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I turn 36 today. Odd, because I don’t feel like I should be 36. By the time my mom was 36, I was just about to turn 10 years old, and had been married for almost 13 years. 636 more words

September 2016

Teaching our kids to becoming an Active Listener.

· Pay attention.

o Give the speaker your undivided attention and acknowledge the message.

o Look at the speaker

o Put aside distracting thoughts and distracting environmental factors. 115 more words


How Taking a Break From School is a Good Choice

You’re probably familiar with the concept of burning out, and all of us have experienced it in one way or another. The irony is that we seek to avoid it, and yet we strive towards things that inevitably lead to it. 487 more words


Self Care, You're Not Being Selfish

So what is “self care” and why is it important? I view it in terms of “caring for self” on multiple levels including our relationships, body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 309 more words

- Liisa Gavlick

The Grief Walk

As a nurse, I experience many emotions with families that cross my path. The spectrum involved in one day can sometimes be dizzying and is often exhausting. 851 more words

Emotional Health

I'm Never Going To Be On Time, Get Over It

“Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.” ~ Evelyn Waugh

I am always late. Always. For everything.

No… wait… that’s a lie. I manage to be on time to catch flights.

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Mental Health

Treating the Weekend Like a Holiday

Life is better when we’re celebrating.

Our most looked forward to times, and hopefully our best times as well, are occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Thanksgiving. 497 more words