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Tension Headaches. 

In the post Headaches I mentioned the two headaches and how they are different from each other. Tension Headaches, as they are called, are definitely associated with some form of anxiety or tension. 496 more words



There are generally two types of headaches – Normal Headaches and Tension Headaches. Normal Headaches are the ones which we usually get now and then. It’s mostly on the forehead, covering the entire area without any kind of specification. 331 more words


Changes in food. 

This is one of the insignificant and short-lived symptoms that comes with anxiety. Mostly when you are the peak of intense anxiety for a few days you may feel like you don’t want to eat anything heavy. 457 more words



Before I ramble on about anxiety symptoms I want to put out two things in front of you. First one is that if you experience some of the symptoms I am going to list down below and you are anxious then you certainly have intense anxiety (I would also recommend you to go get checked by your doctor just to be super sure). 489 more words


Why anxiety comes with a shit load of symptoms?

From what I have understood, anxiety is just our body trying to politely say “Stop. I’m tired”.

We usually don’t care about how our body feels unless it’s really on surface level like a wound or an intense pain. 230 more words



This physical/mental symptom (I’m not sure where I should put it) is also a part of anxiety and is often confused with Depersonalisation. Hyper-awareness as the name suggests is being intensely aware of everything you perceive and do. 413 more words


Warning: As an Empath, “Meeting Hangovers” Can Take Up To Two Days to Recover From

I belong to a local nonprofit community organization and last night we had a meeting. It was our “end-of –year meeting” which goes longer than our normal monthly meetings. 1,086 more words