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Day 329: Towards Self Diligence

Day 329: Towards Self Diligence


The context here being an extension of recent posts (start 316) exploring how I had designed into my life a sort of alienation to Diligence, not seeing the hidden contents of it till I began to write it out. 648 more words

Energetic Diagnosis of India

It’s true that India is known for its spirituality and culture. Even I knew it like that since I was a little kid. I kind of feel a little proud every time people point that out. 766 more words


Spontaneous Happiness?

in 2011, Andrew Weil, M.D. penned a book by the title of SPONTANEOUS HAPPINESS, and it is worth revisiting in this time of anxt and lack of joy at times.   93 more words

Emotional intimacy

In a very immediate way, physical intimacy is an outgrowth of emotional intimacy. I know that is backwards of how it usually works. And there was a time when I tried to embrace that. 184 more words


The physicality of cruising

My previous poet got me thinking about the great secret of the cruising life – it is hard work. Yes, staying up all night standing watch, cranking on winches to adjust the sails, grabbing handfuls of sail cloth to coax the main down in a strong wind, these all take physical strength. 144 more words

The Physicality of Writing

The physicality of writing is a twofold thing. The first I’ve spoken about before, and it’s more to do with what you do when you’re not writing. 413 more words


AoM 31 Day Journal Challenge - Day 25

Day 25: There comes a time in every man’s life where he just feels…meh. He’s not happy about things, but he’s not depressed either. In fact, it’s probably a place where many men spend most of their lives. 645 more words

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