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Vinto, Bolivia

A moment in the operating room. 

Medical School

Jason Fond - Orthopedic Surgeon

Jason Fond has been an orthopedic surgeon for many years in the upstate New York area. He is currently the Director of Orthopedic Surgery for Nyack Hospital in Nyack, New York. 225 more words

Jason Fond

James R. Hughes - How to Avoid Avalanche Disasters

James R. Hughes is a medical professional who has been serving in the field for more than 40 years, beginning in 1971. He is well trained, and in addition to his medical degrees, he has a PhD in Physiology from the University of Wisconsin. 233 more words

James R Hughes

Medical Education's Role in Teaching Our Own Subjectivity

I just completed a written exam for my Physical Diagnosis class. This class, often known as “Doctoring” in many other medical schools, teaches the basic knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors of clinical assessment in medicine. 691 more words


Pilonidal Cyst

“You saw bed 1 right? Tell me about him, briefly”

“Sure. Bobby is a 16 year old boy who is here complaining of a large pimple on his lower back. 236 more words

Medical School

"Why I Became A Concierge Medicine Doctor." ~Doug Pitman, MD

By Doug Pitman, MD 

FEBRUARY 8, 2016 – Why should primary care physicians consider the concierge model of medicine? The question should really be rephrased: Why shouldn’t they? 311 more words


Donald Sonn: Time Management Tips That Work

Since he opened his own business, Donald Sonn has come to understand the importance of being able to split his time between the service that he provides and the administration work that comes along with operating your own company. 224 more words

Dr. Donald Sonn