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Creating an array in PHP

Creating an array in PHP is easy. There are many ways, one is numerically either implicitly or explicitly, two is by name and three by using the… 521 more words


Install Laravel in Mac OS X and Linux

Laravel has awesome documentation but still I Faced problem while installation.Below are the Just three commands which can help you to run Laravel in your mac book or Linux systems like ubuntu and any other distribution. 25 more words

Increasing performance of an XLSX import feature

In a Symfony2 application we’re developing for a client, a key feature is the import of some XLSX files containing previous representation of the data (let’s call it legacy data) into the system. 1,254 more words


Delete files and folders recursively using PHP

unlinkr function recursively deletes all the folders and files in given path by making sure it doesn’t delete the script itself.

    function unlinkr($dir, $pattern = "*") {
        // find all files and folders matching pattern
        $files = glob($dir . 182 more words

File Handling - PHP

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Creating Login system with PHP script


This blog post is about my CWD 3313 2015 coursework 2 which is about creating login system with PHP scripts. For creating the login page I need HTML, PHP, MySQL and Xampp… 255 more words