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SoCS: Sh...

This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday is:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sh.” Find a word that begins with the letters “sh” and base your post on it.

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The Ankle of Doom

At the end of December last year, I fell out of a greenhouse.  I know that sounds bizarre but it really happened.  My ankle kind of collapsed underneath me as I landed and, oh, the pain!   264 more words

Ankle Of Doom

Veganism: Physical Health

Veganism is when someone avoids any animal products such as eggs, dairy and even products such as leather and wool. In the United States, according to the “Vegetarianism in America” study published by Vegetarian Times showed approximately 0.5 percent of Americans are vegans; 53 percent of them are vegans to improve their health. 475 more words


The Friday Dose #134: Your Mind Your Body

You could do the experiment without risk anyway, but most of you have waited until science caught up before you would even consider that maybe your mind could impact your body. 268 more words

Mindfulness Exercise

The Thing You Do, But Can't

You know that feeling when the alarm goes off at whatever-dark-thirty, you reach over to turn it off, and every muscle in your body protests? Or maybe it’s your throat which feels like it turned into sandpaper overnight. 1,088 more words

Mental Health