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Technology at the speed of light

The one thing that I found most interesting the BCM206 lecture this week was how some members of humanity will never truly grasp the power of the technology at their fingertips. 118 more words

Spring 2016

Sunday Book-Thought 55

To make this essential point clear it helps to take an example used by Minsky and look at what is involved in understanding a piece of everyday equipment as simple as a chair. 308 more words


Writing on the Beach: A little bit of screenwriting, a little bit of prose

Okay, here’s something I learned recently during rewrites. I noticed I was improving. Yes, this happens by default, but I was improving in areas that I am not as adept in. 300 more words


Review: 10000 Gestures, MIF @ Mayfield

10000 Gestures by Boris Charmatz

Mayfield, Manchester International Festival

We’re invited into the eerily empty Mayfield depot. The sense of abandonment is very real as we await some sort of action beyond the brightening and dimming of the light strips eagerly positioned on thirteen pillars. 506 more words


Review: Amami!, Hat Fair

Amami! by Mc Fois

Hat Fair, Winchester

*Review produced as part of Hat Fair Young Critics

There’s a man standing in a suit was fashioned out of the most garish pair of curtains you could possibly find (Maria eat your heart out girl, those play clothes ain’t got nothing on this). 307 more words


Day 785 - The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events

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Introducing paranormal series. The existence of quantum physical. Quantum physical is where: consciousness as energy and physicality as manifested solidity – meets and merges. 185 more words

incarnation manifestation - root wisdom

A couple of days ago I was sitting under a tree, enjoying the grass and the breeze, and thinking about activities for my upcoming workshop… 1,887 more words