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If you seek truth, you'll find God

If a person never seeks to prove or disprove the existence of God, they will never know for sure. They can only posture and proclaim an empty and unfounded belief. 472 more words

My Top 5 Plank Variations

After working on planks for a while it can become easier to hold and take a longer time to really get the same challenge you used to. 417 more words


A pretend message from Satan

While we continue to stamp out any vestige of Christianity in the world, it is important to remember our values. Remember our motto, “If it feels good do it.” Remember, also, that we no longer consider ourselves as mind, body and spirit. 303 more words

Physical activity and cancer recurrence: a detailed review

Readers with a strong interest in the relationships between exercise and risk for cancer recurrence may want to download and read the full text of a recent article… 90 more words


Benefits of Massage

I wanted to remind you how IMPORTANT Self-Care is and one of the best ways of taking care of yourself is through a regular massage — that’s right, massage isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. 164 more words

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Marathon Training: 4 hours of dragging my legs around

I knew from the start that I would want to document my experience as I trained for and – I’m happy to announce – COMPLETED a 26.2 mile marathon, but now sitting here I have no idea where to even begin! 630 more words


Use Your Hands

It’s twofoldly rewarding to do something with your hands (e.g. build a cottage, fix your bike or cut some meat – although I suggest you tackle that list backwardly): The process gives you as much joy as does the finished result. 34 more words

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