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Education Series Part 06 - Installing PHP and MySQL in CentOS 7

Note, MySQL is actually called Maria-DB which apparently is a fork of MySQL.  I should also note that my experience with MySQL is very minimal, while I have been able to make my way through it in the past, it was almost always thanks to Google.   552 more words


PHP-MySQL Missing Manual 2nd Edition Ch 3

Some notes about Chapter 3

  • PHP code can be inserted anywhere within an HTML page. Anyway it is a good idea to do as much ‘php work’ as possible before the HTML begins.
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PHP-MySQL Missing Manual 2nd Edition Ch 2

Some notes about Chapter 2:

  • HTML, CSS and Javascript are handled by the browser, PHP is sent to the PHP interpreter, that server program will process the script and send the result back to the web server. 139 more words
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    PDO static wrapper

    I’ve recently created my own easy to use pdo static wrapper to school. I want to share so i created page with description: https://kbajt.wordpress.com/php-db/pdo-static-wrapper/
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    To check youtube video state in javascript

    Hi Friends,

    Recently i have worked with slider-video embed customization. In slider, it have both images and video. If Video is playing, i need to stop slider. 270 more words


    Create custom category attribute without creating module


    Now we are going to check, how to create an custom attribute for category without creating custom module

    require_once(‘../app/Mage.php’);  // Include Mage files…

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    How to post source code on Wordpress.com

    So I always post a question I have, so hopefully it will help others that had the same question.

    I was trying to find out the best way to post source codes on a post, so after a little googl’ing I found the following post by WordPress: 222 more words