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The Home Stretch

Today is day 29. We made it! Well pretty much. The last week we haven’t been seeing any differences in behaviour or how we feel physically, so we decided to begin adding things back in a few days early. 791 more words

Physical Health

Today is August 1, 2015. I am alive and struggling.

I’m sitting in the break room at work. It is a way station for people on break. Fifteen minute turn around, aside form myself who sits for two hours before my shift begins. 428 more words

Nothing lasts forever xxx

Where do I start I have no idea so please forgive me if this is somewhat of a jumbled ramble.

As i said in my previous post things really are going quite well in general. 570 more words

Anorexia Recovery

To Me and My Health

There are moments in time when we stop a second and look in the mirror.  Or, we stop on the scale.  It’s that moment of shock or disbelief that the image of ourselves floating around in our heads is not at all what we see.   117 more words

Celebrating Life


We (here at our townhouses) have been hearing for some months now about ‘improvements’ to be made on the exterior (many at our expense) by the ‘maintenance’ folks, as ordered by the HOA (homeowner’s association). 275 more words

Customer Service

Instagram and Fit Girls Guide

I started my health Instagram after I graduated college. I was scrolling through my feed on my personal IG and saw that there were whole accounts dedicated to health and fitness. 434 more words


M.E.P Fit Woman

M.E.P means mentally, emotionally and physically fit woman.
At the Sexual wellbeing network, we firmly believe that women are the greatest assets of this century. 187 more words

Women Health