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Women's Health Magazine Celebrates #MHAwarenessMonth with #WhoNotWhat

In its May issue, Women’s Health Magazine poses the question: Which of these women have a mental illness?

The answer, is, of course, all of them… 668 more words


Wakeup, Write, Sleep, Wakeup

So I’ve decided that this blog should be my primary form of blogging.  For now, this one and my old one share the same name, but I’ll be changing the name of the old one for clarity’s sake soon enough. 315 more words

How Allergies Develop

It’s that time of year- sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes, they all are signs of yearly allergies. If you’re like many people throughout the world, this can be a miserable time of year. 1,169 more words

Physical Health

My Lil' Surgery- What Went Down!

Hey y’all. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything concerning wellbeing- although I have been guest blogging for the non-profit Trusted Clothes about my passion for sustainability and my business yet to launch. 693 more words


If mental illness was physical 

Can you be a depressed individual and still think like the above?


Damn Unpretty

It is my full intention that my readers have TLC stuck in their heads by the end of this entry. 

That or the more obscure Betty Blowtorch – I’m not fussed. 301 more words