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The Hen At The Right Place Or The JavaScript Invasion

It is said a hen is always looking at the place of another hen and thinks that place is better. And what does has this all to do with JavaScript, the Internet and so on … 271 more words


Printing to terminal from Laravel App.

When we want to debug laravel stuff and running a *php artisan serve* on a terminal window, we would like to have a utility similar to printf in C, println in Java.. 43 more words


Laravel for beginners

Hello friends,

A laravel is  greate framework to learn now. A series of tutorial in laracast.com there to complete introduction for laravel version 5.4 and well documented documentation on laravel official site. 17 more words


Membuat login dan register dengan bootstrap

  • Jalankan apache dan mysql di xampp, jika belum tau coba liat di artikel sebelumnya Klik Disini.
  • Download bootstrap di sini
  • Buat folder latihan di folder htdocs, seperti contoh dibawah ini :Buat folder latihan di folder htdocs, seperti contoh dibawah ini :
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安裝 LAMP - 在 CentOS 6.3 裡安裝 Apache、Mysql、Php

LAMP = Linux + Apache + Mysql + PhP。說明安裝這三個網頁項目,早就讓掉落的牙齒變成化石了。如果你也是這麼想,說不定你的部分記憶跟我一樣,停留在自己逐步的修改 conf 檔,使 apache 跟 php 能合作處理網頁的查詢。今天要說的事簡單利用 yum 等套件管理程式來安裝所需的環境,所以這篇純粹是做紀錄用的,就是讓我下次可以直接複製、貼上、執行就搞定的紀錄。

一般來說安裝 網頁伺服器 httpd (apache) ,你只需要 yum install httpd -y 就搞定了,但為了能搭配 MySQL 跟 PHP 你還得多安裝一些套件。目前 20130107 yum 可以安裝的各版本為 762 more words