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Bodega Son Bordils

“Wine with character, consistently good and modestly priced”

Finca Son Bordils was the first Winery we visited, and we both hold it as one of our all time favorite wine tasting experiences because of how much fun we had, how much we learned, and the door that it opened to a change in our lives. 1,561 more words

Mallorcan Wine

Etna Mount Sicily

What a spectacular view over mount Etna, the crater dominates the sky and the views over the coast. The trip to Etna was very interesting despite the lack of infrastructure there. 395 more words

Life Cycles

Man's Best Friend To Keep Vineyards Safe

No, we aren’t talking about guard dogs.

A few years ago whilst waiting in an airport for a flight to Koh Samui, Thailand, we encountered a little cocker spaniel. 519 more words


Induction of adaxial stomata in Vitis

 Photo credit: PNAS

Epidermal leaf peels show Vitis leaves are hypostomatal, having no stomata on the adaxial side (A), but gall formation generates stomata in increasing density at closer proximity to the gall (out of picture Lower Right; B). 163 more words


Grape Insect Pests to Watch for from: Bud Swell through Immediate Pre-Bloom Stages

By: Andy Muza

Penn State Extension – Erie County

Last week Bryan Hed discussed pre-bloom disease management. This week I will provide a preview of insect pests that may cause problems in the vineyard from bud swell through the immediate pre-bloom period. 1,309 more words


Old vines, new vineyard

Version francaise

Friday March 6th brought a hot sunny afternoon and the birth of a new vineyard at Mas Coutelou. Well, a new section of vineyard at least. 793 more words


Weird Science

I started on the reading material for my class last evening. The first chapters are the “technical” ones, first biology : the vine, its parts, how it lives, what it needs, photosynthesis and all that. 483 more words

In Theory