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Joy's Journal 2-14

That next morning I could barely pull myself out of bed so I didn’t bother. It wasn’t like anyone wanted me there anyway. I would have asked Savana to take a note up to the office, but she had already left so I just went back to sleep. 156 more words


A Web or A City

Just like the dense artery of roads and nodes in our cities, the web is symbolic of a home; a home for the spider and a pattern for our minds.


The Dog - The God

Taken in Banaras / Varanasi, India.
As the ferry glided in the Ganges, the foreground was staring through two of the most significant symbols in this city of life.


The Mystery of the Missing Clothes

Josefina was frustrated. She couldn’t find the clothes from her collection anywhere!

“Where could they be?” Josefina asked herself, “I’ve looked everywhere I can think of.” 114 more words


A Day at the Salon

Melody was setting up in the salon where she sometimes had shifts, when Lea came in.

“What do you need, Lea?” Melody asked.

“I was wondering if you could redo my highlights,” Lea replied, “They’re starting to go away.” 158 more words


The Leprechaun Trap ~A Photostory~

Polby and Huggies were having a nice and quiet time reading together.

“Hey, I almost forgot! It’s Saint Patrick’s Day!” cried Polby suddenly, turning toward Huggies.  640 more words

Stuffed Animals

Just did it!

It’s Thursday already, I’d better write something…. Never wanted a routine but it appears I have one, on a Thursday at least.

Must work on getting the other six days sorted. 173 more words

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