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OpenBSD + NGINX [fastcgi] + PHP

php-fpm is not an independent package. Install php, php-fpm is included.

php-fpm is properly pre-configured and should run instantly.


     location ~ \.php$ {
            try_files      $uri $uri/ =404;
            fastcgi_pass   unix:run/php-fpm.sock; # NO ABSOLUTE PATH PLS. 16 more words

Solved php-fpm: WARNING: [pool www] seems busy...

The root cause of your problem can’t be determined because we don’t know what kind of code your server runs.

What happens is that PHP can’t process requests fast enough to keep up with nginx. 272 more words


Installer Nginix et PHP-FPM

Ngnix est un serveur http hyper performant surtout pour tous les contenus statiques, un reverse proxy permet au passage de faire du load balancing. c’est un serveur asynchrone performant et qui a l’avantage d’avoir une empreinte mémoire réduite qui augmente de façon linéaire contrairement a Apache.  629 more words


How to increase PHP-FPM Idle Timeout

By default PHP-FPM sets the script execution (idle) timeout to 30 seconds. In some cases, 30 seconds is not enough. You can bump up the timeout by editing the file… 45 more words


Apache with PHP-FPM and Event MPM

PHP has many handlers you can choose. Which one is the best? There are pros and cons of each handler and you can find them easily just by googling. 275 more words

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