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What I Believe: Sufficiency

Even verses, even short passages, even chapters, even individual books are sufficient to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ, as was the Ethiopian. (I once met a man who said he came to faith in Jesus Christ by reading the book of Job.) I am sure some people have come to faith through less than perfect translations into indigenous languages. 163 more words


The wheels on the bus go round and round. The people on the bus go up and down.   But, does anyone know …

WHO IS DRIVING THE BUS? 897 more words


Gravity and the standard model

The UP hypothesis, which is the subject of my book ‘Physical Reality – the fabric of space’, describes physical reality in terms of the behaviour of the fabric of space and the interaction of its constituents. 824 more words

Physical Reality

Real Currency

Some aspects of reality die with our bodies.  The dollar bill is a perfect example.  Three dimensional reality recognizes a dollar bill as some cotton an linen hybrid with some meaningless symbols sprinkled over it with dye, whereas we refer to it as an icon representing someone’s social value.   554 more words

"What is physical reality?" in my other blog

I have published What is physical reality? blog post in my other blog. The post is philosophical.

What is physical reality?

I want to write down my thoughts about what is physical reality. I do not assume that my ideas on this is something novel, but want to share it anyway. 850 more words


Why I am able to do things spiritually others are not able to!

1.  I was born with limited visual memory(good at core structural visuals only) . Also had related limited finer motor skills(one can not do what one can not visualize doing). 895 more words