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Give Every Man According To His Ways

My book, “God, Reward, and Punishment: Are they real?” demonstrates that whatever a person wants or does to another person, will be returned to him. The passage from the Bible explains this law, and it’s from the authority, the Bible, and not simply a theory. 165 more words


My grief floored me. I hung onto everyday life, but just. Getting through each day, holding down my job, reaching out to friends who mostly ignored me and with each return from a dip working out a strategy of how one earth I could cope with the next inevitable one. 1,175 more words

Female Cosplayer Battles Body Shaming

By Lauren Linhard – moxie.lauren@gmail.com

You may have mistaken Alicia Snook for Emma Frost or Princess Ariel at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con, but one thing you couldn’t miss is how this badass woman is breaking down cosplay stereotypes. 314 more words

You're not ovary-acting

Come check out our new board all about ovarian cancer and pcos

Health at Every Size For Real

I’ve read a lot about the Health at Every Size movement. Basically, they promote the idea that body size has very little to do with actual health and that it is possible to be healthy at every size. 674 more words

Rethink your drink

With summer fast approaching, getting into habits before the summer starts can help to keep you in shape and get that summer body that you want to have.   43 more words

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You Gotta Keep It Tight...


28 years later…

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where the physical didn’t matter???  A world where at first sight others saw the beauty you possess inside???   272 more words