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How can I add $post content in a rewrite rule?

I want to be able to replace the slug of my custom post type with the value from the post’s meta key.

Can I pass $post information into a function that I can use to edit rewrite rules? 32 more words


What has biggest overhead for or if

I am writing a function that loops through different options. I was wondering whether it is more efficient having two loops or a condition within a loop. 89 more words


Post amount must be in increments of 50 PHP

i collect data using GET.


so i collect the data

$amount = $_GET['amount'];

How do i echo out a message if the amount is not in increments of 10, so for example if amount was 25, i want to echo out saying “Amount needs to be in increments of 10”. 32 more words


form code for Sending Combobox data to MySQL table

This is my form code for Sending Combobox data to MySQL table :

" enctype="multipart/form-data" id="Form2">


</button> </form> </div>

but it doesn’t store “TeamSystem” “TeamStrategy” “TeamTactic” information on the MySQL table! 30 more words


Woocommerce CSV Product Import - Stop Attributes Automatically being "used for Variations"

I have a shop that has around 4000 different products, split over lots of different attributes. However, i’d like to add attributes to these products using a csv import -without- the attributes themselves being used to create more variations. 82 more words


How to pass parent column value in subquery in eloquent

How to pass _user_id column value inside with in $query. this is hasMany relationship. I am not able to figure out how to user user_id of RFX into the $query where condition. 122 more words


Laravel mailgun getting email response success but i am not able to get the mail

I am working on laravel mailgun functionality, I did code for that,when i send the mail, i am not getting any error response, it says success, but i am not getting any email in gmail, can anyone please help me, how can i resolve this issue, here is my code for laravel mailgun, … 81 more words