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A Reminder To Myself That I Am Not A Robot

I want chocolate. Something sweet and rich, but not too sweet and rich. It’s a craving that pops up sometimes.

They say cravings are because your body needs something that it’s not receiving. 272 more words


Days Eight - Fifteen

February 20 – 27

I’ve learned a few things so far while juicing. No one really told me how to do it or any tips about the juicing process itself. 1,428 more words

Alternative Medicine

Chaga Tea

I bought some Chaga at the market this weekend and was really anxious to try it.  When I got home last night I immediately put a chunk of it and some water in the slow cooker to steep over night. 353 more words

Physical Health

Spring Cleaning: A Guide for Beginners

Spring is just around the corner, and as a warm weather type of gal, that gets me excited and happy! Being in New York, I always count down the days until the cold is gone. 726 more words


Big Belly? It's Not Fat - You Will Be Suprised

You may or may not have (big) belly problems – but let’s assume you have.

Does your belly look bloated or big? Let’s assume it does – so that we can continue this topic. 669 more words



Samantha Lee/Business Insider

Warts are harmless, brown-colored growths on the skin caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Since they’re caused by an infectious disease, they can be passed from person to person through physical contact. 88 more words


What If Jesus Had Been Physically Weak?

We have been exploring the whole health of Jesus, as Dr. Luke recorded it in Luke 2:52. In this verse Luke tells us that Jesus grew in wisdom (mental health), stature (physical health), in favor with God (spiritual health) and in favor with men (emotional/social health). 428 more words