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*Massive Sigh*

Hey guys.

This week’s check in (was it a week?!) finds me smoking, whilst drinking a (vegan) hot chocolate concoction in nearly 30 degree C heat, sat on my living room floor instead of being at work  *sigh*. 430 more words

Mental Health

Obesity & Bipolar Disorder

This article was on PsychCentral.com via Twitter this morning:

If you’re like half the population of the United States, you’ve been worried about your weight… 349 more words


Circulation problems

The circulatory system is a network of parts in our bodies that includes the veins, arteries, and the lymphatic system. Its main functions are to circulate blood and transport nutrients, 923 more words

Physical Health

Being well course

Yesterday I attended a new group at the basement club. It was called being well and is going to run for five weeks. The group focuses on things like physical health, being active, sleep, dealing with stress, goal setting, etc. 166 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder


The study, conducted by researchers from Tufts University found that excessive soda consumption could be indirectly linked to the deaths of as many as 180,000 people every year, including 25,000 Americans. 54 more words


Immune system problems

The immune system is an amazing line of protection in our bodies composed of a variety of cells. Even though they are created in specific parts of the body, once they are checked and tested they are released into the bloodstream to be stationed in certain areas waiting for an emergency call or sent to patrol the body. 1,337 more words

Physical Health