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Hosting your ZendFramework 2 application in HostingCrab

Hi everybody. We are going to continue with the posts: How to upload your application to HostingCrab. ZendFramework is an open source, object-oriented web application framework implemented in PHP 5 and licensed under the New BSD License and can run on any PHP stack that fulfills the technical requirements. 840 more words

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Configure Xdebug on Netbeans 8 for PHP CLI

XDebug integration with Netbeans has always been flaky for me. It works one minute, and not the next time round. In this post, I’ve outlined some simple and robust steps to get XDebug working with… 498 more words


PHP soap client example

Hi guys, today I want to focused on a simple php thing: soap client.
I found this very important in my last project so I want to share with you something about this. 207 more words


Understanding the Directory Structure of Laravel 4.2

In this post I’ll try to explain the over all directory structure of Laravel 4.2. I think the understanding of the directory structure will proved to be helpful in order to create your websites and/or web applications. 754 more words



The first built of PHP 7 was release just a few weeks ago, and now the second release PHP 7.0.0 Alpha 2 is out. A number of issues from 5.6 have been improved being a part of version 7’s alpha build and also gives a comprehensive overview of latest features and other language changes. 263 more words


Первая бета-версия WordPress 4.3

Вышла первая бета-версия 4.3. Обновленный кастомайзер, возможность загружать Favicon для сайта (этой задаче около 4 лет в трекере), улучшения генерации паролей, визуального редактора и административных страниц на мобильных устройствах. Для разработчиков некоторые важные изменения касательно PHP 7, иерархии шаблонов и системы хранения терминов и таксономий.

Первая бета-версия WordPress 4.3 →


Formatting Phone Numbers In PHP

To format a phone number before displaying it on the page, you can use the following function. This function insert spaces so that the phone number becomes easier to read by the user. 110 more words

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