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Women Against Women: Phyllis Schlafly

“I almost had to tell you we couldn’t go back to Schlafly,” I said, clutching the take-out bag from Fozzi’s in my hand as we walked up the road back toward Travis’s house. 824 more words


Justice Kennedy Learns a New Word

by Phyllis Schlafly, Founder & CEO of Eagle Forum, 05/05/15 –

Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy learned and used a new word during the Supreme Court’s oral argument about Marriage. 801 more words

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Equal Rights Amendment

This is an interesting topic. Statistics are thrown out there all of the time telling us how women make less money than their male counterparts. One thing that is never specified in these statistics (so far as I’ve seen up until now) is levels of education and experience between those surveyed. 469 more words


I <3 Madison Epicness Kimrey

ACTIVISM · OPINION / OPEN LETTERS / RANTS · WOMEN’S ISSUES Open Letter to Phyllis Schlafly From 12 Year-Old Madison Kimrey – Liberals Unite by Kimberley Johnson April 17, 2014 samuel-warde.com… 221 more words

I Can&#039;t Keep Quiet About ...

Phyllis Schlafly's Warning About 2016

Daily Signal, Feb 2015

Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly sits down with The Daily Signal during CPAC to talk about the 50th anniversary edition of her book, “A Choice, Not an Echo.”

Time: 00:52

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Where is the resistance to Obama's tyranny?

Everyday I am more astonished at what is happening in the US and Barack Obama’s apparently unstoppable abuse of the presidency. I have always believed that the US had an almost perfect system of govt, with inbuilt checks and balances to prevent the growth of tyranny. 271 more words

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