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A Life Worth Living: Qutoes from Kara Tippets

Kara Tippets, a mother of four, who recently passed away after almost three years of battling breast cancer. In October, she wrote an open letter to Brittany Maynard, the 29-year old with terminal brain cancer who advocated for widespread legislation of physician-assisted suicide before her death in Oregon on November 1st, 2014. 80 more words


Freedom of Conscience

These are interesting times to be a person of faith and conscience. These are interesting times to be a free thinker – to not be hemmed in or cut out by groupthink. 510 more words

Current Events

Christian doctors' group says new college policy infringes on freedom of conscience

March 24, 2015
Lauren Pelley
Displayed with permission from Toronto Star

With physician-assisted suicide on the horizon, the Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada is asking the Ontario Superior Court to declare that a new regulatory policy infringes upon doctors’ freedom of conscience. 522 more words


Is Libertarianism Compatible With Christianity?

A friend sent me a link to a newspaper column celebrating the supposed ascendance of libertarianism among the hoi polloi.

“It is clear,” the author wrote, “that there are certain areas where an increasing portion of Americans are adapting more libertarian views and simply want the government to leave them alone and allow them to freely live their lives.” 944 more words


Near-Death Experiencer Shares Secrets from Beyond the Veil

Search “Diane Goble” in your device’s ebook store or Google “ebooks by Diane Goble”

or read a sample and purchase directly from publisher (click on title below) 161 more words

Talking About Death & Dying

Kansas not receptive to assisted suicide push

“Physician-assisted” suicide in now legal in Washington & Vermont, and by court fiat in Montana. Supporters like Compassion & Choices (the old Hemlock Society) are using the Brittany Maynard case to fuel their agenda in many states. 755 more words

Kansas Legislation