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Three-Ball Cascade Juggling

A month ago an acquaintance offered me 3 juggling balls for Christmas. Before receiving this surprising gift I would have never thought about starting juggling, and today I’m all about it. 617 more words

Body Functionality

Physical Activity and Physical Health

I think many of us would say that spending time outdoors is helpful for our individual health. We’d agree that physical activity is beneficial to being healthy, and being exposed to natural outdoor spaces can further improve our health. 1,562 more words


Then and Now: Is Technology Affecting Your Child's Health?

Do you struggle with your child or teenager because they seem obsessed with a video game? Or maybe their cell phone seems to have become an extension of their body? 1,921 more words

how I roll

Oh God it’s been a whole work week already since I started this post.  Life is good generally speaking, just spins along in circles around me sometimes and it’s tough to keep up.  681 more words


Intense romance or obsession? Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Venus is coming into conjunction with Pluto, it will be exact by the 6th of February. Venus in Capricorn is usually a reserved energy, but it is looking for a more a traditional love or romance, one that is going to be committed rather than just a passing fancy. 163 more words

Jedi & Physical activity part 1

Physical activity and I have a complicated relationship, and I suspect that this will spin out into a couple of posts, so I’m calling this Part 1. 567 more words

The Game Changer

Another installment of Kate Cunningham’s Confessions of a Converted Pedestrian….

My name is Kate Cunningham and I hate weather. I am a sun baby. Dark of look and descended from international swarthy types I like heat, sun and an absence of inclemency. 231 more words

Cancer Prevention