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The Start of My Weight Loss Journey

The time has come. I have finally had enough of being tired and worn out and not having enough energy to live a basic life. My eating has gotten completely out of control and my weight has suffered for it. 203 more words

Redefining Happiness

Elysian Fields

For as long as I can remember I have said that if there is an afterlife I’ll know that I made it to the good place if I wake up on Givinchy’s back, easily cantering through a field.   1,065 more words


Mental Training: Going for Goals

Q: Consider some of the most difficult selections and tests a soldier can face in his or her career. In order to succeed in such undertakings, what attributes and attitudes would you regard as being the most important? 5,261 more words

British Army

April is National Poetry Month, and I’ve joined a poetry challenge, which is to write a poem a day for thirty days using different poetry forms.  

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Hiking Arkansas

Over Easter weekend, four friends and I spent two days hiking in north central Arkansas. We had a delightful time and it felt good to just #getoutside! 564 more words

Physical Fitness

Physical and Spiritual Fitness

Spring is here! Well, it’s definitely Trying to get here but Winter is putting up a big fight! But, warm weather will be here soon. Time to shed those Winter pounds and get ready for shorts and flip flop season! 479 more words


6 Proven ways to lose abdominal fat.

Belly fat is not just a fashion block-road to wearing tight dresses or shirts but it is also a health risk. It is also the most difficult type of the body fat to lose. 285 more words