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I Don't Know

The past two weeks or so have been mighty something.  Full of literal life changing events, from breakups and fights to getting accepted into the Community College to start my vet tech program, to death in the family to having to make up time for going to the funeral by working the weekend.   1,050 more words

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Past Life Regression - A Client's Experience Part Two

After having such an amazing experience, C decided to do some research online. What she discovered and sent over to me really sealed the experience for her. 1,214 more words

Menopause...birthing energy

Hi everybody, I want to talk about body communication today. I have been chatting with my body more and more this year. And by that I mean going into meditation and talking directly to my body or specific parts of it, if the situation calls for it or they put themselves forward. 1,451 more words

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So, What's It Like?

It’s been a week now, since my meds were all changed up on me.

Since then, I’ve had low days, very low days, a road trip, and some decent times. 446 more words

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Helsinki, July 6, 2015

One of the many difficult things regarding lyme is that so little of the disease is revealed to the outside world. Of course, there are also clear physical symptoms – from the classic “bulls-eye rash” ( 592 more words

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Jakobstad, June 27, 2015

To continue the football (= soccer) analogy I started at the end of my former post, now there is something of a midfield battle going on, with neither me nor my opponent finding any opening passes. 691 more words

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IC49, June 25, 2015

I’m currently sitting on the train once more – IC49 just passed through Riihimäki in Southern Finland. I traveled to Helsinki on Tuesday, and got my IV-antibiotics and a Vitamin B drip yesterday, at the clinic. 294 more words

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