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PV Panel Energy Conversion Efficiency Rankings

The purpose of this brief is to investigate into the types of solar panel systems with a look at their theoretical maximum Energy Conversion Efficiency… 546 more words


The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow

A pall has settled over the solar industry. Laden with debt, SunEdison , the sector’s once-shining star, nose-dived from a market cap of nearly $10 billion… 343 more words


Follow The Sun: Widespread Use Of Solar Panels Heralds Cleaner, Greener Future

Climate change is a problem that can’t be ignored.

The five hottest years in recorded history all took place in the 2000s. The fast rise in temperatures is widely attributed to greenhouse gases that trap heat close to the earth. 375 more words

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Solar Energy - Day One

I thought about calling this post Solar Economics for Dummies. Now that my solar panels have been in operation for a full day, I can finally begin to understand, and explain, their financial impact. 744 more words


First Conference

Authors: Olivia Ashton and Alex Smith

As fresh graduates in the sphere of academia, we knew our time would come to lose our conference virginity. A place where great minds in a particular field come together to share ideas and discuss progress, a conference seemed like a daunting experience. 528 more words


Solar Access for Disadvantaged Communities in California

by Maithili Joshi

Solar energy is widely used throughout California. It is versatile, makes sense financially, and has a great effect on the environment, offsetting more polluting forms of energy production. 309 more words

Solar Power

The Future of Solar Panels is Clear...

We all know the traditional uses of solar panels… They are often used on roofs or in large field called solar farms that span large areas and harvest the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.  1,094 more words

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