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Scotland Obesity strategy – Scottish voices

The role of obesity in cancer is too big to ignore.

What is agreed is that Scotland needs a bold and brave strategy for tackling obesity. 905 more words

Physical Activity

Sometimes you will write things that are not very good

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything of substance on the blog. It’s not because I haven’t been writing. It’s because I don’t feel like I’ve written anything that’s very good. 414 more words

Nature makes you happier, more creative

Stop thinking so much and go for a walk. A recent study shows that a 90-minute stroll makes your mind melon leak out less of the sads.

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The Easiest Way To Speed Up Fat Loss

The core principles of fat loss are pretty clear:
1 – Caloric deficit and 80% of it coming via dietary restriction of food intake.
2 – Providing sufficient protein for satiety, muscle building, and muscle retention. 707 more words



Here are some pictures of Room 11 enjoying their basketball training wit Jim Connolly last Friday. It was raining so Jim coached the class indoors.

Physical Activity