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Foreach values in sequential order

I currently get back data from an API in an array like:

Array (  => 0,0 
         => 10,10 
         => 1,1 
         => 2949038,2947560 
         => 1 
         => txt1,txt2 ) 1
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The user with email "" does not exist

I override registerController and FormTypefor register of fosuserBundle but I have this error when I submitted form :

The user with email “” does not exist…

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Is there any way to integrate voice calling/chatting by accessing microphone in web based application.

I’m stuck in integrating voice chat in my current project. As a backend PHP & MySQL is used. I research in google since last week, I found some tips about SIP, Asterisk, Adhearsion, Socket,but these all are paid version which is very expensive to use them all. 8 more words


PHP hexdec. How to avoid unexpected round down?

It seems that hexdec do round down automatically. I want to avoid it. How can I do it? I use PHP7.

$hex = '0x6252f8774def5e344';
$decimal = hexdec($hex);
echo $decimal; // 1.1335997368159E+20


How to find the value inside sub- array in main array?

[4] => Array
=> OB2
=> 6
=> 1
=> 1
=> Indigo API Fare
=> Array
=> INR
=> 3500
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What should I do if i want this button can be only clicked by admin

I have done some researches but i cant find a proper answer

I want that button can only be clicked by admin, if that button clicked my a normal user an alert box will appeared… 116 more words


XML, how to retrieve the last item in the list

I have the following XML structure:

      <name>Classic termos 1 liter röd</name>
         <category>STELTON - MODERNA KLASSIKER</category>
         <category>I köket</category>
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