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How to add CSS code dynamically using PHP?

I have this sample:


<?php Zend_Debug::dump($_helper->productAttribute($_product, $_product->getDescription(), 'description')); exit; ?>

that return this string

string(345) "<p>With glossy, raven-black frames, the <strong>Coleman</strong> frames command attention. 149 more words

Send email with special(generated) link for sending confirmation email

I want to use html form for submitting some data/info as email to specific(one) recipient with specific/unique generated link, so when the recipient get the email with the info and generated link, he could click the link and confirm this information by sending another email(email address filled in the html form) with some confirmation text. 142 more words


Reflection vs public method

While I’ve learned/studied reflection in the past, I never really dove into use cases (and I’m honestly not sure I’m understanding it’s value now either). However, while working on a problem for a personal project, I asked a coworker for thoughts on a problem I was stuck on and he suggested reflection. 159 more words


How to retrieve get request value after submission

I am working on a Symfony 3 project and am trying to retrieve a value (bedroomid) from the request inside a controller action like this… 77 more words


Laravel Dusk headless testing not redirecting

I used headless Chrome to do a Browser test on Laravel with Dusk.
The login page loads and the population of data works.
But when I submit the form it does not redirect to the… 30 more words


how can I stop gmail from blocking mail from PHP script

I created a website to send a letter to Santa (actually sends it to your parents) and it works perfectly fine on all of my email accounts. 108 more words


return back()->withInput when using a link

I am trying to first post my form to my method that returns a view to preview the post that has been done. When you get to the new view of the preview i want to be able to use a link to go back to the previous page with all form inputs already filled in. 67 more words