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Strength training - 24Feb2017

While most of my muscle group still feeling that strain from the SEDEF workout 2 days ago, Hoe Say Liao, I got curious to attend today’s workout in  234 more words


foot movement analysis|smart insole

Insole X, a portable gait analysis system designed for daily life. The sensor-studded shoe insole provides activity track records and other biometrics such as foot movements and stepping pattern. 49 more words

Smart Insoles

Hoe Say Liaw - 22Feb2017

Wednesday, ya is that day again… Physical training or some called it strength training. To me it is torture session where you get to do several set of routine like a man being possessed within a time frame. 355 more words


Week 4

Projects have been kicking my ass lately. Work has been crazy with a few projects coming dew at the same time making for some overtime. I’m also pushing hard to get my camper skinned. 129 more words

Physical Training

February 19 - Get Back Up Again

I got on the scales the other day and man, was I surprised! I hadn’t weighed in a year and my workout schedule has been a little sporadic, to say the least. 235 more words


Magick and Lineage in Indonesian Martial Arts: An Interview with Guru Besar Marce De Thouars

Below is an interview with Guru Besar Marce De Thouars, son of the legendary Pendekar (Grandmaster) Paul De Thouars, head of the De Thouars Serak and Bukti Negara systems of Indonesian Pentjak Silat. 3,438 more words

Martial Arts

Chawn Qar C - 15Feb2017

Wednesday is physical training time at Stadium Kota Raja. And today is a routine called Chawn Qar C. It is hokkien for exhaustion. 298 more words