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Phantoms in my nervous system

I had read about depression manifesting itself in the body like a ghost no one else could see. The doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me; I was afraid to tell her. 75 more words


10 Physical Symptoms of Cannabis Addiction

To complete the list in my earlier article on 20 side-effects of pot on the mind, we have to be also explore the effects pot has on the body. 1,773 more words


Effects of Anxiety

I realised that I haven’t yet talked about how anxiety effects me.

Anxiety has some horrific physical symptoms. For me, these symptoms are here almost 24/7. 300 more words



Many people do not act positively to reduce the stress in their lives until physical symptoms force them to consider how their lifestyle is affecting their well-being. 19 more words


I Don't Know

The past two weeks or so have been mighty something.  Full of literal life changing events, from breakups and fights to getting accepted into the Community College to start my vet tech program, to death in the family to having to make up time for going to the funeral by working the weekend.   1,050 more words

Mental Health

10 Common Withdrawal Symptoms when you stop smoking

If you’ve been following our series on quitting smoking {insert link(s) here}. Given that the first few weeks are usually described by ex-smokers as the toughest, smokers ought to put away their pride and seek assistance in order to kick the habit for good. 430 more words

Your Health

Menopause...birthing energy

Hi everybody, I want to talk about body communication today. I have been chatting with my body more and more this year. And by that I mean going into meditation and talking directly to my body or specific parts of it, if the situation calls for it or they put themselves forward. 1,451 more words

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