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For the first time ever, the US is now getting 10% of its electricity from wind and solar

Renewable energy in the US just hit a new benchmark: 10% of the electricity produced in a single month came from wind and solar power for the first time. 179 more words

Video of the Week #014

This week’s video of the week focuses on photovoltaics. For those that aren’t aware, that is the more technical term for the science of producing energy using solar power. 108 more words

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Learn everything you need to know about designing with photovoltaic glass by the hand of the Global Leader in PV Glass for buildings.

Understanding solar PV glass from a technical viewpoint and from an economic aspect are the main goals of our… 112 more words

Onyx Solar

Onyx Solar: when aesthetics and sustainability match

Onyx Solar®’s glass, in addition to its sustainability and its efficiency, stands out due to its unlimited range of configurations, adapting to the design of each project. 72 more words

Onyx Solar

Regional Consequences of Solar Installations

by Matt Johnson

Forecasts about the future of solar energy tend to be rosy and optimistic, but is the solar revolution really a nobody-loses scenario? A study lead by Aixue Hu (2017) titled “Impact of solar panels on global climate” addresses some infrequently mentioned concerns. 438 more words

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