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Remove index.php In CodeIgniter

Secara default, index.php include di dalam URL.

Url tersebut tampak tidak enak dilihat, oleh sebab itu yuk kita ikuti langkah berikut agar index.php tidak tampil lagi. 68 more words


Execute SQL remotely on an IBM i via PHP's PDO ODBC from a Windows or Linux

You’ll first have to configure an ODBC connection¬†“System DSN”/”System Data Source” via the “iSeries Access ODBC driver” or it might be call the IBM i Access driver which you can get here: 180 more words


Creating DOMElements from HTML strings

DOMDocuments are cool, and a really nice way of dealing with HTML in an OO fashion. However, sometimes, we have an HTML string element which we need to add to our Document. 115 more words


Disable register_globals on a legacy PHP app

As any decent developer knows, register_globals was a terrible idea, a security risk, and turned ON by default in old versions of PHP!

Thankfully it was removed in PHP 5.4. 174 more words


[trick] Setting Host Name Localhost di Linux Lite


Kali ini sekedar catatan langkah melakukan hostname di localhost, kalo misalkan kita akses aplikasi via:

localhost/aplikasi atu

Kita mau ubah menjadi seperti ini:

109 more words


Download here
. Scheduling PHP scripts to run at set intervals your replacement for cron jobs/crontab. A simple PHP cron script.

Designed to automate tasks by scheduling PHP scripts to run at set intervals

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Top Books about Zend Framework 3

In this post I want to provide a collection of books on Zend Framework 3 with their brief descriptions, advantages/disadvantages. This list is not yet complete, because ZF3 was released not so long ago, and more books will be released later. 172 more words