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CFFB Deadlift for Amateurs

CFFB prescribes 5RM deadlift every Tuesday, increasing 10# per week. Let’s start the bidding at 275#.

Physical Training

Girls Power

Nowadays physical training tailor-designed for females in various combinations of metabolic conditioning, dynamic circuits, absolute strength training, high intensity cardio, bodyweight core, TRX, yoga, corrective exercise, and gymnastics is a trend. 250 more words


Emerging Lessons - 2016

We just published another episode of our Podcast, you can listen here: http://wildfirelessons.podbean.com

We talk about some of the “numbers” from this season.  Things like four cases of early season Physical Training Rhabdomyolysis in four days (May 4-5) and nine instances of “equipment burn damage”  (vehicles, chainsaws, camp equipment, etc).   398 more words


Push Press

The next step in the shoulder press/push press/push jerk progression.

Physical Training

At Sea, Day 8


The food remained an issue: Bertie Cox told his mother “the food was AWFUL .” (2) The historian of the 55th Battery, who was writing after he had suffered worse, said only that the “grub was nothing to write home about, but kept up life in those men who were hardy enough to eat.” (3) Still, the men looked around for better sustenance, and began to buy on the side from the cooks. 317 more words




The mist thickened, so much that Drake lost sight of the convoy in the early hours of the morning. By evening, it was keeping position 6 cables (about .6 nautical mile) ahead of Northland. 242 more words

Archie Wills