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The Party [Photostory]

It’s a gorgeous day, but of course, the girls at Aquifolia High School are trapped inside a classroom.

“Alright everyone,” the teacher says. “For this exercise, I need you all to find a partner.” Emily sighs. 306 more words


Joy's Journal Part Six


I turned over and put my pillow over my head. “Be quiet Hope!”

“Oh Joy,” Savana Laughed. “We are at this boarding school, River Valley, not home.” 238 more words



October 8th, 2016. For some, just a normal day. But for a certain freckled fashionista, it was the biggest day of her life. She was turning 10.  704 more words



A divine communion
Beheld those hands
In a world where
Feminity subdued
Took a divine form
Exuberant in appearance
Timeless in presence
An embodiment
An enigma… 68 more words


Saturday Morning (Photostory)

It’s Saturday morning and Imogen feels like a pile of rubbish. She didn’t sleep well; she was thinking too much about Emily and what she did to her. 422 more words


Going Offline (Photostory)

Emily is disgruntled to discover that Anonymous Panda Imogen has not stopped posting things about her since their confrontation. She decides to go ahead and ask Barbie what she knows. 568 more words


Mackinac Island- A Road Trip & Postcards from Michigan

They say, there’s beauty everywhere, you only have to look. There are these places that stimulate the true traveler’s mind and then there are these others that look insanely & obviously gorgeous and would appeal to absolutely anybody’s eye! 826 more words