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Throw 'Morality' Out of the Courtroom

Get out your pitchforks—this week I’m discussing why morality has no place in our courts.

Part of me thinks I should wait till at least the first week of law school to pick a side on this one, but I’m going to take the leap and tell you today that—until a hard-ass but nonetheless inspiring law professor (played by Gary Oldman in my head) teaches me that life is full of grey areas—I am a legal positivist. 1,677 more words

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Tennesseans await ruling on physician-assisted suicide

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) — The issue of physician-assisted suicide or death with dignity has surfaced in Tennessee. In May well-known Tennessee lawyer and politician John Jay Hooker filed a lawsuit challenging state law that makes it a felony to assist in a suicide, according to a report in… 164 more words


The New Republic: Opinion: Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig: Your Right to Die Isn't Enough: When Euthanasia is an Acceptable Option

The New Republic: Opinion: Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig: Your Right to Die Isn’t Enough

Euthanasia, is a tough issue for me. We’re not just talking about suicide here, but someone getting legal help from not just someone else to kill them, but getting that help from someone whose sworn to protect life. 641 more words


right-to-die advocate here...

assisted suicide is topical now
terminally ill with brain cancer
Brittany Maynard moved to Oregon
they have right-to-die laws
she passed this week after
taking medication that gave her… 112 more words


The Right To Die...

Today I have a very interesting topic and I merely intend to ask questions and examine the legal and moral implication, not argue one way or the other. 718 more words

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