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Guest Post: Why Intramurals? Why Not!

This guest post is a direct result of a Twitter conversation about school sport opportunities. We were discussing re-imagining school sport and Steve Friesen reminded us of the value that… 662 more words

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Volleyball Serving Progressions...with a SWIM NOODLE?

Each year volleyball has proven to be one of our students favorite units. Beginning with third grade, we introduce the basic volleyball skills and present them with lead-up games to help familiarize them with passing, serving rotation, etiquette, and rules. 639 more words

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Publication: Research lives of physical education teacher educators

Research impact:  This paper aims to provide insights into the research worlds of an international group of mid- and late-career physical education teacher educators. Specifically, it explores participants’ motives for research engagement and choices, and investigates what challenges and facilitates their research efforts. 145 more words


Speedminton (badminton)/Pickleball unit plan

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Lesson 1/4: Speedminton/Pickleball- Forearm/Backhand hit…

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Adept Dodgers and Other Tales

Teaching Kindergarten.

We’re working on dodging today. Philippe defines: “Dodging is what you do when someone throws a ball at you and you jump out of the way” (jumping as he speaks to illustrate). 735 more words


Broadening the participation of girls in Ukhanyo school sport

A message from Vince van der Bijl – project leader of the MCC Masi 750 Sports Club at Ukhyano Primary School.

The attached video demonstrates gender stereo typing as it is currently experienced and is designed to expand our views on gender equality and redress the imbalance worldwide. 386 more words

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Dice Charts

Happy New Year Friends! 

Is it cliche to say that time flies? It might not be for you, but it definitely is for me because I say it all the time! 446 more words

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