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Lobby for Life Day -- Standing Up for the Medically Vulnerable

Opposing legislation to legalize physician-assisted suicide in New York and a separate package of bills that would deny treatment to the medically vulnerable received top priority at New York Right to Life’s Lobby for Life Day, held at the Capitol in Albany on April 29. 513 more words


Changed Opinions: End of Life

Daily Prompt: Flip Flop

I used to be an ultra-conservative when it came to all things fiscal and social. I was (and still am) pro-life in all circumstances. 197 more words



(Based on 1st John 3:16-24, John 10:11-18)

How do we know how much anyone loves us? That’s the question everyone has asked since time immemorial. Percy Sledge, who died this past week, sang it well: 1,398 more words

Christian Worldview

Assisted Suicide is Neither Compassionate nor "Death With Dignity:" Oppose California's SB 128

It is often said that whoever controls the language controls the debate.  This is true when it comes to the “compassionate left.”  They clothe their words in such flowery language as “compassion,”  “death with dignity, “personal choices,” and other words that would lead you to believe that only a Nazi would oppose such things.   640 more words


Palliative Care from a Catholic Moral Perspective

On 6 February, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the ban on physician – assisted suicide. The subsequent federal laws that will determine the provision of medical aid in dying will impact the delivery of palliative care. 84 more words


A Life Worth Living: Qutoes from Kara Tippets

Kara Tippets, a mother of four, who recently passed away after almost three years of battling breast cancer. In October, she wrote an open letter to Brittany Maynard, the 29-year old with terminal brain cancer who advocated for widespread legislation of physician-assisted suicide before her death in Oregon on November 1st, 2014. 80 more words


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I believe people should have the right to decide what they want to do with their life. In this case, terminally ill patients should be given the right to end their life the way they see fit. Why would we has human beings want to see people suffer? Kara Tippet has the right to make her own choice. If she feels that she wants to continue her life through the battle of cancer, that is her decision and we as human beings should respect it. We should also respect people like Brittney Maynard who decide to control when they want to die. It shouldn't be viewed as "robbing" your loved ones of crucial moments. You're family should respect the decision to end with dignity, rather than be selfish to have more time. Everyone wants to have more time, you're strong if you are able to let go of your wants and needs to better someone else.

1/3 of Dutch physicians are willing to kill the mentally ill

Jane Collingwood reports for PsychCentral, April 15, 2015, that according to a survey by the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research in Amsterdam, as many as a third of medical doctors in the Netherlands are prepared to euthanize (“physician-assisted suicide”) people who are not afflicted with a terminal illness, but are merely mentally ill. 488 more words

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