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One Step Closer to Organic PV

by Briton Lee

Recently, researchers were able to produce organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells in a way that can be scalable to an industrial level. One of the barriers facing the widespread adoption of solar power is the cost-prohibitive nature of its production. 327 more words


We Have Come a Long Way: Rooftop Solar Power Now!

We had considered it already a few years ago – when we decided to live and work in the middle of a dusty and noisy construction site for a few months: 646 more words

Science And Technology

European Grid Operators 1, Solar Eclipse 0

Weather forecasts calling for bright sun today across Europe drove up tensions in advance of the partial solar eclipse that blocked the sun’s rays and plunged much of the continent into a brief period of darkness this morning. 780 more words

Renewable Energy

New California Housing Community Goes Zero Net Energy

California has set a goal for all new residential construction in the state to be ZNE by 2020 and all new commercial construction to be zero net energy by 2030. 147 more words

Renewable Energy

Blackout caused by solar eclipse?

On Friday, starting at 8:30 AM a solar eclipse will occur over Europe. The last eclipse covering most of Europe occured in 1999. Over the course of the last 16 years, the generation from solar PV has steeply increased. 148 more words


20% Efficiency Becoming the New Normal for PV

Not so long ago, SunPower’s high efficiency PV modules were an industry novelty and considered a specialty premium item.  With greater than 20% efficiency they allowed relatively large capacity in a compact footprint.  241 more words

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