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Why anxiety comes with a shit load of symptoms?

From what I have understood, anxiety is just our body trying to politely say “Stop. I’m tired”.

We usually don’t care about how our body feels unless it’s really on surface level like a wound or an intense pain. 230 more words



This physical/mental symptom (I’m not sure where I should put it) is also a part of anxiety and is often confused with Depersonalisation (I will do another post on that). 428 more words


Warning: As an Empath, “Meeting Hangovers” Can Take Up To Two Days to Recover From

I belong to a local nonprofit community organization and last night we had a meeting. It was our “end-of –year meeting” which goes longer than our normal monthly meetings. 1,086 more words


What Is Bothering You?

When I first sit down with a patient at the initial consultation, I ask “what is bothering you?”, “Why are you here?” As the consultation progresses, I may ask at some point, “from all of what you have said, what is bothering you the most?” And the patient tells me more about this. 571 more words


my dog died and I went to hell

my anxiety
might not

i have
of pain
run across
my shoulder
my teeth
than… 87 more words

Mental Health

Stress, Relaxation and Reiki

Feel good is generally reported after the Reiki attunement as well as after every Reiki treatment. Present lifestyle keeps our body in stress and strain. The Reiki touch has balancing and harmonizing effects on our body. 85 more words

Doctors and Reiki Practioners

Whenever you visit a doctor with some conditions or apprehensions the doctor will prescribe some medicines to treat the symptoms. Those medicines will only help in curing the symptoms. 174 more words