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Convincing Has No Place in Conversations About Consent

By Amy Juran

I was watching a spoof about sex ed by John Oliver the other night.

While a lot of the content was primarily humorous, I was very intrigued when they took a good chunk of the segment to talk about consent.  465 more words

Sexual Integrity

A New Meditation (1/4)

1952 New Washington Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

7C-A – A New Meditation 1/4

Joel in Hawaii; it is the twenty-first of June, 1952, and I’ve been out here now for nearly two months. 822 more words


3 Reasons Why Running Will Never Replace Rugby

Today begins the Rugby World Cup, right here in England’s green and pleasant land. When the last World Cup in England kicked off I had only just discovered rugby, I was learning the rules at school and working out how to play the game my way. 922 more words


Whose Ears Ring?

For as long as I can remember, I have had occasional, spontaneous ringing in the ears (not connected to hearing any loud noise or any other source outside my body). 277 more words


labor day - September 7


I walked too far

yesterday, I’ll walk

too far again today.

all my muscles


but I find myself


amused at how this… 21 more words


Fragment of a Whole

I’m not sure what I prefer: the shaking or the pain; the cold sweats that course down my stomach or the stabbing sensations that worm their way from my neck to my fingertips, before my arms go numb. 123 more words

The 100 Day Project


  • Shadows are objects (?) in which we, as humans, encounter every single day of our lives, yet no one seems to realize their significance.
  • Shadows are subtle, visual reflections of our physical beings.
  • 43 more words