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Solar Photovoltaics: Reaping the Benefits of Solar Energy in Vancouver

Aside from being a renewable energy source, solar power is also abundant and free. In fact, the Earth receives about 120,000 terawatts of power from the sun’s radiation and that is about 20,000 times more than what is required to supply the whole world. 90 more words

Solar Power and Bike Locks: A match made in Why?

A bike lock. A solar-powered bike lock. But…why?

Here at wheelmode we’re big proponents of harnessing the power of the sun. But in the universe of things that could benefit from an immediate conversion to solar power (electric grids, appliances, etc), we have to admit that the trusty bike lock hadn’t ranked high on our list. 329 more words


Energy Harvesting (Part 1)

During the first two weeks of February I attended an EU sponsored retraining course, which dealt with interesting topics that come under the Hi Tech banner. 568 more words


"An Unprecedented Test for Europe's Electricity System"

And we will not be able to contribute – by a hair. We have just ordered our photovoltaic generator, and installation is planned for April. 611 more words

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The Cost of Solar PV Continues to Plummet

The UK has a unique auction process in which the utilities and large electricity customers bid for power, called “contracts for difference.” The concept is not unlike a futures contract, in which sellers who do not (or cannot) take risk with the volatility of energy prices receive a fixed price over a certain period of time, regardless of the actual “spot” price. 87 more words


Transitioning to Solar

Quick conversation with a colleague in New York:

Colleague:  We will move from oil to natural gas and then to solar…it will take some time! Remember…we used to burn wood and coal… 117 more words