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Self Diagnosis - Why we shouldn't

The internet is a vast source of information that we often turn to when searching for information on health problems or physical symptoms we may be facing. 344 more words


Mental Health Mondays 02-23-2015

Anxiety Illustrated

This set of drawings are “an easy way to understand” just what anxiety feels like. It is a debilitating form of Mental Illness. 161 more words

My Thoughts

Actually, No. It Is Not All In My Head!

It is estimated that 50% of visits to the doctor for physical ailments end up being rooted in psychiatric causes.

Does this mean that half of a doctor’s patients are imagining their symptoms, or faking it? 1,431 more words


Back To The Future

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Happy New Year, everybody!

How is the New Year treating you? This year brought us truly to a New energetic place, can you tell? 658 more words

Wanderers Between Two Worlds

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How are you all, dear ones?

Have you noticed the shift and the rise in frequency that started around the first day of Christmas? 678 more words

Alice on a Checkerboard Floor

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Hi everybody!

How have you been lately?

The planet has been going through major magnetic shifts, the very fabric of the reality we are standing on has been shifting dramatically lately. 988 more words