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God, My Body

Discovering my demisexuality, how seldom I really look upon other people and find them attractive in the sexual sense, had a profound impact on my body image. 1,833 more words


The Decline of Physical Activity

This is how children and teenagers used to play pre-computer era. Sadly we are very far removed from this nowadays, which is very clear in the decline of physical capability in people of all ages. 447 more words

General Practice

Spirituality & Physicality

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What is the bridge between spirituality and physicality? It works in a complex manner behind the scenes, but the simplest actions we take can unify the two in the most incredible way. 616 more words


How We Remember American Slavery

In his book, Between the World and Me, author Ta-Nehisi Coats shares his understanding of the universe with his son. He focuses on the shared experiences of black Americans dating back to slavery and the time immediately after the institution fell. 487 more words


What are your thoughts on online dating?

Online Dating was the topic of conversation at The Kickback on November 21st, chosen by regular participant Stephen, who also took the lead this month.  His experience with online dating and desire to talk about it made him the ideal individual to start off and navigate the conversation, making the night a lot of fun. 922 more words

Young People

Bo-Regard and Physicality 

I plug in the twinkly lights and the room becomes diffused in amber, warm and close. You are already in bed, naked, the marshmallow pile of blankets atop you and an open book in your hands. 459 more words

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