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New York considering 'death with dignity' law

Ryan Richards

(Buffalo, N.Y.) — A number of groups from western New York traveled to Albany last month to advocate for and against the proposed Medical Aid in Dying Act, which is under consideration in the state legislature. 442 more words


Watch: Buffalo Review TV for May 3

Staff report

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – This week’s show (May 3) featured reports about the Buffalo State Benji Awards and concerns about campus safety after an armed robbery in Cassety Hall. 19 more words


Book Endorsements and Press Kit for Why You Shouldn't Kill Yourself

Why You Shouldn’t Kill Yourself by Susan Windley-Daoust is a masterful resource that unmasks five tricks of the heart often used to promote assisted suicide as compassionate care for terminally ill persons. 172 more words

Assisted suicide

This is about two resolute individuals with different medical concerns but with one gallant goal in mind – to be able to enlist assistance to bring about a “peaceful and dignified” death, a euphemism for physician assisted suicide. 528 more words


Why You Shouldn't Kill Yourself: Five Tricks of the Heart about Assisted Suicide

Hello, friends: the book is released!

“Suicide, for years, has been a public health crisis in the Western world. Yet more and more states and countries are allowing physician assisted suicide or euthanasia. 178 more words

The language of death - new column #MAID

We all know the power of language within public debates. In such debates, most participants will use language that aligns their point of view with that of the wider culture. 690 more words

Barbara Kay: We are ignoring a key part of 'dying with dignity'

Ing Wong-Ward is disabled, dependent on a wheelchair and afflicted with colon cancer, accompanied, for the past year, by a stubbornly persistent abdominal abscess. This seems a depressing scenario, but Wong-Ward presents as anything but depressed in her promotional article for palliative care in Saturday’s Globe and Mail, “Living — and dying — with dignity.” 799 more words

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