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"William James warned..."

“William James warned his students that a certain kind of mind-set was approaching the West – it could hardly be called a way of thought – in which no physical details are noticed…We now see this mind set spread all over Freshman English papers, which American students can now write quickly, on utterly generalized subjects; the nouns are usually plurals, and the feelings are all ones it would be nice to have…The mindset could be described as the ability to talk of Africa without visualizing the hair in a baboon’s ear, or even a baboon. 59 more words


Death and the very important physical-spiritual connection

All my spiritual beliefs are designed to help people to have more of a spiritual focus on performing and contributing in this physical reality they now exist in and I believe will not be able to escape from. 325 more words


Is Heaven Physical? Can Angels Play Tennis?

In a comment on my recent article, “The Afterlife: It’s Not as Different as you Think!” a reader named Richard Neer responded to my statement that angels go through their daily life in much the same way we do here on earth. 4,618 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg

Attracting Like Patterns

Attracting Like Patterns

You can attract into your life, what you want. You can attract what, you think about.  Desires, thoughts, feelings and emotions, are all important and they are all different frequencies,  You attract the same frequencies (or like patterns of frequency) that you’re sending out. 1,311 more words


Creativity, Gratitude, and the Gift

Being a creative person, I regularly invite creativity into my life. In short, I “ask” for creativity to show up. I’m receptive to it. This morning as I was inviting creativity in (and as I was allowing it to), it occurred to me that this is how we create our lives. 735 more words


Objective vs. Subjective Reality

Today’s blog is one part rehash of an ancient dilemma that has puzzled and divided philosophers and scientists for millennia and two parts The Universe – Solved! 891 more words