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The One

In mid-January 1937’s Talks with Ramana Maharshi (transcribed from notes by a listener), the Maharshi discussed “the One”, as mentioned in stanzas 6, & then 5 of his… 3,313 more words



Kneeling before the altar, I pray to black holes of hope.

Her smiling visage, her eyes filled with love, the event horizon.

She holds the key to Eden’s gates; gravity draws me close, too close. 10 more words


The “secrets” of how chameleons change their colour

The ability of a chameleon to change its colour to camouflage into the environment is something that truly captivates the imagination. A recent article was submitted to the journal  554 more words

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Schrodinger's Pussy

Erwin Schrodinger was the Nobel Prize-winning physicist you might remember from a Philosophy or Psychology lesson you’ve taken.

He’s famous for his thought experiment regarding a cat caught in a simultaneous state of existence and non-existence. 58 more words

The LHC Discovers The Force

CERN put out a press release today claiming to have discovered the Force at the LHC. As you probably know, the Force is the mystical energy field permeating everything in the known universe that is best known for giving the Jedi their powers. 11 more words