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Against Physician Assisted Suicide

Physician assisted suicide is dangerous to the most vulnerable patients: the elderly, disabled, poor, and minorities, because the legislation lacks safeguards to prevent coercion and abuse. 87 more words

Physician Assisted Suicide

Living with Courage, Dying with Dignity

What does it take to die with dignity? If one looks at the website of the “Death with Dignity National Center” and “Death with Dignity Political Fund,” one will assume that a death with dignity involves certain standard components, among them: the absence of debilitating pain, the ability to care for one’s personal needs, and the ability to avoid placing a financial and/or emotional burden on family and friends. 639 more words


Does the Church expect us to suffer instead of “dying with dignity"?

For someone facing a terminal illness – or for someone watching their loved one suffer daily from an incurable illness – it can seem like the Church’s prohibition of physician-assisted suicide (PAS) can only force people to endure unnecessary pain. 787 more words


Assisted suicide advocates say Trump's SCOTUS pick is "truly troubling"

In 2006, the year the Supreme Court ruled that doctors in Oregon should be allowed to help terminally ill patients end their lives, US Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch published a book called… 435 more words

Assisted Suicide’s Moral Hostages

This post is a part of our Bioethics in the News series

By Tom Tomlinson, PhD

This isn’t exactly news, but some of you may remember a ripple of controversy surrounding a proposal before the Dutch legislature to legalize assisted suicide (AS) for people over 75 who meet certain other conditions, as reported in October in… 1,194 more words


"Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 7" - Course by Fr. Cristino

With six weeks behind us covering the fundamental principles which guide the Catholic moral tradition, namely- that the Church is a loving mother which teaches us to love her Groom, Jesus Christ, in the way He wants to be loved by allowing His laws to govern our consciences so as to act virtuously- we are now able to apply these principles in concrete circumstances. 39 more words

Words Of Truth

Advocates seeking advance death contracts for physician-aided deaths

The anguish of watching her mother’s slow death from dementia has an Alberta woman demanding the ability to request doctor-assisted death years in advance.

The power to pre-order a physician-aided death if a certain intolerable medical condition is reached isn’t currently part of federal legislation implemented last June to green-light the medical procedure, say activists. 479 more words

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