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The truth hurts

“I was abused as a child and much of it was within the law” says CHILDREN 1ST Ambassador Damian Barr.

He never hit me in front of my mum. 1,032 more words

Child Protection

Law and Order – the Irony of Deterrents, Part 2

I’ve just re-read my first post by that name, and I couldn’t help but notice that it’s terrible. So this isn’t going to be so much ‘Part 2′ as version 2.0. 1,669 more words


Spanking In The Time Of Sabre-Toothed Tigers

Dad was prone to using beatings as a deterrent, and; but: I’m here to tell you that this “form of communication” had a profound effect on my life. 531 more words


Is Spanking Children The Right Way to Discipline?

Spanking, whether done by a plastic spatula or switch plucked from the forsythia bush, is never a pleasant experience. Of course, it isn’t meant be. Spanking is punishment, for goodness sakes. 757 more words

Fundamentalist Christian

The Research on Physical Punishment

Research on the prevalence of parental use of physical punishment shows that a large majority of parents use physical punishment at some point during their children’s lives, with prevalence rates peaking at 94% during the toddler years (Straus & Stewart, 1999). 368 more words


Research and Resources on Physical Punishment

  • Here’s a study on the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) on adult physical/mental health and morbidity rates, associated with the ACE Scale.
  • The most comprehensive summaries of research are found in the work of Elizabeth Gershoff, Ph.D., …
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Fmr. NFL Player Tyrone Carter Weighs In On Peterson Incident

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The fallout is coming from all angles in the Adrian Peterson case.

From the actual criminal charges to the Vikings decision to have him return this week, the politicians voicing their displeasure over that move to sponsors dropping out, and some charity team activities canceled Tuesday, the fallout is big. 462 more words