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INVESTMENT NEWS: "Time for financial advisers to reimagine their offices"

Consumers are being empowered in every retail experience they have. That will ultimately include our industry, too.

By Joe Duran

Feb 1, 2017 @ 1:47 pm –

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Chronicle of Besnit 024

For those of my followers that follow just for the pictures of Besnit I am sorry to say that I have pulled out of Gorean RP at this time.  78 more words

Dr Michael Acurio: Tips to Get Relieve from Joint Pain

A professional orthopedic surgeon who’s run his private practice for more than two decades, Dr Michael Acurio knows the importance of consulting other doctors when considering surgery. 60 more words

Dr Michael Acurio

Beyond Repair?

Can’t be done?

A computer problem stumped the experts. “Can’t be fixed!” they said.

But one of them thought it could.

So he tried.

He fixed it. 109 more words


The Great Physician

It amazes me how fast we give up on God.  When He doesn’t “come through” on our time frame or operate under our expectations, we throw up our hands and say “Oh well, wasn’t meant to be” or “must not be God’s will for me” or some other excuse that we come up with that causes us to give up on God’s word, which, by the way, is… 1,241 more words


Just as we go to the doctor when we need a prescription to help with a medical condition, so we need a prescription from God to help us through our life – He’s also ready and willing to give us further prescriptions to help us through difficult circumstances. 20 more words


Dr Michael Acurio: Patron of The Strand Theater

Dr Michael Acurio is a proud sponsor and patron of The Strand Theater in Shreveport, Louisiana, hailed as the “official state theater of Louisiana.” Dr. Michael Acurio is a successful orthopedic surgeon living and working in Benton, Louisiana. 257 more words

Dr Michael Acurio