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Tiropita Strifti Recipe & Video

I am so excited to share this recipe with you all! One of my all-time favorite traditional cheese pie recipes.

Strifti meaning in a spiral shape, and made with my homemade phyllo dough recipe which you can find… 186 more words

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Banitsa, Demystified

My first recipe is for banitsa (Bulgarian баница), because it’s a quintessentially Bulgarian dish. Granted, it’s similar to a Turkish burek or a Greek tyropita… 1,460 more words


This is eggs and cheese and spinach and onions baked into a phyllo dough crust. For most of my adult life, I thought it was called spank-o-pita, and now that I know it isn’t, I like it a little bit less, but it’s still pretty much an omelet danish. 9 more words


Apple Pecan Strudel

Every autumn the abundance of apples and pecans is overwhelming – in a very good way. When I see stacks of Honey Crisp apples and freshly harvested pecans at farmers markets, I stock up and start thinking about… 1,016 more words

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Phyllo Beef Pie

I was recently gifted a box of phyllo dough from the back of my mother’s fridge. She didn’t remember why she had it or know what to do with it so to my kitchen it came! 929 more words

Easy Spanakopita Rolls

Let me describe Greek and Middle Eastern pies. They are made using very thin sheets of dough, called phyllo dough, and than build by either interleaving layers of phyllo dough with a filling or by rolling/holding the filling in phyllo pockets or rolls. 613 more words


Vegan tikka masala mini veggie pies

Hey there!

Spring has begun here in the small kingdom of the Netherlands and we are celebrating by spending as much time outside as possible. This means that we are also bringing with us tons of food wherever we go, cause a toddler and a heavily pregnant woman need to eat in order to keep their calm. 337 more words

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