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The Psychology of Illness - Infection & Inflammation

Some years back I wrote a series of newsletter articles addressing the psychology behind some of the physical symptoms we may experience in our lives. I thought these may be interesting to review in the context of our discussions on the life path. 1,738 more words

Are You Eating More Than You Think You Are?

So often I hear frustrations from people who are not losing weight or feeling more energetic, and they don’t understand why. They try to cut back on unhealthy foods, and maybe even increase their physical activity. 797 more words

Health Coach

Reiki Experience

Immediately after the Reiki session or attunement the receivers express that they felt good. When they are asked to be specific about their feelings then only they would vaguely say that they felt a bit relaxed, or pain is slightly reduced or felt a bit calmer. 140 more words

I got 99 problems but a stitch ain't one

I am far from a skilled, talented or experience sewer. Yes, I have a sewing machine but I can hardly use it! Even when I attempt to make minor adjustments to clothing like sewing up a hole, I end up with a big ball of tangled up thread trapped in the spool. 185 more words


Phantoms in my nervous system

I had read about depression manifesting itself in the body like a ghost no one else could see. The doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me; I was afraid to tell her. 75 more words


10 Physical Symptoms of Cannabis Addiction

To complete the list in my earlier article on 20 side-effects of pot on the mind, we have to be also explore the effects pot has on the body. 1,773 more words


Effects of Anxiety

I realised that I haven’t yet talked about how anxiety effects me.

Anxiety has some horrific physical symptoms. For me, these symptoms are here almost 24/7. 300 more words