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S-West is Nigeria’s kidnap capital — Report

“A result of a recent survey it conducted shows that you are more likely to be abducted in the South West than any other region in Nigeria.” 643 more words


"Chris Christie’s Violent Fantasies": National Teachers Union Deserves A "Punch In The Face"

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said during a television interview Sunday that the national teachers union deserves a “punch in the face.”

Christie made the over-the-top comment during CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper on Sunday after the host asked him about his longstanding advice on when to dole out a physical assault. 582 more words

GOP Presidential Candidates

Gay Couple Attacked On The Street For Showing Affection In Public

A gay couple had this question: how would people react to them walking through the streets of Kiev while openly holding hands?

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, which was a part of the former Soviet Union and geographically sits just southwest of Russia. 395 more words

42 word fiction: The night that was..

As the train entered the station, I took my bags and got ready to leave. But the next I remember is hearing the shrieks of my relatives seeing me bleeding. 13 more words


My Brothers And I Were Raised By A Physically Abusive Father

I was 6-years-old the first time I saw him hit her. My two older brothers were at friends’ houses, but I was sick that day and had stayed home from school, so I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere. 8,778 more words

Guess the right figures

It is not only facts per se that matter, but also what people think about their likeliness and underlying causes. Mental models drive people in making choices—including at the ballot box—and taking actions. 385 more words

Boys Don't Cry

Freire Head of School Violated School's Own Zero Tolerance Policy Today By Having A Rage Attack Against Protesters **UPDATED**

A few months back I put a post up about how many Brandywine residents are up in arms over the new Freire Charter School location.  Today some peaceful protesters decided to, you know, protest some more.  1,199 more words