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[trick] Setting Host Name Localhost di Linux Lite


Kali ini sekedar catatan langkah melakukan hostname di localhost, kalo misalkan kita akses aplikasi via:

localhost/aplikasi atu

Kita mau ubah menjadi seperti ini:

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Download here
. Scheduling PHP scripts to run at set intervals your replacement for cron jobs/crontab. A simple PHP cron script.

Designed to automate tasks by scheduling PHP scripts to run at set intervals

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Top Books about Zend Framework 3

In this post I want to provide a collection of books on Zend Framework 3 with their brief descriptions, advantages/disadvantages. This list is not yet complete, because ZF3 was released not so long ago, and more books will be released later. 172 more words


Handle write permissions in ubuntu for uploads or code generators

Usually we need to change directory/file permission to able to write files. This may be for uploads directory or code generation tool. But most of the time some developers do bad thing, that the give permission 777 to the directory/file and get work the done. 247 more words

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Laravel Tutorial 2

Database configuration:

  • Specify the database being used in config/database.php
  • If you’re using sqlite, create an “database.sqlite” file in either databses or storage. We do not need to edit the “.env” file …
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Passing arguments to cron and receive in php

Setting up cron

Crons can pass parameters or arguments to scripts as well for example you have example.php set as cron like below

/usr/bin/php -q /home/usrname/example.php
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How can I secure my APIs using O-Auth?

I wrote some APIs in PHP to expose my website to a greater no of audience.

Now, can anyone help to know how I can secure them using O-Auth. 13 more words