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Get Over Yourself #1

I gave a ‘Ted Talk’ last week to a big food company. They were wonderful but I was nervous – because my son was going to be in the audience. 125 more words


Artist Spotlight: Matt Lipps

Looking Through Pictures

In this series, Lipps explores the genre of still life photography in relation to the mise-en-scène of theater as a space for figures, props, objects—and photography itself—to perform. 423 more words


Demisexual Physicality

For my contribution to January’s Carnival of Aces, I hope to explore how my sexuality impacted my view of my physical self. Sex and gender feature obliquely. 1,134 more words


Full Moon in Cancer vibes - What you touch, you become 

Sitting solitary on the terrace of my home, only the moon as my company. 15 minutes until 9 o’clock. It’s 10 degree Celsius in this windy winter night. 662 more words


(untitled self-love venus tribute)

My body is its own
open territory
to be explored and felt
to be experienced

My body makes me
Venus of Willendorf
Come bury yourself
in me



Some people

Focus too much

On the material side of things.

I always wonder

How they’ll manage in the world above

Where not a thing’s physical… 18 more words


Prompt 23: How did the way your parents felt about their bodies or physicality affect you and how you feel about your body and physicality.

Working out and being in shape is probably the most important thing in my father’s life. He has always been confident in his own body and physicality. 209 more words