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Dear mum-The End

The time came.

We watched standing huddled together while a doctor removed the tube which had kept her alive and deprived her of speech. The chaplain quietly prayed. 124 more words


Evil Empire (part 34)

Whilst the evil Earplug brothers and their robotic servants were going about their dirty business…

…the curators were reacting to what they’d seen of it upon their Omnipresent Scanner… 381 more words

Digital Photography

The missing pets ~Part 1~

Hey, guys! Here is a photostory that I made that is in two parts! Enjoy!

It was a nice quiet day, and Caroline was petting Inkpot… 104 more words


(By) Jove Boat!

This is a story of an unexpected voyage.

Inspired by this silly pink Barbie Cruise Ship found second hand.

I think perhaps selling it, as it is in such a good condition, in a much better state than my bank balance is. 275 more words


Photograph Stories-Dear Mum- 4

Our mother died during the first week of our visit. As the days passed the pile of unpaid bills grew and we  arranged to discuss things with the doctor. 238 more words


Night Sky & The Gutter

Oscar Wilde once wrote, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”

“Well yes, they’re pretty but I think a rat just crawled over my chest, I feel mould between my fingers and I smell like piss.” 90 more words


Photograph stories-Dear Mum 3

The incident with the sheriff was quite a high moment in what had been a traumatic week that ended with our mother’s death.

It happened one afternoon when we had climbed into the car to escape what was happening. 346 more words