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It's Only The End, Not The End - Trevor Scott, Tuesday Thoughts

On Sunday, the cast and crew of When We Grow Up finished its debut run of performances at Capital Fringe 2015. And while that may seem like the end to some people, it’s merely just the beginning. 459 more words

When We Grow Up

grounded - July 26


oppressive heat

switches off brain

cells, the body

shutting down

blood flow

to sustain.

grounded to our


despite all our

protestations to

being above… 14 more words


The Shroud of Turin and Why Physicality Matters

Reflection 26-7-15

Recently a member of our congregation went to visit the Shroud of Turin at its ‘ten year showing’. Everyone knows now that it is a production of mediaeval times, but still, lots of people have gone to see it. 1,071 more words

Weekly Reflections At St. John's Montreux

Size Shouldn't Count, It's How You Use It

I once interviewed a women for a job and I hate to say it, but a major contributing factor for why she got turned down was because of her size. 642 more words

It's okay to HAVE FUN working out!

I understand time is ticking and there are goals to be met. Need to be under 22 % body fat and rated ‘Lean’. Need to put on that 3.8 kg of lean muscle mass to hit 80 kg. 324 more words


Tactile and Tangible

             Recently I came across a comedian joking about how no one has really found the meaning of life yet.  Not only was this remark not funny, but it was blatantly untrue. 458 more words

Hunger for love

I suppose the most beautiful thing about human nature is the way we hunger. It is that alone that makes life blossom: The constant pull towards love and chaos. 511 more words