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Healthcare Job for Family Practice Physician in Valparaiso, IN

Great Healthcare Job Opportunity in IN

Family Practice Physician in Valparaiso, IN


Valparaiso, IN

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1. Competitive Salary and $100,000.00 signing BONUS. 226 more words


The Press Prove Why Trump is Popular

Donald Trump may not have won the popular vote for the presidency of the United States, but there is no doubt that he is still popular amongst those that voted for him.  472 more words

Thoughtful Exposition

Translating Your Contract

Ah, the mystery deepens! Your contract. What does it mean? Why does it have so many pages? What kind of human would actually write something as dry and foreign as that? 1,106 more words


Zeroing In On Your Target Market

Physicians are supposed to treat patients. Cardiologists take care of heart medications. Surgeons operate. Urologists do… what they do. This part is pretty straightforward. When you start that new practice, you expect to take care of patients. 1,030 more words


Starting From Scratch

Starting over is never easy. Ever. Starting medical school was hard. Starting your residency was hard. Having to start over yet again as a new attending physician may seem like the most amazing moment of your life when you’re an intern, but when you are actually faced with the reality of it at graduation, one thought fills your brain: This is going to be hard, too. 859 more words


Medical School in Knoxville, TN

“I got you,” one child said screaming while throwing snowballs to another child. The wind chimes singing away as the wind starts picking up. The weather alert we received from our school was comforting but yet traumatic. 299 more words