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Old vines, new vineyard

Version francaise

Friday March 6th brought a hot sunny afternoon and the birth of a new vineyard at Mas Coutelou. Well, a new section of vineyard at least. 907 more words


Weird Science

I started on the reading material for my class last evening. The first chapters are the “technical” ones, first biology : the vine, its parts, how it lives, what it needs, photosynthesis and all that. 483 more words

In Theory

Humble Beginnings - The Vine and The Grape (Part One - Those Pesky Bugs)

The world of wine is so complex that it sometimes pays to remember that ultimately, we are talking about juice from grapes that has been fermented and packaged for sale. 591 more words


L'invasione della Phylloxera

Sono tre le malattie della vite più temute al mondo, due sono un fungo, Oidio e Peronospera, la terza è un insetto: la Fillossera… 435 more words

Raffaele Rendina

Vineyard Organisms & Problems

Vocabulary for some assorted problems (das Problem -e) that occur in the vineyard are listed below. These are the typical things I encountered in Oregon, although there are definitely plenty other diseases and pests in vineyards. 78 more words


Phylloxera: To A Louse

When Robert Burns satirically eulogised a flea in a ladies bonnet, he intended it as a play upon the juxtaposition of wealth and disgust, setting the piece in the pews of a church. 885 more words

Bald Mountain Vineyard: The Ultimate Sandbox

High atop the Santa Cruz Mountains there’s a vineyard that thrives in nothing but near-100-percent sandy soil. That vineyard is Bald Mountain, and is owned and farmed by Jim Beauregard of… 392 more words

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