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KIM HUTCHINSON: "Ascension Symptoms — Spring 2018"

Everyone on Planet Earth is being upgraded energetically.  Some of us are being prepared for ascension and life on the New Earth, as per our soul readiness and desire; others are being lifted to the level that best suits their soul’s journey. 878 more words


A letter to my abuser

A letter to my abuser:

Today at work I was told I would be having a meeting with my boss and her boss. Just a “quick” 30-minute meeting. 886 more words


update on Neuro appointment

I had an appointment with the neurologist yesterday morning. He took history, did a Neuro exam, and did some nerve testing on my arm. I have to go back tomorrow morning for the same testing on my legs tomorrow… I’m kinda anxious about the testing on my leg. 532 more words

Showing Emotions in Writing - Physical Symptoms

The physical symptoms of emotions

Emotions are feelings but they show up as physical symptoms also. Scientifically there are a number of different areas of the body involved with both emotions and physical response. 1,427 more words


What if I’m just not good at anything?

A cheery Saturday, me believing I could figure out my design problem led to a complete breakdown on Sunday when I tried to work on the same project and getting nowhere. 546 more words


Dr Google

In an attempt to try and find out what is going on with me, I thought I would do some research on the tablets I am on. 221 more words


The Physical Symptoms of Anorexia Recovery- Part 3

Week 3


At this point, I’d had a taste of both the pain of recovery and the joy of freedom. I was motivated to push through so that I could finally be happy and free again in my life. 726 more words