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Physical Reality: the fabric of space

Welcome to my blog ‘Physical Reality’ and to my first post!

As a design engineer who is extremely curious about how the universe works, I spent a few years conceptualising a model of a universe that would appear like our universe.  284 more words

Physical Reality

Addictive delusionary beliefs are like feel good drugs that have harmful side affects

Why is the Earth so messed up spiritually?  When delusionary(fantasy type) beliefs that do not interface well with the physical reality we exist in dominate over rational practical spiritual theories(theories can be questioned and improved on), then the spiritual climate that exists on the Earth will feel the detrimental affects.   574 more words


Life-changing Moments

I am now going to delve, a little, into something which is fairly difficult to verbalize, so please bear with me. In the limit, of “Eastern” philosophy and knowledge, there is the idea that much of what we perceive in life and our interpretative frameworks is “illusion” and this is true. 857 more words


Aphixing My Attention - An Artists Journey To Life: Day 766

So tonight I have been noticing myself going into a thought/reaction pattern in my mind so I am going to do some writing here as a point of grounding myself and stopping myself from just going into the reaction pattern. 794 more words


Jungian Inspiration

Once again I have found inspiration from Carl Jung. “His” Facebook Page is an overthinker’s dream…pun totally intended.

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Stoned Thoughts

God, The Universal Spirit

My spiritual theory related to God(the universal spirit) is that God is the spirit that maintains our physical reality in away that serves  our spirits needs for its continuous existence and purpose well provided we do the work required to properly understand and utilize it.  175 more words