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Introvert guide: self care

I read a blog post a while ago that really resonated with me. I’ll include a link to it here. It’s talking about how necessary self care is to maintain both physical and mental health. 446 more words


Leisure: The What, Why & How

In the Western culture today, there’s this sense of pride that comes with having every minute of every day accounted for.

It’s almost seen as heroic to be hustling all the time—to have so many responsibilities and obligations that you never have time to rest. 481 more words


“I Want You to Hit Me as Hard as You Can” – Why Pain is Actually Good For You [5 min read]

Series: Today’s Tiny Hack

There is a powerful healing force that is missing in almost all our lives. Today’s Tiny Hack covers something we have all experienced in one form or another. 1,186 more words

Emotional Health

Hydrate! Seriously Drink Some Water:6 benefits of drinking water

  1. Water is great for weight loss-how you ask? Water can replace high calorie drinks (soda, caffeine, juices…). I know for me, when I think I’m hungry at times, I am really just thirsty.
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Physical Health

Mrs' Trick for Living a More Positive Life!

In the last couple of years I have been striving to look at the world and all situations I find myself in with a “glass half-full” mentality. 295 more words

Mrs' Meaningful Adventures

Take Care of Yourself. Seriously.

“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.” – African proverb

This quote goes both ways; one must brave themselves before they can take on the world. 

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