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We can be fully developed and those who may be impaired emotionally or mentally may be strong and physically fit.

On the other hand there comes a time when we seek to be spiritually successful shall we say and of course the first step on that path is the recognition and acceptance of the Logos. 870 more words


When Growth Stops

I’m 5’11.5″. I tell people that I am six feet tall. Growing up, I always wanted to get to 6′. For whatever reason, it was some benchmark that became a goal–one that I had basically no control over. 704 more words


Improv Lesson #2: Let's Get Physical, Physical

‘Break a leg!’  Not literally – but give it a convincing try!

In improv comedy – one of the critical elements of a good scene is ‘physicality,’ the ability of the players to use gestures, body language and pantomiming to communicate more about the context of the scene – where they are, who they are and how they feel (in general & about each other). 737 more words


Lisa Gawles - Source, Soul, Physicality and Internal Engine of Creation - 3-8-15


Lisa Gawles

Five readings yesterday, and every single one, in their own way, evoked tears from my eyes.  The first four because of the feeling, the loving reverence that I experienced during the understandings, the last one, because I was laughing so damn hard!!   2,431 more words


Ugly traits in men

I see no uglier traits in a man than three things. The first of them being cowardice. The second,  lack of truthfulness and the third being a lack of physicality. 492 more words


The Iron by Henry Rollins

Jay Mohr and Pete Holmes both recently hosted Henry Rollins on their podcasts. As a result, I have gone down Rollins Road and have listened to a ton of Black Flag and Rollins Band, and I plan to buy one of his (many) books pretty soon. 292 more words