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Copa De Bangkok 2015 BJJ tournament

We are excited to announce the Copa De Bangkok, the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Thailand. The event will be taking place in Bangkok at Chantanayingyong Indoor Stadium (National Stadium) on April 4th 2015. 50 more words

Phuket Top Team

Submission Grappling Techniques at Phuket Top Team

Submission Grappling 3 X’s a week at Phuket Top Team.

Techniques shown by a guest Black Belt at Phuket Top Team

Phuket Top Team

Lenny Wheeler Vs Massimo Capussela MIMMA 2 'Malaysian Invasion'

Phuket Top Team’s Lenny Wheeler takes on Malaysian based Italian fighter Massimo Capussela.
MIMMA 2 Malaysian Invasion event in KL, Malaysia.
Pro feature fight on the MIMMA2 event.

Phuket Top Team

Waiyunoi PhuketTopTeam wins at Rajadamnern Stadium

Waiyunoi PhuketTopTeam picks up a big win in Rajadamnern Stadium, taking on a taller & much higher ranked opponent. 19 year old Waiyunoi PhuketTopTeam who trains… 36 more words


"Phuket Dreaming" - One FC Fight Week Epilogue - "I will be back"

One FC Fight Week Epilogue keeps us updated on Rob Lisita’s main event fight at One Fc in Malaysia.
As new tests appear in ‘The Ruthless One’s’ career, the future champion proclaims “I will be back” 9 more words

Phuket Top Team

12 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Live in Thailand

It’s much easier and more achievable than many think. Pursuing a goal, dedicating a full time effort to that.
Why not quit your job, live in Thailand and… 13 more words

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Strength & Conditioning with Coach Anna Ponomarenko

Phuket Top Team focuses on the martial arts to develop character, discipline, fitness, strength, confidence & for some… the ability to compete & earn as a professional combat sports athlete. 40 more words

Phuket Top Team