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We Are All Creators

Like I’ve mentioned a time or two previously, the world has come to a spiritual Y and we are all subconsciously headed off to the left or to the right. 1,048 more words


Notes from the Thames Valley Forum, 21 November

This was the last meeting of the year, and turnout was relatively small, which gave plenty of time for each person to present and discuss their current projects. 428 more words

Is This My Life?

I should start out by saying that I know I am feeling sorry for myself. I am fully endowed with the knowledge that I am wallowing. 1,289 more words



It’s weird. After having literally taken months off, I’m feeling this almost insatiable need to write. Hmmm. I wonder how long it will last? Like after having a long, long, exhalation, it’s as if I suddenly feel the need to breathe. 728 more words



Nature’s growth within
Humanities drive too acheive
Injuries inflicted by self or others
Mental or physical torments
Entraping our souls
Deep within us
Shunned by society… 83 more words



My physicality is reserved for two things:

Pure love,
All out savagery

Anything else is frivolous



Convincing Has No Place in Conversations About Consent

By Amy Juran

I was watching a spoof about sex ed by John Oliver the other night.

While a lot of the content was primarily humorous, I was very intrigued when they took a good chunk of the segment to talk about consent.  479 more words

Sexual Integrity