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前陣子專案新增一項需求:當使用者創建 membership 時,也要幫他在另一個平台創建 account(發送 API 給平台)。因為從沒接觸過,所以花了一些時間研究、實際接上、postman 測試發 API,再交給另一位同事接到 website 去發送 API。不久客戶測試時回報有問題:創建 membership 時,預期要創建的 account 卻沒有出現。

這時候心想:怎麼會這樣,明明測試 postman 發送的時候沒問題,難不成是我寫的 API 其實有問題?還是同事在串接的時候沒接好?再次用 postman 測完單純發送 POST API 發現沒有問題,但實際上在頁面上操作觸發時,卻完全沒反應,且回報錯誤訊息(如下): 214 more words


PHP REST API Crud System using Postman

Author: Asif Ali

Using This Code you can create Rest API using postman software extract the zip file import the database install postman software or add postman chrome extension

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Setup Ubuntu 20.04 Workspace

Update system after installed

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y upgrade

Install required packages

sudo apt -y install software-properties-common

MySQL 8.0

Still under issues… 615 more words

Computer Life

Submit PHP Form Using ajax and JQuery with loader

simple you can download the code and extract the zip file create the database and import the database table after that you can use this code hope this post will help to learn ajax with loader with ajax from validation

Download the Source Code


CERN modelled Pop OS! - a pleasant surprise

It’s not a secure UK prison to take into advance personnel levels in a gaming mode, though 🤔 a tempting evidence is requested attention. 55 more words


Computer Questions in Hindi & English

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