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Framboise, the traditional grape of Nice?

In 2010 a Niçois manifesto was written encouraging people in the area around Nice to replant a grape variety known as framboise, claiming it was part of… 1,067 more words

Phylloxera: The Bug that Saved the Whisky Industry

Looking at the worldwide popularity of whisky these days, few whisky drinkers would guess that the contents of their glass might have been very different, had it not been for the interference of a tiny insect native to North America. 1,259 more words


Domaine Vassal - wine world's heritage site

On October 8th a group of vignerons paid a visit to Domaine Vassal in Marseillan Plage, I was happy to be invited to join them. The visit boosted my growing interest in ampelography as well as being great fun, of which more later. 911 more words


Etna Mount Sicily

What a spectacular view over mount Etna, the crater dominates the sky and the views over the coast. The trip to Etna was very interesting despite the lack of infrastructure there. 395 more words

Life Cycles

Man's Best Friend To Keep Vineyards Safe

No, we aren’t talking about guard dogs.

A few years ago whilst waiting in an airport for a flight to Koh Samui, Thailand, we encountered a little cocker spaniel. 519 more words


Induction of adaxial stomata in Vitis

 Photo credit: PNAS

Epidermal leaf peels show Vitis leaves are hypostomatal, having no stomata on the adaxial side (A), but gall formation generates stomata in increasing density at closer proximity to the gall (out of picture Lower Right; B). 163 more words