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New Running Events in West Virginia Target Young People, Casual Runners

There were 272 running events held in West Virginia in 2016, with at least one event held in 33 of the 55 counties.

Community running groups and local health and wellness organizers have worked hard in recent years to expand the number of easily accessible running events that are held across West Virginia, focusing particularly on young people and those who don’t consider themselves “serious” runners.

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Physical Activity And Health

Drug Free Clubs Established in Seven Schools Across West Virginia

There are currently seven free Drug Free Clubs in schools across West Virginia, involving 808 student members.

In the 2015/2016 school year, these clubs administered 1,029 drug tests in six West Virginia high schools and one middle school. 583 more words

Physical Activity And Health

Active SWV Aims for 20 Kids Running Club by 2017

Active Southern West Virginia’s effort to launch running clubs in elementary schools is aimed at reducing health problems in young people.

In the Fall of 2015, …

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Physical Activity And Health

Growth of Shared Use Agreements in West Virginia's Schools

The creation of Shared Use Agreements has emerged in recent years as a cost efficient way to provide opportunities for play and physical activity in the many places in West Virginia that lack them.

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Physical Activity And Health

The Data Behind Food Security in West Virginia

Low-income and rural residents in 42 percent of West Virginia census blocks experience low to very low access to a grocer that stocks adequate fresh foods.

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Physical Activity And Health

Young Americans Less Likely to Drive Than Their Parents

Millennials are the first generation since the invention of the automobile to be less likely to get a driver’s license than their parents.

Transportation and behavioural studies over the past decade have recorded a steady rise in the number of people walking and biking for recreation and transportation, as well as a growing demand among all age groups for better access to walking and biking pathways.

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Physical Activity And Health