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Physics Quantum Entanglement SmartPhone Project

Scientist researching time travel should consider using a cellphone to send and receive calls from the future and from the year 1928.  It is a research concept I propose at this moment at 12:17pm California on 22 March 2017. 115 more words

A Side Order of Murder (academic mystery)

Nancy Skopin’s sixth Nikki Hunter PI mystery, A Side Order of Murder, deals with the deadly results when a physics professor involves a small hand-picked group of students in controversial research. 99 more words

Creative Ways of Communicating Research

I’m part of LYNX under the Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal this year. Here’s a useful piece we received as new writers:

Awesome Examples

  1. Writing
    1. Quanta Magazine (
81 more words

A Solution to High-Energy Quantum Gravity: AdS/CFT + Quantum Error Correcting Code = ???!

I went to a talk given by Daniel Harlow at Stanford last Thursday (2016 Oct) on Emergent Locality and Gravity & Quantum Error Correction. He started from summarizing the existing attempts to  solve the short distance quantum gravity problem including string theory and the attempt to quantize the metric as a local field. 147 more words


Those "Light-Bulb" Moments..

Last week I read a piece in the October edition of Physics World (which you can read here, but only if you have a subscription) about whether breakthroughs in physics occur through sudden “light-bulb moments”, or are more often the result of solid hard graft? 934 more words

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