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A Week to Remember for ETT

The past 7 days have been somewhat of a whirlwind. The craziness started last week when a buddy of mine asked me if I had any workout plans that would burn a 1000 calories. 341 more words

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OSHA RFI Response for Suitability for Work

If you didn’t do it yet, complete the OSHA RFI, it is easy and OSHA values your response. I’m tired of hearing you complain, now is your chance to make a difference. 557 more words


New York Councilman Wants Pools and Beaches Open Longer by NIKITA STEWART


Councilman Mark D. Levine, citing global warming, wants the city to keep outdoor swimming facilities open until school starts and on all September weekends. 14 more words

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April 25, 1990, Deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope

In this April 25, 1990, photograph taken by the crew of the STS-31 space shuttle mission, the Hubble Space Telescope is suspended above shuttle Discovery’s cargo bay some 332 nautical miles above Earth. 6 more words

Bryan Lockley

Things trainers and coaches need to stop doing

I am far from being the best trainer and I learn lots from my own coaches on a daily basis. Through the years, I’ve had various coaches in different sports and there are some basic things and what I call mistakes that make me question a trainers competency, here they are! 563 more words


Can You Walk Ten Thousand Steps A Day, Every Day?

I’ve been hearing the latest health edict for quite a while.

“Sitting is the new smoking!”

The human body was made to move, not sit. Get up and walk.

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An Example Of Why I Am A Fitness Coach

Ladies, this is why I do what I do.  This girl is someone who entered into my current challenge group and is doing a phenomenal job.  192 more words