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The God Particle

A couple of years ago a panic arose from the public about the experiments taking place at CERN, due to the amount of energy involved with the collisions. 700 more words

Topologically speaking

Today I talk about something fairly complicated; but of great interest to me and all of those on a quest to better understand this universe. That is the manifold; a wonderful topological construction. 2,073 more words


Data analysis in Hamburg

by Giles Strong

Guten Tag! Last week I took a short break from my secondment in Padova (which is going well, expect a post on it sometime) to attend a CMS data-analysis school hosted by The Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron ( 774 more words


Dermatological problem with a true sweat gland

Milium is a dermatological problem caused by clogs of the eccrine duct, which is a true sweat gland. It is characterised by small, hard white bumps that appears just under epidermis filled with keratin and usually found around nose and eyes. 138 more words


How To Calculate Electricity Bills in Real Life

Article Source: TODAY newspaper, 31st December 2014, Wednesday; Headline: Electricity Tariff Revision (1 Jan to 31 Mar 15), The Electricity Times – Safety Starts At Home, Electricity tariffs to fall by 8% in the first quarter… 1,331 more words



Dropping massive weight

Giving pumpkins tasty flight

Or they become pie