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Puff Pastry Schnitzel

I haven’t been feeling well. 2 weeks ago I was bitten by some insect and had a bad reaction. I ended up in hospital for a week and this is Canada…we don’t keep people in hospital ever…unless it’s bad. 231 more words


Spring rolls

Rice sheets or phyllo dough? For rice sheets I need to go to Florence, thus in my case the choice is quickly made (although I love Florence). 107 more words


Moldavian Placinta

Thanks to internet the Moldavian cuisine is no hidden secret. The first recipe which I found was ‘placinta’, although I immediately realized that there are a lot of versions. 92 more words


Greek Orange Pie ( Portokalopita )

‘Tis the season of fresh oranges, and the markets are full of many different varieties.  Each year, I try out my Orange Pie recipe.  I think the picture of this years version looks like a piece of art.  878 more words

Scattered thoughts. Searching for motivation and creativity.

As winter grinds on motivation is more elusive.  Tons of ideas swirling in my brain but few come to fruition, losing footing to yet another Netflix or Kindle binge while swaddled in blankets and surrounded by coffee and tea cups. 728 more words


Tiropita Strifti Recipe & Video

I am so excited to share this recipe with you all! One of my all-time favorite traditional cheese pie recipes.

Strifti meaning in a spiral shape, and made with my homemade phyllo dough recipe which you can find… 186 more words

News Updates

Banitsa, Demystified

My first recipe is for banitsa (Bulgarian баница), because it’s a quintessentially Bulgarian dish. Granted, it’s similar to a Turkish burek or a Greek tyropita… 1,460 more words