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PHP weirdness

I use the stock PHP version installed for macOS Sierra. In my case, it’s PHP 5.6.30. It runs well on my local web apps and it’s useful for my development environment. 327 more words

Software Upgrade

subl command work for your mac

create the symlink in /usr/local/bin instead of ~/bin and make sure that /usr/local/binin in PATH.

$ ln -s /Applications/Sublime\ Text.app/Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl /usr/local/bin/.
$ echo $PATH
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[PHP] Capacité d'agent aérien d'accueillir les voyageurs

Objectif (Version française)

Les périodes de vacances scolaires riment souvent avec fortes affluences dans les aéroports.

Une compagnie aérienne tente de répondre à ce besoin en mobilisant d’avantage d’agents d’escale prêts à accueillir et aiguiller les voyageurs. 182 more words


PDO_IBM: tracking changes publicly

As part of my work at Zend (now a RogueWave company), I maintain the various patch sets. One of those is the changes for PDO_IBM extension… 136 more words


Fixing missing Authorization Headers

It’s something to do with using PHP FPM / Fast CGI, and auth headers being disable for that.

So we add this to the directory entry of the .htaccess: 11 more words


So I decided to install Java ...

I’m not a Java coder. I work primarily in PHP, with Python on the side. I’ve been rewriting an old PHP project to conform with modern standards, including testing. 344 more words

Command Line


phpunit testing:

  • Installation:
    • composer require –dev phpunit/phpunit
  • Usage on cli:
    • If it’s installed with composer in your project folder:
      • go to your project folder …
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