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Skinny Fat!- The other extreme end of the spectrum

Surprised?! Skinny Fat? What does this mean?

Well,it means a person who looks lean and skinny on the outside but has a high fat composition and low muscle composition.

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Exercise in a Needle?

DiabetesCare.com posted this article on July 28, 2015.  The research that was the basis for the article was done on TWO mice.  I kid you, not;   The study group consisted of two mice.   715 more words

Motivation: Creating competition v. Finding the feel good

Some people do not like the idea of competition, especially when it comes to exercise. While I find this very difficult to digest as competition is a major part of my DNA, I understand that many hate being around the ultra-competitive such as myself. 375 more words

Physical Activity

When GABA is switched off, mice become hyperactive and sleep for 65% of their normal sleeping time

Imperial College London says that mice that have a particular brain chemical switched off become hyperactive and sleep for just 65 per cent of their normal time, a new study shows. 247 more words


Exercises that Work Your Entire Body

These are nine exercises that work every part of your body. Not only are these exercises great, but the whole chart is an instructional guide, which makes it that much better as a source. 7 more words

Physical Activity

The Stress-Exercise Connection—How Does it Work?

With today’s societal demands, there is no shortage of stressors in our daily lives. We deal with so many issues such as health, education, relationshps, finances, and more. 947 more words


Wellness Wednesday - Week 28

For Every Hour You Sit, Get up and Move for 2 Minutes!

A study published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJAMSN) suggests that for every hour of sedentary activity (sitting at your desk, for example) we should do two (2) minutes of light-intensity activity (like walking).  116 more words