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Creating a new conscious network

I have been born in Preetz, a little town in northern Germany. I have lived overseas for 25 years and have decided to settle back down where my roots are. 1,282 more words

Experience Collective Consciousness

Hold onto the Highest Thoughts, to Manifest into your Life.

The thoughts get created from the images of the mind, and the images gets developed, either from the past experiences and impressions or from the prolonged thinking over the subject or object. 1,395 more words


My Astrology System Formula

Basic formula updated  8/25/15:  I use 4 charts based on certain times before and after spiritual birth(which is when the spirit enter/incarnates into the body which I believe happens very shortly after the physical birth), and then create a composite chart.  2,450 more words


Our ability to understand and connect to the physical reality we exist in enables us to advance further spiritually

In the modern age we understand the physical reality(as a result of hard science) we exist in a lot more than in the past.  This can give us quite an advantage when it comes to our ability to advance further in the spiritual area.  866 more words


What If God Was One of Us?


I had a vision

Or was it a dream?

I searched my surroundings

But, I couldn’t find me


Everywhere I looked

I saw the face of dis–Ease… 307 more words


Autocratic spiritual/religious beliefs are holding back further spiritual advancement

I just had a strong spiritual interaction/conversation with two “Christians” that came to my door to convert me.  I am sure I shocked them with my very different spiritual approach.  727 more words


Rose's Call-to-Action

March 9, 2015

Hi Everyone,
As you know, one of the angels who works with me, Rose, good tidings angel, gave a call-to-action on my… 476 more words