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Buddhism, Suicide and the End-Of-Life Debate

On 17 June 2016, the Parliament of Canada passed a bill legalizing assisted dying. Canada joins a small group of nations, including Switzerland, Japan, the Netherlands, Colombia and Albania, that has legalized assisted suicide. 1,768 more words


Another Heartbreaking, Death Imposing Decision from SCOTUS

On Monday in a 5-3 decision, the US Supreme Court struck down parts of Texas House Bill 2, the abortion law that required abortion clinics to meet similar standards as outpatient surgery centers and that required abortionists to have admitting privileges in a nearby hospital. 528 more words


Pharmacists Coerced By The State To Kill Human Life

Sad news for the pharmacy profession today. The Supreme Court just refused to hear the Stormans v. Wiseman case. This in effect allows states to create laws which: 1) force pharmacists to distribute medications in situations that violate their conscience (both non-religious and religious); 2) force businesses to stock and sell certain products against the moral convictions (both non-religious and religious) of the business owners. 581 more words


Oh No, Canada! Assisted Suicide Now Legal Throughout Country

As Canada’s Parliament legalized physician-assisted suicide, thousands of elderly Canadians have been “burdened with new fears about visiting their doctor or being admitted to the hospital,” said a senator from Alberta. 601 more words


Questioning Life: Human Value, in Suffering and in Evil (Part One)

This is the introduction to part two, coming in several days. In part two, we’ll look at the thoughts of a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp, and the life and death of an early saint plagued with palsy. 1,387 more words


Life Worth Living - Me Before You Missed the Point

I was not even sure I was even going to discuss this film, because I had not seen it or even read the book it is based on. 877 more words

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