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Floating photovoltaics: Do they reduce evaporation?

I saw this interesting article about installing floating photovoltaics on Lake Mead and Lake Powell in the U.S. as a means of generating power using renewables and reducing some of the significant evaporation from the two lakes. 385 more words


Collaborating Abroad

Written by James Cave

One of the major goals of CDT-PV is to build collaborations, both between the seven universities taking part and with other organisations interested in developing solar technologies. 607 more words

Journal Of Physics: Condensed Matter

Government Announces Grant for Alaskan Native Tribal Energy Assistance

by Kevin Tidmarsh

A new initiative from the US Department of Energy aims to “develop regional energy experts to provide technical energy assistance and informational resources,” according to a DOE press release. 434 more words

Renewable Energy

Oceans of Lithium

Salar de Uyuni in Southwest Bolivia contains an estimated 43 % of the world’s easily recoverable lithium. Together with neighbors Chile and Argentina, the three countries contain 70% of the planet’s reserves. 476 more words

Climate Change

New Record for Organic Solar Cells Today, Solar-Powered Car Tomorrow

by Woodson Powell

German solar company Heliatek has officially set the new world record for organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells with a conversion efficiency of 13.2%, as confirmed by Fraunhofer CSP . 368 more words


New record for Si photovoltaic module efficiency

SunPower recently announced a 24.1% efficient Si PV module- a world record:


As noted in the article, this is very impressive, especially considering that the theoretical maximum efficiency for a single junction Si solar cell under 1 sun illumination intensity is ~ 29%.


Flower power—photovoltaic cells replicate rose petals

With a surface resembling that of plants, solar cells improve light-harvesting and thus generate more power. Scientists of KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) reproduced the epidermal cells of rose petals that have particularly good antireflection properties and integrated the transparent replicas into an organic solar cell. 612 more words