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How to install Nginx With PHP And MySQL (LEMP) on CentOS

How to install Nginx With PHP And MySQL (LEMP) on CentOS

LEMP is a term used for a group of open source software that is installed to enable servers for hosting dynamic websites and web apps. 20 more words


Getting started with Laravel

Laravel is becoming as one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the modern web development field. It has so many features that makes our work easier than pure coding of PHP. 364 more words

How To

Introduction To Database (Foundations)


  1. Introduction
  2. Installing MySQL server and MySQL Workbench
  3. Reading Data from Databases with MySQL
  4. Creating data and manipulating tables with MySQL
  5. Manipulating Schema with SQL…
  6. 58 more words

Multi Select Checkbox

var chk_array_id= [];

function checkboxselectfunction(checkBoxId){


for (var i = chk_array_id.length – 1; i >= 0; i–) {
if (chk_array_id[i] == checkBoxId) chk_array_id.splice(i, 1); 11 more words


Export Data from array or database

// Export records from db
function exportCSVfilerecords($conn,$query)
$run_qry = mysqli_query($conn ,$query);
$records = array();
while($rows = mysqli_fetch_assoc($run_qry)){
$records[] = $rows;
$csv_file = “student_email_csv_export_”.date(‘Ymd’) . 107 more words


How-to build a successful website!


Running in website improvement now not best method constantly studying new languages and knowing when to apply them but, it also approaches gaining knowledge of extra about advertising, necessities amassing and human-laptop interaction. 1,559 more words