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We are where we are

So we are where we are – by the way I hate that term.

After the monsoon of an Easter holiday, which my family all took their turns in covering and my son got to spend some quality time with all of us, and even tried out one morning at a new holiday club, which went so so. 332 more words


Emotions Manifesting As Physical Ailments - After Leaving a High-Control Group

If, now out of your particular manipulative group, you find yourself suffering from persistent, unexplained physical ailments, you may benefit from reading two books by science journalist Donna Jackson Nakazawa: 513 more words

Jenny Schiltz – Collapsing the Death Timeline ~ March 4, 2018

Don’t miss this article by Jenny Schiltz as she relates her experience with her own personal timelines. Perhaps if you are bothered/besieged by physical ailments,her thoughts and experiences can be a source of motivation for you. 1,779 more words

The simplest way of cleansing the body - drink lots of distilled water.

My very wise teachers Sanjay and Jogesh Sehgal use to say: “there’s only one thing that will ever kill you, and that is toxins.” This concept is not something that is talked about in mainstream medicine and it is possibly still regarded as a wishy-washy idea from the alternative medical field. 782 more words


Physical Ailments

Many physical ailments are a result of trapped energy, once that energy is released the ailment dissipates & disappears.