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Object Work Master Class With Stephen Colbert

How much do we love this supercut from Colbert superfan, Sharilyn Johnson? To the moon and back. Enjoy.

Scene Work

What is Love? Baby, don't hurt me.

I’ve had several conversations with friends lately — people who are going through their own personal discoveries later in life. Out of those conversations came a thought which I’m now finally putting into words. 1,248 more words


I ask myself, I ask you

In the studio: next painting to be done, already primed (on aluminium). The painting has its full potential as it is now, here in front of me, in Negative Capability (potential is only that, the not-yet-realized, nothing more or less). 163 more words

The anatomy of "Ant"

As I sat interviewing Mike da Silva, the director of Ant, it’s namesake maneuvered across the wooden table and out of sight. The play itself is based on a short story by Alissa Nutting, entitled  501 more words

Blog Posts

Physicality, Perception and the Soul

The physical body acts as a lens for the soul … it focuses us by limiting perception to the physical senses.

It is said that the benefit of physicality and limited consciousness is that immense spiritual growth can be achieved in a short period of time.  111 more words


Yearnings of Might and Mind: Limitations of Human Intellect, Embodied.

Pope’s negative reputation sprouts from a variety of social and political wells, yet the part which seems to be interrelated to the whole is his physical impairment. 440 more words

Whatever Is, Is RIGHT (9/14)

The Now and Perspectives

There is only one ‘now’, but there are many points of view of that one ‘now’.

Different points of view (different dimensional perspectives), like the perspective of Source, the perspective of a physical human, the perspective of an extraterrestrial etc. 27 more words