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When the Doctor’s Mother Has Cancer

Courtesy of TheNewYorkTimes.com | By MIKKAEL A. SEKERES, M.D | Illustration by Stuart Bradford | Originally Published 10.31.2017 | 01.21.2018

“I want you to talk to me like I’m one of your patients, not like I’m your mother.” 1,575 more words

Death And Dying


But he or she does need your understanding.

In the course of my career I’ve seen many changes. The most alarming is physician morale. In my new, semi-retired capacity I’ve had a bit more time to spend on various medical sites that solicit physician comments on various topics, and it’s hard to miss the more pervasive mood of dissatisfaction. 751 more words

How U.S. Hospitals and Health Systems Can Reverse Their Sliding Financial Performance

(Source: hbr.org)

Since the beginning of 2016, the financial performance of hospitals and health systems in the United States has significantly worsened. This deterioration is striking because it is occurring at the top of an economic cycle with, as yet, no funding cuts from the Republican Congress.The root cause is twofold: a mismatch between organizations’ strategies and actual market demand and a lack of operational discipline. 1,176 more words

Money Matters

Observation and Medicine: Dr. Ashbel Smith's Pamphlet in the Cholera Outbreak of 1832

John A. Carranza “What I have written on the cholera was commenced in the form of a letter to a medical friend. As I proceeded, my observations spread over a much greater space than I had anticipated, and I resolved to publish them.” … 846 more words

Case Study: Are Our Customer Liaisons Helping or Hurting?

(Source: hbr.org)

In this fictional case, the leadership team at one of the largest multi-specialty hospitals in Noida, India, has established a new liaison position called the patient care executive. 3,527 more words

Money Matters

The War On Opioids is Also a War on Chronic Pain Patients

The Opioid epidemic is real. last year nearly 35,000 people died from overdoses of the drugs. No one denies that the issue must be addressed. It is a national tragedy. 1,829 more words


New Invention!

You will get a second chance, but only for certain things in life, so be alert! ;) Hello and welcome our friends and readers from the US, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Ireland, Spain, Greece, the UK, Netherlands, Indonesia, and Italy ;) 165 more words