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Aerobic Vs. Anaerobic Exercise For Boosting Metabolism

There is an ongoing debate on which is better for the body, aerobic or anaerobic exercises. Many people love aerobic exercise. They thrive on it. On the other hand, many people swear by anaerobic exercise and wouldn’t waste their time on aerobic. 633 more words

Physical Training

Training to be Batman - Day 1

What does it take to be as good as the Dark Knight? lots of skills, brains, and some brawn, along with a whole LOT of discipline. 409 more words


Reasons For Slow Metabolism In Men And How To Boost It

Men generally have a higher metabolism than women because of their chemical makeup. Their testosterone levels and higher muscle mass make them able to burn up energy faster than women. 670 more words

Physical Training

Alpine Combine - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

  I received my copy of “The New Alpinism” a few months before my trip to Colorado, to close to the start of the trip to be effective. 319 more words

Physical Training

Physical Training: What is our Goal?

Growing up, most of us played competitive sports. We learned all sorts of academic disciplines in class (most of which were promptly forgotten after graduation), and then trained for our specific sport. 495 more words

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Is Your Smoothie Sabotaging Your Results?

Smoothies are refreshing and delicious, especially during the heat of summer. But, unfortunately, most smoothies are made to be ultra fattening, and could be slowing down or even reversing your fitness results. 620 more words


[ARTICLE] Hydrotherapy vs. conventional land-based exercise for improving walking and balance after stroke: A randomized controlled trial


Objective: To investigate the effects of hydrotherapy on walking ability and balance in patients with chronic stroke.

Design: Single-blind, randomized controlled pilot trial.

Setting: Outpatient rehabilitation clinic at a tertiary neurological hospital in China. 427 more words