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Experienced healthcare law attorney in Southern California

Healthcare Law attorney in California

“The American Medical Association (AMA) cannot overemphasize the importance of the physician retaining an attorney with experience representing physician interests…” AMA Annotated Model Physician-Group Practice Employment Agreement. 677 more words


Healthcare license defense for medical professionals in California

Healthcare License Defense for Medical Professionals in California

If you are a doctor, registered nurse, pharmacist or other medical professional in California and you are facing an investigation or other issues that involve your license attorney Nathan Mubasher can help you. 918 more words


The Storm

There’s a calm that comes before the storm.

*beep beep beep beep*

The trauma pager goes off and I feel it to my very core. A shot of norepinephrine through the system – a sympathetic response to the stress of what is to come. 1,071 more words


Swedish CEO resigns in wake of Seattle Times investigation - Seattle Times

After a damning series of articles about Swedish this comes as not much of a surprise. The next question is, “What will they do about the issues that were brought into the open about the surgeon that is the cause of this mess?” 36 more words

Research Tuesday Ep.1

It’s research Tuesday! Each Tuesday we will be posting several relevant articles related to culture, communication and/or professional relationships in the medical field. We’re sharing them here, because it’s important for both healthcare providers and patients to stay up to date with some of the more recent developments in the academic conversation. 277 more words


Young TCM sinsehs on the rise

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

In a sleek, brightly lit clinic tucked away on the upper floors of Clementi Mall, 29-year-old physician Jeffrey Ong, wearing a white coat that brings out his tanned skin, looks perhaps a little too young to be helming the clinic for the day. 1,424 more words

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What Makes Tampa A Special Destination For All Sorts Of ENT Issues?

From children to adults, E.N.T issues can happen to anyone. These infections affect conditions of the ears, nose, and throat. However, with proper therapy, these issues can be thoroughly addressed. 318 more words