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Starting preparations

One week to go before I venture into my 7 day fast. This week I will cut down on the food intake, try to keep it at around half of what I normally eat, to hopefully lessen the physical shock of suddenly not eating at all. 78 more words


The world is round, we are drawn by lines,

those that appeal,

surreal when defined.

I glance to see so many objects

all coordinate the spacial view… 168 more words


Reclaiming my body (possibly NSFW)

Today, when I woke up, I finally realized. I realized it even before I was entirely out of sleep, I was still only half conscious, but it was as clear as day. 796 more words

Black masculinity against the world: closing ranks as self-preservation

In popular culture and the media, the image of black masculinity has come to be dominated by an emphasis on aggressive and overly sexualized physicality, devotion to traditions which often center men as figures of rationality/order, strict observance of gender binaries and the rejection of expressions of sexuality or self which deviate from cis/heteronormative standards. 248 more words

The body

Picture Gainsbourg à lit sans lunettes having
smoked a last cigarette
or cool in his caleçon drinking wine
a bony finger raised to mortality

some warm, dim evening terrified… 82 more words


Re-connecting to your body

I think that many people can relate to the idea that we as a species have become disconnected from our bodies. Culturally the body has become either a storage unit for the brain to get from point A to point B or just as a way to show off ourselves to get laid. 842 more words


Continued: Bodies II

So if you are not your body what are you? I think this is where most people get confused and shy away.

What are you if you are not this physical form that you have believe yourself to be this entire lifetime? 495 more words