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Getting in Line

More than a decade ago, I proposed the idea that the universe is composed of one-dimensional structures. My motivations for seeking an alternative to the reigning standard model of physics, along with a fifty-year research program, were published as the Generative Orders Research Proposal (follow the New Physics link at the top of this blog). 81 more words


Newton's Third Law Explained

Class, I’ve been getting some complaints about me not explaining Newton’s Third Law sufficiently. Apparently, a bunch of you numbnuts just have to know why anything on Earth moves if every action has an equal and opposite reaction. 405 more words

Layman's Terms

Demonstration of Science: Gravity

Demonstration of Science: Gravity

The question that we start off with is: where are we in the universe and what exactly is going on? Well, for a long time, most people believed in the geocentric model. 1,222 more words


Egg Car Project - DESIGN

  • Create a prototype
    • I want my car to look something like this but include more layers of cardboard and also have a foam layer between parts of the cardboard as crumple zones or maybe even ripped up papers…
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Mercury Transit of the Sun

Via Space.com

On Monday (May 9), you will have an opportunity to witness one of the rarest astronomical events: a transit of Mercury across the face of the sun. 48 more words


May the Fourth be with you!

Saturn’s moon Mimas, or better known as the Death Star Moon.

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