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Moanings about Menopause

One of the things I find is that I am moaning a LOT.  I feel this drags other people down and yet I can’t stop myself.   409 more words




At various stages during the past year, I have had almost continuous panic attacks throughout a twenty-four-hour period of time. I know, therefore, whereof I speak. 160 more words

Daily Prompt

MICHELLE WALLING, CHLC: “Are You Experiencing Advanced Energy Shift Symptoms?”

Energy shift symptoms have changed since last year for many people. As we undergo the beginning phase of a wave of energy like we have never felt before, the body has to adjust itself to be able to resonate with the frequency that Earth is receiving. 1,300 more words


MICHELLE WALLING, CHLC: "Are You Experiencing Advanced Energy Shift Symptoms?"

Basic energy shift (ascension) symptoms included things like ringing in the ears, intense sweating, dizziness, forgetfulness, ascension flu, depression, and waves of nausea. It seems that most people who begin the shift into a higher frequency experience these same symptoms physically while their “team” helps them to begin to turn the dial up a little at a time in frequency. 1,219 more words


this is not our choice

Mental illness, as a whole, is stigmatized by society. Society believes mental illness is a made up thing and that people are finding reasons to either get prescription drugs or receive extra accommodations or some bullshit like that. 848 more words


but not at the disco

Someone tell me they got the joke????

Lovely readers, we’ll be talking about the always fun panic attacks!

It is hard to explain what a panic attack feels like to someone who hasn’t experience one. 703 more words


Zombie Confessions

I was planning on writing something today but I just can’t. I haven’t really slept for days and only got 2 hrs sleep last night and had a full day of work today. 105 more words