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When home is a war zone

Each year in Scotland domestic abuse takes place in more than 50,000 households in which children live. They can be powerless witnesses to abusive relationships, and even find themselves caught in the middle if they try to stop the violence and control. 587 more words

Child Protection

Communities Putting Children First – real situations

When Susie (not her real name) was worried about a child in her street she didn’t know how to get the help the girl needed. Thankfully for the Glasgow resident a session delivered by CHILDREN 1ST came at just the right time. 679 more words

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Will Spanking Make a Difference? (Pt. 3)

What’s the Issue?

What The Experts Say

Sometimes when it comes to the pros and cons of spanking, the simplest reason why parents use it actually contradicts the outcome of what they want. 405 more words

The truth hurts

“I was abused as a child and much of it was within the law” says CHILDREN 1ST Ambassador Damian Barr.

He never hit me in front of my mum. 1,032 more words

Child Protection

Draw a Line - under violence against children

Welcome to the CHILDREN 1ST blog. In this first post, Chief Executive Alison Todd asks: ‘How safe is Scotland for children?’

In the first few months of 2015 we continued to hear shocking news stories about child abuse, and official figures show an increase in sexual offences against children in Scotland. 409 more words

Child Protection

Law and Order – the Irony of Deterrents, Part 2

I’ve just re-read my first post by that name, and I couldn’t help but notice that it’s terrible. So this isn’t going to be so much ‘Part 2’ as version 2.0. 1,669 more words


Spanking In The Time Of Sabre-Toothed Tigers

Dad was prone to using beatings as a deterrent, and; but: I’m here to tell you that this “form of communication” had a profound effect on my life. 531 more words