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Fluid Dynamics and You

A Brief Reflection on Fluid Mechanics and Undergraduate Chemical Engineering

Back in the fall of 2006, I took transport phenomena at my undergraduate university in Florida. 636 more words

The Curse of the Curious Mind

Beyond its evolutionarily adapted aid to a population’s growth and prosperity, could the ultimate pursuit of knowledge actually be considered a curse for individuals of insatiable curiosity? 1,354 more words


Vocabulary into Sentences

Torque, Pivot point, period of motion, frequency.

If weight is placed on a lever, it will experience torque in a clockwise motion around the pivot point. 25 more words


Physics vocabulary test:

Use these correctly in a sentence:


An overweight cat walked out on a plank held with a brick, because the cat was so overweight its… 88 more words


Vocabulary Into Sentences

Torque, pivot point, period of motion, frequency.

If a weight is placed on a lever, it will have torque in a clockwise direction around the pivot point. 40 more words


Using words

Torque is a force that causes rotations

Pivot Point is the point at which torque is applied

The Period of Motion is the time it takes to make one complete circle… 21 more words