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Prelude in F Major

The erotic aroma of fenugreek, caramel, and chocolate,
rose from her reclined body as she reached for the drawstring.

© Chagall ∞


the space of your life~

I’ve taken up racquetball after many years not playing.

And loving it.

And while shaking off the rust a thought occurred that relates to life: 59 more words


the larger perspective~

The universe is big place.  We actually have to use our imagination to even start to comprehend the scale and size of it.  (I won’t get into how imagination informs reality.) 148 more words


Character Discovery: The Walk

We actors have the perpetual challenge of creating characters that are distinct from ourselves. Inevitably, though, we are betrayed by the natural way we carry ourselves physically and vocally. 548 more words

The Actor's Toolkit

Fall through


is that soft suggestive breeze

that utters itself

through the mouth

of a friend

who means no harm

Mind the gap between his

two front teeth… 77 more words


Disembodied Steed?

In an earlier blog, I discussed the ways in which Steed’s masculinity is sometimes treated dismissively by critics and writers, despite massive evidence to the contrary, in part because of the way the gender binary is constructed in Western society. 2,539 more words

The Avengers

Off to the physio I go...

After my last post and the resulting abysmal runs I went off to the physio to see what she could help me with.

Not only did I get really good information and help, with instructions on exercises to do, I felt embarrassed by and ashamed of my lack of form. 309 more words