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Addictions tune one out from reality spiritually!

Included in addictions are anything one feels compelled to become strongly attached to despite their harmful impact on your ability to cope with reality! Cigarettes are extremely addictive and often are not considered for the spirit altering addictive impact they have on people! 486 more words


The Mandela effect theory weakens the reality we now stand on and depend heavily on spiritually!

Here is a link to help explain the Mandela effect:


The Mandela effect theory cause divisiveness in our past reality which is harmful to the solidity of the both our past and present that we need badly to be grounded in in order to get the spiritual grip on reality we now need in order to advance a lot further spiritually on this planet. 380 more words


2017-03(Mar)-17-Fri-1713 (entry 2/3)

To anyone who claims to not be spiritual, I ask: do you believe in a right and wrong? Do you have preferences? If so, then you are spiritual. 193 more words

Primates On Typewriters

My Week in the Real World

A few weeks ago I quit my job. When I left I had nine days before I had to report at my new workplace. One week and its two ends to gather my thoughts and prepare for a new era of working life. 3,007 more words


How to "Get Out of Your Head" in 10 Minutes

If you’ve read my other posts you’ll know that I suffered from some pretty bad anxiety. I lived in my head and rarely ever in the present moment. 453 more words

The Body's Experience of Inequality

In his book, Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coats describes the physical toll of racism. He looks at how we make abstractions and create philosophical thought out of ideas, reactions, and prejudices. 594 more words


The cycle of life and the spirits that are part of it are eternal!

      We have no creator! We(advanced individual spirits) are eternal! God is a universal spirit and no one can get a perfect connection to God. All human beings must do the hard spiritual work and deep thinking required in order to better tune into the universe and God and thus become really healthy spiritually/emotionally. 504 more words