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Topics in Physics - Mechanics: Applying Newton's Laws 2

For this post, I would like to continue with the solving of a couple of problems from Young & Freedman’s University Physics, focusing once more on the application of Newton’s Laws of motion. 423 more words


Topics in Physics - Mechanics: Applying Newton's Laws

In this and the next few posts, I’d like to go over some questions from Young & Freedman’s University Physics covering the topic of Newton’s Laws, and how to apply them. 849 more words


What is Mathematics?

Some theories state that mathematics makes up the whole universe, meaning that maths and science constitute a language comprehensible by all intelligent species. How many conclusions pertaining to the system we call ‘mathematics’ today are inevitable for any intelligent species, and how may are simply one of several possible interpretations of our universe? 59 more words

"Mr. Dull, Why Did You Become A Teacher?"

It’s the question that has launched a thousand blog posts: “Why did you become a teacher?” Maybe the question is offered up as a small-talk icebreaker by an acquaintance across the table at a party. 1,559 more words



From shuttle buses and pedestrian flow [1] to the orbit of our Home [2], chaos permeates human existence. Chaos is ubiquitous, and the sine qua non… 1,952 more words

Classical Chaos

Week Twenty-Five: Buoyancy

Program Title:

Target Age Range: Grades 1-3

Program Length: 60 minutes

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Explore the science of floating and sinking with demos and activities. 1,453 more words