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‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ is a proverb that many parents have sworn by, and continue to with their children.  Educational Psychologist, Claire Maher, discusses hidings, or smacking, and alternate ways to handle discipline with your child. 1,113 more words


Domestic Discipline in marriage

Why does marital discipline work? How does spanking your wife achieve marital harmony? What are the fundamental tenets of providing physical discipline?

When you, the husband take the preferred proactive approach to encourage improvement in your wife’s behaviour by spanking her when necessary at your discretion you are taking responsibility to enforce your ultimate authority over her influential authority. 969 more words

Domestic Discipline

Parenting Q&A

I’m writing a book on parenting. I’ve never written anything longer than about a 5 page paper, and that was 20 years ago, but I’m doing it anyway. 1,865 more words


Please don't spank your child.

Please don’t spank your child.

“But if I don’t spank them, they will grow up to be entitled brats.”

Everything you do as a parent will impact your children. 1,031 more words

Respectful Parenting