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Number 0495 - Blog 92

Today I achieved my physical goal for the year.  I completed the University of the West Indies (UWI) annual half marathon, all 13 miles of it. 365 more words


Hypothermic Half Marathon and other events

Excuses, excuses that’s all I ever have for not hammering out a blog once a week, but man have I been busy. And by busy, I mean working out on the days I usually write my blog! 491 more words


2014 Goals - Physical

The next area of my life that I have goals for is physical.  I am including exercise and nutrition here.


How to Simplify the Kind of Goals You're Setting for 2014

I’ve seen a lot of posts and podcasts centered on giving instruction on how to set personal goals for 2014, but there is not much out there concerning what kind of goals people should be setting for themselves.   721 more words


Goals, Goals, Goals, ok just one goal

I’ve been lazy.  I’ve put on a few pounds.  My clothes are tighter.  I feel tired, sluggish, slightly depressed and out of shape.

It’s time to stop with the excuses and get my ass in gear. 239 more words


How much can you improve your fitness in 6 months?

My 2013 six-month fitness check-in. With many fitness goals, I am using the bodyweight baseline workout to assess where I am at.  I did not review… 329 more words


Physical Goal Update #3

Starting to see some progress. My face is thinning out and my sides are starting to slim down.

This week is starting out slow, had to walk most of my workout yesterday because my legs started killing me. 100 more words

Exercise Motivation