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National Post View: On physician-assisted suicide, respect the conscience rights of all

The Supreme Court has spoken on the issue of physician-assisted suicide. Now the physicians are speaking.

According to a poll of 1,047 doctors by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), released as part of the organization’s annual general meeting in Halifax, 63 per cent would refuse to provide so-called “medical aid in dying.” Twenty-nine per cent said they would consider killing a patient upon request, with 19 per cent saying that they “would be willing to help end the life of a patient whose suffering was psychological, not physical.” 419 more words

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Ring the Alarm: SCOTUS is Getting Old

Despite his lack of experience and uncanny ability to offend, Donald Trump has been wildly successful in the Republican primary race. For many politically active americans and reality television viewers alike, this is an alarming fact. 452 more words

Checks And Balances

Charles Lane: Breaching the taboo against physician-aided death is euthanasia's slippery slope

If you were a psychiatrist and a chronically depressed patient told you he wanted to die, what would you do?

In Belgium, you might prescribe this vulnerable, desperate person a fatal dose of sodium thiopental. 796 more words

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Trial judges overturn the Supreme Court

One person can, and has overturned rulings of Canada’s Supreme Court. Not Prime Minister Harper although I’m sure he would like to. It’s the trial judges appointed by the prime minister that can. 504 more words


“When I analyze this particular topic from a purely human, rather than a journalistic, point of view, all kinds of contradictory feelings emerge. Taking one’s own life is such a drastic and irrevocable step that a part of me cringes at the mere thought of it.

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Kingdom Quotes

“I don’t personally know people who chose to end their lives the same way as Pharaoh did — by ingesting a lethal dose of barbiturates in a Swiss “suicide clinic.” And, not having walked in her shoes, I can’t weigh in on whether such a radical act is cowardice or courage.

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Throw 'Morality' Out of the Courtroom

Get out your pitchforks—this week I’m discussing why morality has no place in our courts.

Part of me thinks I should wait till at least the first week of law school to pick a side on this one, but I’m going to take the leap and tell you today that—until a hard-ass but nonetheless inspiring law professor (played by Gary Oldman in my head) teaches me that life is full of grey areas—I am a legal positivist. 1,677 more words

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