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Helicopters in the Vietnam War

The New Cavalry

During the Vietnam War, the United States relied on the helicopter as never before. The helicopter’s role in combat expanded enormously in this conflict as thousands of “choppers” rapidly transported personnel throughout the war zone. 126 more words

Vietnam War

State Veterans Bonuses

Rebates to Veterans

It dawned on me the other day that I received a check from The State of Iowa in the Seventies for my 13 month tour in… 196 more words

Vietnam War

Article 15

So much for receiving a good conduct medal

Forty-three years ago today there was a party in our hooch which lasted into the wee hours of the night. 188 more words

Vietnam War

Hooch Maids

Did various chores for GIs

Hooch maids were paid by the GIs on a monthly basis to do a number of chores. These included doing laundry, making beds, sewing patches on uniforms, cleaning hooches (our sleeping quarters) and a number of odds and ends. 106 more words

Vietnam War

Stars and Stripes Newspaper

Published Daily

Stars and Stripes sold for a nickel in Europe and most of Asia. About 61,000 free copies went to Vietnam daily and were distributed in the field. 174 more words

Vietnam War

The Troopers of Charlie Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)

The Way It Really Was

This post will hopefully, reveal the truth and the real Vietnam warriors. I guess that’s why our personal thoughts and feelings about what we did and who we are is important to tell anyone who’s interested in the truth. 25,815 more words

Vietnam War

USO in Vietnam

United Service Organization

The USO is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the troops by providing morale, welfare and recreation-type services to our men and women in uniform; G.I.’s “home away from home.” 53 more words

Vietnam War