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All you need to do is try.

Today I made a decision.

I had applied for an internal promotion and thought it best to be up front with my fear of flying. I spoke to the relevant individuals and kept them involved. 313 more words

Ten Brain and Brain Health Myths

These myths are copied directly from the SharpBrains website because these are common myths that need to be corrected.  This is an extremely good website with much information on brain and brain health sharpbrains.com… 1,054 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

What Parents and Athletes Need to Know About Concussions

When playing sports you are bound to get a few bumps and bruises. What you might not think or be worried about happening is getting a concussion. 505 more words

Knee-Knocking Anxiety Shakes

Anxiety shakes have been a prominent problem for me for a long time. Right now they are particularly debilitating, violently wracking my body from head to toe, showing the true physicality of mental illness. 183 more words

Mental Health

The physical side of PMDD

When I was first diagnosed with PMDD, my thoughts were constantly on getting through the mood symptoms every month. As I’ve described before, I changed my diet and lifestyle, I tried medication and ultimately I had to go through CBT and psychotherapy to get my mood symptoms under control. 607 more words



I recently read a theory about depression and mental illness suggesting that depression is actually a result of physical ailments not the other way round, that it is a natural result of being physically ill and that all those aches and pains come first. 287 more words


Downside of gaming addiction.

It’s my second post of my blog! Aren’t you guys excited to read my blog and know more about online gaming addiction?! Anyway, today i will be sharing the negative impacts of gaming addiction and I really hope you guys will take this seriously. 660 more words