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Bop to the Top {photostory}

It’s a sticky 36 degrees today, so I’ve been rather unproductive -I managed to clean up a little, but I don’t have a current project to work on so I’m a little bored (well, technically, I do, but it’s rather hateful so I’m avoiding it). 505 more words


Vineyards of South Australia, Langhore Creek

Nadszedł dzień kiedy musieliśmy pożegnać się z naszym tymczasowym mieszkankiem w Adelaide wynajętym przez AirBnB, spakować wszystko do naszego małego campervana i ruszyć w wymarzoną podróż po Australii. 494 more words


Food Brings Everyone Together {photostory}

So today I was thinking about how nice it would be to have the Barbie BBQ Playset. I thought it would be so cute if my dolls had a barbeque together, and how it could be about the different families coming together and hanging out. 777 more words


I Am The Captain Now (photostory)

Sooo, I recently piled together a bunch of stuff to sell. I really hope it all sells for the price I set it at. It sucks when you think you are going to earn $50 for a bunch of things, but then each buyer wants the price lowered, so you end up only making $30 or something. 552 more words


The Mystery of the Halloween Kidnap!

“Are you guys ready to go trick-or-treating yet?” Lea asked for the fourteenth time. She was all ready to go. She had her costume, (she was being a marathon runner), and she was dying for some candy. 611 more words


Hangin' Out At the Mall (photostory)

A few weeks ago, I toyed with the idea of starting a modelling agency. With my dolls being the stars, of course! I ended up scrapping the idea, but here are some headshots I liked: 765 more words


Encountering the vestiges of BR Ambedkar

They are related to this man. They are staying there since 1934 now. They offered me water and greeted me with utter warmth to keep coming as if it’s my home. 40 more words