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What's the Matter?

Hello God, are you in here somewhere?

A single wave lapped the shores of Infinity
Consciousness birthed from above
Longing to know itself experientially
Arising from the great Sea of Love… 344 more words

Spiritual Connection

thomas - April 3


Thomas got to see it

all right up


the holes in the

hands the torn


But he also got to

touch the new… 18 more words


What you call real is actually not real

“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real”

– Niels Bohr (Nobel Prize Physics 1922)


Photo credit – Hunter Byrant via unsplash.com

We need more spiritual expertise on this planet, and need the media to be more of a factor in helping this happen!!!

I am in #Houston trying to get my very unique and valuable spiritual beliefs and techniques to the public. I have always been unfairly discriminated against for being “differently or uniquely abled” in this world. 622 more words


Creating a new conscious network

I have been born in Preetz, a little town in northern Germany. I have lived overseas for 25 years and have decided to settle back down where my roots are. 1,282 more words


My Astrology System Formula

Basic formula updated 5/13/16:  I use 4 levels on each chart based on certain times before birth(which is when the spirit enter/incarnates into the body which I believe happens shortly after physical birth).   2,281 more words