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Forgiveness: for others or ourselves?

People always say that you should forgive others, even when they do unspeakable things;  Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela; three men who rose above their haters and those who wronged them and moved on. 428 more words


Consciousness, an illusion

Consciousness; is it an illusion?

After all, we are physical beings, driven by a physical brain.

So how comes a software embedded in the brain connecting us with the outside world? 18 more words

Psychic Science

Southern Girl Losing Weight

So one of the things I’m trying to change about myself is my eating habits and my relationship with food and exercise. As a Southern born and raised girl, I’m actually not that much like my predecessors in my family. 468 more words


DNA and the written word

A message typed out to read is like DNA in many ways. We can look at a written page and we can read the message. However, being able to read the message does not disprove the existence of an intelligence that formulated the letters to create a message. 223 more words

Can Children with Disabilities be Overcomers?

Do you have a child that struggles with a physical, mental or emotional challenge?

Do you wonder if your child will have difficulty learning?

Are you worried that other children will pick on them? 213 more words

Daily Prayer from Genesis 41:52

Redeemer God, prosper _____ in the land of her (his) sorrow, as you did for Joseph. Bring success out of her (his) place of suffering.

Parenting Adults

Being Barbie

Don’t Be Barbie, Be Yourself, Be Beautiful!