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What are the Social Causes of Rational Suicide in Older Adults?

Editorial commentary to “Balasubramaniam M. Rational Suicide in the Elderly: A Clinician’s Perspective. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2018.”

In this issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society… 1,881 more words

Physician Assisted Suicide Passes House Vote

The Hawaii State House of Representatives passed the Physician Assisted Suicide bill (HB 2703) on a third reading crossover vote. The vote count was 39 in favor and 12 opposed. 88 more words


The Only Thing That Should Die is This Bill


Once again the Hawaii State Legislature has decided to bring up the issue of Physician  Assisted Suicide. This year the State House of Representatives has introduced… 206 more words


We have assisted death. Now we need to get the facts about it

Last year, Canadians heard news about the sad case of a Quebec man with a neurodegenerative disease who was stable and getting the medical support he needed in hospital until he was transferred, against his will, to another facility that was ill-equipped to care for him. 1,035 more words

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KHN: Now that the Massachusetts Medical Society has"rescinded its longstanding opposition to physician-assisted suicide," others may follow

As Doctors Drop Opposition, Aid-In-Dying Advocates Target Next Battleground States

Melissa Bailey, Kaiser Health News

When the end draws near, Dr. Roger Kligler, a retired physician with incurable, metastatic prostate cancer, wants the option to use a lethal prescription to die peacefully in his sleep. 920 more words

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World Medical Association reiterates strong opposition to physician assisted suicide — Family First NZ

World Medical Association 27 October 2017Family First Comment: When the professionals who would have to implement a proposed law vehemently oppose it, there are serious questions to be asked about the merit of the law.www.rejectassistedsuicide.nz The WMA and its national member medical associations, which include the Australian Medical Association, have strongly reiterated their long-standing opposition…

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