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Physical Symptoms That May Require Breast Reduction Surgery

Dr. Christian Ford is an award-winning cosmetic surgeon based in Cohasset, Massachusetts, providing a number of procedures involving the face, breast, and body. Dr. Christian Ford… 219 more words

Dr Christian Ford

Day 6 without Claritin (and significantly less Nasacort)

There is definitely a constant presence of mucus/postnasal drip up where I imagine my uvula is.

Not sure how I was able to sleep, but at least I was. 25 more words


Just had post-nasal trip: Gross thick yellow mucus the color of a sinus infection

a little more congested today… have been off Claritin for 5 days now and had to keep air conditioning on all day the past two days… ( a recipe for breathing in more mold)… is it that ive been off Claritin or had to keep the windows shut? 72 more words



Smudged writing on the creases of my brain

Medulla Oblongata responds to the pain

Nervous system fidgets, shuffling in place

Restless legs kicking syndromes into space… 199 more words

Finally feeling balanced again

I’ve been feeling very good, as in content and balanced. I had this epiphany where I saw clearly (well just realized for watching how others behave comparing it to me) that being happy happy joy joy is not necessarily a proof of how good you are feeling. 875 more words

Anxiety Zone

If you’re in a deep shit of anxiety where you feel almost every physical symptoms which leave you feeling mentally drained for days and months then you most likely will experience this thing I like to call Anxiety Zone. 529 more words