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Theories in Physics and Reality

The theories of physics are trying to build a representation of reality, and to build links with the wide world of sense impressions. So our mental constructions are based on this relationship, and how it itself is built from the outside. 376 more words

Science Communication

The Roller Coaster ride called LIFE.

Really, reality creation is better than going to an amusement park. Yes, really better than riding on the baddest, tallest, loop-the-loop roller coaster ride out there!  448 more words

Personal Development

Modelling Supernovae & Black Holes!

To develop a conceptual model of a system, the conscious mind begins by linking simple concepts to form mathematical relations. For example, by realizing that the flow rate from a water tap depends on the number of tap turns, a mathematical model is developed.  2,301 more words

The Fabric Of Space

π in the sky!

In this post I shall discuss the nature of π as a mathematical constant and reveal its relationship with the fabric of space. As an irrational number π represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.  1,805 more words

The Fabric Of Space

My Take On Physical Reality: A Quantum Perspective

Out there, beyond the bounds of consciousness, one imagines the existence of a colourful world of sounds, smells, tastes and textures. However, nothing like that exists except in the mind. 502 more words

The Fabric Of Space