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Morally Reprehensible / Factually Correct

Scientists should not ask questions that may have uncomfortable answers.

Peter Conradi in The Sunday Times interviewing Alessandro Strumia, the Italian professor of theoretical physics who was fired by CERN, sanctioned by (his employer) the University of Pisa and publicly shamed in a letter signed by 3.000 physicists after giving a lecture dismissing claims that female physicists face gender discrimination. 192 more words

Alessandro Strumia

A Look at Richard Feynman's QED Lectures: Part 1

A short introduction to QED

QED stands for Quantum Electrodynamics, the relativistic quantum field theory of electrodynamics- in short, it describes how light and matter interact. 981 more words



In the absence of light
Stealing any photons in sight
Your acceleration only furthers the guise

Massless invaders
Acting like fatal creators

Why is everything you say… 53 more words

Science Poetry

Passing on wisdom: from those who have left physics

International Women’s Day is never easy for me. I love celebrating other women, but I see myself as too awkward and abrasive to do anything worth celebrating. 709 more words


Sunday Musings #170

Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

– Alan Dundes

This really appeals to the scientist in me. 232 more words