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#331 Hot weather, hot outfits.

Well, it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the temperatures are on the side of warm to hot! So I picked up these hot outfits as Bloggers’ Packs through the… 325 more words


#328 Getting into summer....

….with Bloggers’ packs I obtained from Eyelure and ELUZION via the We Love To Blog group. As a bonus I also collected a pack from… 371 more words


#325 Hits from Miss.

:: Miss Canning :: that is! Miss C, as you probably know, does a lot of appliers, though in this batch from Bloggers’ packs, there is only one clothing applier, the rest of the items are mesh. 485 more words


#324 Beautiful Places - Timeless Memories

I regularly check here for photogenic spots as I am always looking for new places to do fashion photoshoots. One such I used this morning was… 250 more words


#323 Elegant Sage

I picked up a Bloggers’ pack from Glitterati by Sapphire, by way of the We Love To Blog Group, which contained this marvellously elegant dress and fell in love with it immediately. 214 more words


#322 Getting shirty!

I received a Bloggers’ Pack from ODDITY this morning. Oddity also does a lot of men’s clothing (which I have featured in the past) but this time the shirt shown below is definitely for women which was a treat! 260 more words


#320 The prodigal returns

I am ashamed to say I haven’t done a blog post for around six weeks! RL and an excess of business travel made it almost impossible. 343 more words