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What do Kentucky, France and Texas have in Common?

A man by the name of Thomas Vonley Munson. I must say, it is one of my discoveries while researching wine that I am the most delighted to uncover. 345 more words

Wine Tasting

At the End of the Day

Puy l’Eveque on a beautiful Spring evening

I’ve always liked Puy L’Eveque. It’s much nicer than its more famous cheesy cousin Pont L’Eveque, and – having gone downhill for years – it’s now showing signs of having a return to its quiet elegance. 634 more words

The Bad Beak Wine: Why Malbec is Actually French

Although today Malbec has achieved global adoration, the variety was something of a mixed success story in times gone by. In Old French the name means something like “bad beak” or “bad nose”, which may have been a reference to the French dislike of the wine’s smell. 939 more words

Wine Stories

The Grapes of Wrath

On one of my forays along the Arno I came across a creeper that was covered with what I described to myself as “lumpy leaves’. So lumpy in fact, that at first I thought they were berries. 470 more words


A foggy day in December

Temperatures are dropping, and clouds descend to bathe us in damp fog..

House of sorrow

A house enshrouded in sorrow
so sun turns away his smile… 198 more words

Framboise, the traditional grape of Nice?

In 2010 a Niçois manifesto was written encouraging people in the area around Nice to replant a grape variety known as framboise, claiming it was part of… 1,067 more words

Phylloxera: The Bug that Saved the Whisky Industry

Looking at the worldwide popularity of whisky these days, few whisky drinkers would guess that the contents of their glass might have been very different, had it not been for the interference of a tiny insect native to North America. 1,264 more words