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The Simple Move That Has Transformed Classroom Afternoons

My kids, probably like all students, have times when transitions are smooth, simple, and stress-free and times when transitions can be slippery and stressful. This year, my students had been struggling with the transition back to the classroom after their time at “specials” — PE, art, music, etc. 418 more words


PSA: How You Can Easily Relieve Stress With Physical Activity

This is an instructional PSA by Howcast, an instructional Youtube channel that provides quick how-to videos on various topics. Here they show how simple and easy it is to incorporate physical activity into your life in a way that helps you relieve stress.

Physical Activity

Between five and seven is the best age to learn to swim

Recent research in the Journal of Motor Learning and Development reports that the optimum age for children to begin formal swimming lessons is between five and seven years of age. 113 more words

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Gym Buddies

I have never been one to need any one for anything, and especially not for the gym! The proof is I haven’t ever really done team sports and I enjoy my solo runs that give me the occasion to think about everything and nothing. 449 more words


Fad Diets and Weight loss

Hey guys, how’s everyone doing today?

Today I would like to touch base on fad diets. While I will not bore you with listing the hundreds of different diets that are not safe, it’s likely you can figure out which ones are not safe after this post. 310 more words