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gait analysis system and physical rehabilitation

Gait analysis represents an important method in rehabilitation and physiotherapy facilities. Its results document the therapy progress as well as provide valuable information about individual therapy success. 139 more words

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portable gait analysis system|smart insole

Senno Gait is able to provide detailed analysis results in order to evaluate the quality of gait. After each test, the wearers will receive a gait report including charts which allow the therapist to identify deficits. 125 more words

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Returning to SEDEF - Hoe Say Liaw 24May2017

It has been a month of absent to SEDEF training for me. It is a coinsidance that the last training I had in 26 April was also Hoe Say Liaw, and it was held in stadium as well. 222 more words


senno gait analysis system for physical rehabilitation

As to gait analysis, instrumented treadmills are able to gather large amounts of step data, but are limited by the controlled environment and prescribed walking pattern necessary. 123 more words

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Sport is a big part of our lives, bringing people together, working out, having fun and enjoying great time together is more than satisfying.
Creating an event for this purpose was our first idea and this event is coming up on June 3rd on ‘One Fullerton Rooftop’ at Singapore at 7:30 am. 76 more words


Foot movement and gait analysis | Sennotech smart insole

The body walks upright in a special manner during walking. Walking is not just a simple gesture to place one foot in front of another. During walking, the whole body is in motion. 166 more words

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gait rehabilitation and smart shoe insole

Sennotech has developed simple connected insoles and intuitive interfaces that simplify data collection and analysis in ecological environment. Connecting with any kind of foot orthotics, Senno Gait allows seamless gait monitoring for patient and athletes anywhere.  99 more words

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