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A Hog a Day Part 17

Original art by Kathleen Swain

Unless you’ve been cursed with a prissy, goody-two-shoes older sister, you couldn’t possibly appreciate this, so just go on with whatever you were doing. 719 more words


The First to Remember

It has been a long time since I updated this. My lack of updates was due to many things, like being busy with the families and trying to help my dad out. 1,182 more words


192. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, March 11th, 10:00am
Phyllis (and Zoey)

Phyllis sits in the aisle seat. Zoey approaches.

Zoey: Excuse me, may I sit there?

Phyllis: (looks up with a snarl) 203 more words


the comedy writers did slay #MeToo monster topics on Mary Tyler Moore Show

Sometimes it’s tough to have several generations in our home agreeing on entertainment, but The Mary Tyler Moore Show is hilarious and works. Our viewing of some of these episodes happened right at the time of the Weinstein take down, making an even bigger impression on my kids. 110 more words

Good Morning Gloucester

આ તે કેવી ફેમિનિઝમ?

તમે ગુગલ પર સર્ચ કરોને કે ફેમિનિઝમ એટલે શું?

ગુગલ જવાબ આપશે: “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”. 22 more words


Here is the family she destroyed

I am not sure how Jennifer can sleep at night knowing the lifetime harm she inflicted onto a 4 year old child. It’s utterly incomprehensible.