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Phantom Limbic Effect

Every stomach ache or sneeze. The rise and fall of each orgasm, every burst of laughter. Physical sensations leave their mark without our conscious awareness. As with bodies of water—the flow of past currents etched in a riverbed—we retain a trace of what’s washed over us. 186 more words


Alice Branton – Relieving from Anxiety Attack

Alice Branton – Relieving from Anxiety Attack

Alice Branton says that an anxiety attack is a sudden and frequent episode of intense fear and apprehension which is accompanied by physical sensations like a racing heartbeat, sweating, chest pain, rapidity breath, giddiness, quivering and muscle tautness. 84 more words

Alice Branton

Difference between an All Day Meditator & You? How they start their day

I want to give you a closer insight into how all day mindfulness (ADM) is applied into real life starting with this one. I’ll put ones of this sort into an ‘ all day mindfulness, day in the life’ category. 822 more words

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Mindfulness V The New World Order An unfair fight...for the NWO

I’d like to quickly jump into the New World Order (NWO) debate if I may.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but there’s a lot of information around that points to a shadowy cabal of money men who really control the world and own the presidents and prime ministers as their mere puppets and front men. 734 more words

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Got Anxiety? Understand what Mindfulness actually does for you

Just wanted to grab your attention before you bin mindfulness as an option for dealing with your particular anxiety problem, you won’t have heard about mindfulness/meditation this way, at least know it to bin it right? 754 more words

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