my walk along the beach, so I obliged her and took her along. It was a balmy 63 degrees out, overcast and very foggy,  but we made the most of it.   304 more words

Enchanted Daydreams