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Overall sense of wellbeing

Mounting legal problems
Preoccupation with obtaining, using, and recovering from methamphetamine use
Social isolation
Hiding drug use from others…

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Medical Conditions & Reiki

For treating certain medical conditions by Reiki remember the following Reiki suggestions:-
1. Always give Reiki to womb & ovaries while giving Reiki to females. 95 more words

Unexpected symptoms of depression Part Two


The effort of opening eyes and shifting limbs. Of dragging a body through 90 degrees and placing heavy feet on a cold floor. And then the near impossibility of placing all that weight on those two small feet and lifting your body to a standing position. 193 more words


You're an Empath, Not Crazy!

I saw the image at the top of this post come across my Facebook Feed today. I got if off of a great page called: … 1,505 more words

Managing the Physical symptoms | Anxiety

I have spoken about anxiety a few times on this blog yet I don’t think I have ever spoken about the physical symptoms of having anxiety. 439 more words


Taking Time to Listen

Life has thrown up some challenges over the last few weeks, which have caused me to slide from an overall good patch into a ‘feeling-very-anxious-and-struggling-with-various-physical-symptoms’ phase. 440 more words


DENISE LE FAY: (HighHeartLife): "Some Transitional NEW Year Discomforts"

Throughout 2016, many experienced an increase in different types of phenomena that was related to our now constant movement into and embodying higher frequency Light energies. 2,628 more words