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What is physical reality?

I want to write down my thoughts about what is physical reality. I do not assume that my ideas on this is something novel, but want to share it anyway. 850 more words


Why I am able to do things spiritually others are not able to!

1.  I was born with limited visual memory(good at core structural visuals only) . Also had related limited finer motor skills(one can not do what one can not visualize doing). 895 more words


The physical-spiritual connection and delusions

It is so important that one develops a strong spiritual connection to the challenging physical reality one exists in right now on this Earth! Spiritual strength comes from this connection with this resistant substance that challenges us and brings out more of what we are capable spiritually. 428 more words


Some More Multi-D Connections – HighHeartLife

Courtesy of HighHeartLife

Some More Multi-D Connections

April 26, 2017Denise

This is the astrological glyph for the planet Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. Briefly and simply, Saturn rules 3D physical reality and physical structure(s); it rules the energetic structure of physical reality. 2,091 more words

Don’t Be a Heretic: Why Orthodoxy Matters

Most of us are heretics and we don’t know it.

And generally that would make us OK with it. It’s kind of like finding out that you eat an average of eight insects a year while you sleep*. 959 more words


Space and time - are they real?

What is space? Is it not just the emptiness all around us? Is there any materiality in its makeup or constituency? And, there are spaces within us, like the sinus in my head. 293 more words

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