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Doing sport with a heart failure

One of the things that changed dramatically after my heart disease was diagnosed is my practice of sports. Before I was diagnosed, so for the 24 first years of my life, I always liked doing sport and challenging myself. 1,109 more words


OCD, Ritualistic Behavior And Michael Transitioning to A New Season-Winter

So the last two days have been hard. There are no ifs, ands and buts. Michael is tired, stressed, and due to the cold and rain he has not been able to get outside at recess and out to the park with me. 381 more words

Active School Notice Board.

Our Active School Committee looks after our Active School Notice Board. This notice Board is in our hall beside our P.E. equipment press. It is kept up to date and changed weekly so keep checking it for updates.

Physical Activity

GH - Day 9 - Take a stroll

I’m still confident as ever in my ability to keep myself motivated with this whole thing. The past seven days have and probably will stay the most difficult ones of the whole project, Coca Cola tempting, demotivational freezing degrees outside and countless other things want to pull me away constantly.  293 more words


These 3 Sports Will Help You Live Longer

Being active is good for you on so many levels, from keeping the heart in shape to improving blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Exercise has also been linked to benefits for the brain and… 385 more words

What It Means To Be Taekwondoin

What It Means To Be Taekwondoin

        Many people are misguided and view martial arts as some kind of religion. It is not. Taekwondo is not a religion and I do not agree with what others say who claim it is spiritual. 1,036 more words


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My name is Michael Borosch and I have been passionate about physical activity, and here I will be talking about my own, and my clients journeys as we all grow together to become better versions of ourselves on a daily basis.