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PHP Master Course in Delhi, India

PHP is a server side scripting language also used for general purpose programming language. PHP language is widely used to develop web applications, websites, data driven projects etc. 229 more words

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PHP and MySQL Training

There is no other better career than PHP and MySQL. Whole world need PHP Developers. PHP and MySQL jobs are on demand and one of the most high paid sector in outsourcing marketplace. 286 more words

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Dynamic Drop  Down  menu Code:

Download Code  or follow given steps:

Consider Following Two Tables

table 1 : main_menu
this is the main table and stores main menu links like ‘home, about, contact’. 14,218 more words

how to prevent content when user visit first time using Cookies concept

Simple   use   of   cookies   :

(1)write   Code to check cookies if not set then prevent  to access content. & redirect to you  “form.php” page:

<html> 110 more words

How To Develop A Content Management System Using Php Mysql & Using Ckeditor Plug-Ins

Step by Step guidance to create a   CMS   System:

step 1: Now  second to   Create  Dynamic  Content  Page  from where you insert or update  record : 455 more words

PHP Course Gives a Boost to Your Professional Start

The fresh graduates who are looking for a great job in the field of IT might have been thinking that how they can enhance their ability, gain reputation, and turn out to become a pro for the job interview. 392 more words

PHP course in chennai

PHP / MySQL Course

PHP is used for creating real time internet applications with the use of databases like MySQL in order to work with several extensions that are available for developing various applications. 31 more words