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Physics Teaser: Faster than Gravity!

In high school physics, students learn about Galileo’s mythical experiment in which he dropped objects of different weights (masses) from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Whether he actually… 294 more words


On Quantum Mechanics

I spent 3 nights in a row staring at my computer screen just thinking, “What to write?” I wrote a horror story. Left it. I wrote something about love, and what it has become now. 1,439 more words


No mind–

No subjectivity.

No matter?

No objectivity!

Matter and mind:

Over, and under…

Book Review: 'The Greatest Story Ever Told—So Far: Why Are We Here?' by Lawrence M. Krauss

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The Greatest Story Ever Told is largely about particle physics, but unfortunately, Lawrence Krauss doesn’t do a whole lot to make this subject easier to digest. 291 more words


On Visiting CERN: The Realisation of Ideas

The first thing I noticed upon arriving at the CERN stop on the tram out from central Geneva was the impressive pseudo-hemispherical building that houses the Universe of Particles exhibition. 782 more words

A New Look at the Physics of Earth’s Atmosphere

Irish researchers Michael Connolly and Ronan Connolly present three papers based on radiosonde data that may change our understanding of how the atmosphere works.

Traditionally, the temperature of the atmosphere has been estimated from measurements at the bottom of the atmosphere (surface temperatures) and from the top – satellite measurements. 370 more words

Climate Change