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My research topic is Physician Assisted Suicide. I am going to research whether it is ethical or not. This question cannot be simply answered, but one will likely pick a side and strongly stand by it. 114 more words

Money, Family, End of Life Treatment, and Being a Burden

BioEdge.org, a bioethics news source, released an article about physician assisted suicide (PAS) about a week ago. Oregon is one of the few states that have legalized PAS. 975 more words

NYS Court of Appeals Rules Against Assisted Suicide

Sept. 7 — The New York Court of Appeals released its decision today in the case of Myers v. Schneiderman, in which the plaintiffs sought to establish a ‘right’ to physician-assisted suicide under the Constitution of the State of New York.  154 more words

Physician-Assisted Suicide

More Patients in the Netherlands Ask to Die by Assisted Suicide

Doctors in the Netherlands helped kill 4.5 percent of all the people who died in the country in 2015, according to a recent review. 163 more words



I recently read an article on the Chuck Colson web site by John Stonestreet that exposed a predicament in Canada of the government having to pay a premium to doctors to conduct physician assisted suicide. 848 more words

Tell the Hangman He's Out of a Job

Satan has been assisting humanity in self-harm since the Garden of Eden. He told Adam and Eve they’d become like God if they ate the forbidden fruit. 1,041 more words

Why We Must Keep Fighting for Life

Western society has truly become a “culture of death.” Three recent news stories illustrate this unfortunate development:

1. Charlie Gard is a ten-month-old with a rare genetic disorder that has put him in a coma… 671 more words

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