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Day 785 - The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events

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Introducing paranormal series. The existence of quantum physical. Quantum physical is where: consciousness as energy and physicality as manifested solidity – meets and merges. 185 more words

incarnation manifestation - root wisdom

A couple of days ago I was sitting under a tree, enjoying the grass and the breeze, and thinking about activities for my upcoming workshop… 1,887 more words


Mouthing the Words

The gape, tongue off hard palette, the gape again,
teeth into bottom lip, expulsion of air, say I Love You

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Is love a trick of physical nature?

Question: It’s something very strong as love. Love for that seems to be shown to me with another person and talk about it. I mean I can but I, it’s pretty convenient deceptive or maybe it is you know I don’t understand how we’re using the word love as an aroma of the infinite and what we experience is it a trick of nature? 1,141 more words


Review: Schrödinger, Contact

Schrödinger by Reckless Sleepers

Contact, Manchester

The cat’s name was George.

A black box with the front wall removed. Many openings like a multi-faceted lift the flap book without the colourful folly of childhood. 776 more words


Review: The Marked, The Lowry

The Marked by Theatre Témoin

The Lowry, Salford

It’s late. A homeless man is sleeping on a stack of wooden pallets among the bins. We are very aware that there isn’t an option to go back inside. 475 more words


Book Review: Finding God in the Body

Finding God in the Body: A Spiritual Path for the Modern West by Benjamin Riggs presents an argument for the value of the role our basic awareness and lived experience plays in our spiritual growth. 332 more words