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Consolidating Doctrine Migrations

Doctrine Migrations are a great way manage changes in your database structure, but over time migration files can pile up and turn into an unmaintainable mess. 1,980 more words


How to comment in PHP

There basic ways to do comment in php.

// This is a single-line comment 
# This is also a single-line comment 
/* This is a multiple-lines comment block that spans over multiple lines */ 
// You can also use comments to leave out parts of a code line 
$x = 5 /* + 15 */ + 5; 
echo $x; 

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fetch records from .BLM file in php

<?php /** * Parser for Rightmove's lovely BLM files. */ class phpblm { private $blm; private $header = array(); private $def = array(); private $data = array(); public function __construct($file) { $this->blm = file_get_contents($file);
	// Return specific field from row
	public function getData($data, $row) {
		return $this->data[$row][$data];
	// Return header info
	public function getHeader($hdr) {
		return $this->header[$hdr];
	// This will return the actual number of properties, regardless of what the
	// header might say. 164 more words

5 Elements of Good Website Design & Web Development

Design is the face of the website and considered as one of the vital components to be taken care of. Of course, a lot many things right from functionality to promotion are important during the web development. 491 more words

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PHP Cookies

The How-to and Why with Examples

Most people know very little about Internet cookies. They are small bits of text based data held on the web user’s computer which allow web pages to save bits of data about the user’s web visit or account. 841 more words