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Dog owners in greener areas more likley to report meeting physical activity guidelines than non-dog owners

Syntheses of previous research have failed to identify a clear relationship between the presence and availability of neighbourhood greenspace and rates of physical activity. Some studies show a positive relationship, others find no or even negative relationships. 335 more words


Still Need More Energy? Time to Get Moving!

Engaging in physical activity is not only good for your body’s flexibility, but it’s also required to help keep your heart and brain functioning properly! 1,397 more words


The Effects of Physical Activity

Exercise.. we’ve all heard about the positive effects that physical activity brings us, but what exactly are they? For example, most people know that cardio can boost the functionality of our cardiovascular system, but some do not know the vast amount of additional benefits that comes from working out regularly. 665 more words


Physical activity and the odds of developing MND

Physical activity has always been at the forefront of factors associated with MND, but studies investigating its effect have often been conflicting. The reason why we might see contrasting results is often due to different cohorts and numbers of people included in the study, the method by which the data was collected, or the types of questions asked and the way they were presented. 544 more words

MND Research

Boo.Yah. - Unbelievable Weekly Weigh-in!

Weekly loss: -5.6 lbs
Total loss: -40.8 lbs
Days ‘In the Box’: 82
PA: 3,321 (calories)

Holy %*&!@$# weight-loss, Batman! YEAH!!! I am still processing that I managed to lose over… 614 more words


Better rehabilitation starts in the mind

If you’re in rehabilitation, you probably had a major surgery, an accident which knocked you out of action for some time, or you’re suffering from overuse injuries. 673 more words