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Install Composer

  1. Go to composer official website (https://getcomposer.org/doc/00-intro.md)
  2. Download installer and rename it to ‘composer-setup.php’
  3. Execute this command line: php composer-setup.php --install-dir=/usr/local/bin
  4. Rename ‘composer.phar’ to ‘composer’ under /usr/local/bin…
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Hide PHP Version in HTTP Headers on Nginx

The PHP version is revealed in the HTTP headers by default on nginx. This can be demonstrated by CURLing the URL of your choice.

curl -I… 54 more words

Web Development

PHP Namespaces

There are possible conflicts that we can encounter with two classes with the same name. Namespaces in php helps resolve that issue.

Following is an simple illustration of the use of Namespace in php. 176 more words


Integer Exceptions

The Integer-Overflow (IOF) vulnerability family is responsible for a dominant part of C/C++ code vulnerabilities, as I shown in my previous post with a specific example. 324 more words

Integer Overflow


I am strong.

My strength has gotten me through life, and allowed me to continue beating impossible odds.

My strength allowed me to get through my childhood, broken but still alive. 743 more words