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Cricket  is a religion

A game of true sportsman with god like sac



The glass

Sometimes the glass is half full and other times the glass is half empty. Some people can choose the same one every time, but not me.. 241 more words

PHPUnit Mock Builder

From the previous post, we discussed about creating mock objects using the createMock() method.

However, there can be cases where we do not want to stub out all the original methods. 288 more words

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Install μlogger on CentOS 7 Server

If you are unfamiliar with μlogger, it is a handy Android application paired with a self hosted server application to keep track of your location. 1,494 more words


57 of #100DaysOfCode


How are we all?

Today I was doing some JavaScript exercises from Object Oriented Programming section on freeCodeCamp.org. They were fairly easy, no solution or hints were needed, it was more less copy and paste. 330 more words


Move product “Additional Information” tab inside “Description” Tab in WooCommerce

The code below ( active theme’s funstions.php file ) will move the additional information tab in WooCommerce products to display the content under the “description” tab. 89 more words


PHPUnit Mock Objects

There are instances where the method you are testing has class dependencies. PHPUnit provides useful methods where you can replace those dependencies with Test Doubles. 344 more words

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