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Freire Head of School Violated School's Own Zero Tolerance Policy Today By Having A Rage Attack Against Protesters **UPDATED**

A few months back I put a post up about how many Brandywine residents are up in arms over the new Freire Charter School location.  Today some peaceful protesters decided to, you know, protest some more.  1,199 more words


An Appropiate Level of Violence

For the most part I’m a very peaceful person… at least physically.

Violence is abhorrent to me and no one should be subjected to physical assault… no one undeserving that is. 44 more words

Surviving Child Abuse

Mirror, mirror...

I share the tragedy of my rape because when I snatch my story out of its’ dark corner and shove it into the light, the impalpable shame that surrounds it vanishes and it becomes powerless over me and my future. 845 more words

Breaking My Silence

Putting bad situational DV memories in perspective

Hi again, I wanted to share some memories.. because the more I read your stories, it gives additional validity to what I experienced and inspires me to share more. 454 more words

Domestic Violence

How To Set Up A Safety Plan

If you want to stay in a domestic violence relationship, it is very important you have a safety plan in place if a situation arises. You must remember that your safety is most important. 401 more words

Domestic abuse is never part of God's plan

All too often, in an effort to sound holy or religious or close to God, people will attribute a situation to God when he actually has nothing to do with it. 460 more words


follow up from yesterday (cut version)

I’ll just get straight to the point, the worst part of it of what ended up happening to me going to that party and being unstable: I hit them. 291 more words

Personal Experience