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Jakobstad, June 27, 2015

To continue the football (= soccer) analogy I started at the end of my former post, now there is something of a midfield battle going on, with neither me nor my opponent finding any opening passes. 691 more words

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IC49, June 25, 2015

I’m currently sitting on the train once more – IC49 just passed through Riihimäki in Southern Finland. I traveled to Helsinki on Tuesday, and got my IV-antibiotics and a Vitamin B drip yesterday, at the clinic. 294 more words

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A Conversation With Soul: A Diamond Being Forged

I asked my IGS (Internal Guidance System) or Soul Self this morning why I was continuing to experience extreme physical symptoms.  It seems that just when I have one symptom cleared another pops up.  191 more words


Helsinki, June 15, 2015

When I little by little crawled up out of the pitch-black darkness I found myself in during the first two months on SSRI medication (sertraline), fall was already changing into winter. 663 more words

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Helsinki, June 14, 2015

Even if I aim for the future, I’d still like to look back for a while. It helps me process everything that’s been happening in the past, and at the same time it paints a picture of how a single person’s life can be infected by lyme. 532 more words

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"You're Really Being a Bitch."

Let me tell you about what happens when the tide rushes out.

Something something science Earth’s axis the moon, revolution, gravity, etc, and the tide leaves the beach, exposing all of those crunchy things that we prefer to ignore on the bottom of the sea. 897 more words

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Helsinki, June 9, 2015

Today I have a day off from the clinic. From now on I get the IV-antibiotics every second day, and take care of the other medication by myself. 525 more words

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