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Tchaikovsky and Bernstein

I always found that Tchaikovsky is a terribly underrated composer, and that Bernstein gives us a Tchaikovsky for people who really do like Tchaikovsky. You probably wouldn’t approve of Bernstein’s interpretations of his music, if you believe that Tchaikovsky is an “exhibitionist of feelings” (Alfred Einstein) whose music occasionally “stinks” (Hanslick), whose desperation sounds like “schlager music” (Adorno), and whose homosexual Slavic sentimentalism, which makes him the favorite composer of the “intellectual middle class” (Einstein again), requires a tyrannical martinet of a conductor, in order to whip that whiny effeminacy back into shape. 440 more words

Disembodied Steed?

In an earlier blog, I discussed the ways in which Steed’s masculinity is sometimes treated dismissively by critics and writers, despite massive evidence to the contrary, in part because of the way the gender binary is constructed in Western society. 2,539 more words

The Avengers

Off to the physio I go...

After my last post and the resulting abysmal runs I went off to the physio to see what she could help me with.

Not only did I get really good information and help, with instructions on exercises to do, I felt embarrassed by and ashamed of my lack of form. 309 more words


little muscles - March 17


little muscles

in the center of the

shoulder, neck,



in the mountain, cat

cow, and crocodile

felt noble.

now we breath

deeply… 7 more words


Fighting Depression 12A - short addendum

See, THIS is why I’m keeping this journal/blog about my depression in this fairly rough patch of time for me.

Because I forget things.  Earlier today, … 179 more words

Life In General

Comrade, I Salute You.

Once upon a time there were three little girls. Just kidding, they were not little (except for maybe one in her heart). In various moments of recent history, they had all graduated from diverse homeschool educations in diverse countries (basically). 1,278 more words

Futility and Utility - Fragmentation of Life perspective

If I had a sway in the vocabulary of words people use, I would strike off the word FUTILE and every associated concept in the context that it is used within the social programming. 991 more words