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In Memoriam: Stephen Hawking

Carl Sagan. Stephen Hawking. They were more than cosmologists. They reached out beyond the hallowed halls of academia to make science accessible to the public. I have had a lifelong interest in science because of their work. 301 more words

Cosmic Quote #98: R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

“Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.”–Stephen Hawking

Boy, can I ever relate to that philosophy.  It’s what underlies this blog.  It’s what keeps me going. 

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The Life and Death of Stars

A Star is Born: Cosmic Nurseries

This is a photo of part of the Eagle Nebula taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (thanks NASA/ESA). It’s a region of the nebula called Pillars of Creation. 662 more words



On Friday 9 march 2018 students from Kaigara secondary school in Muleba district came to spend the day at Katoke lweru secondary school. Students arrived by a minibus to spend observing the life at KLSS and attending a physics class.  134 more words


The (Haw)King is dead...

By now no doubt everyone has heard of Stephen Hawking‘s passing and for the last few days I have been pondering on what this meant to me as sort of a nerd with an interest in exotic physics. 383 more words

The Geeky

Physics tuition

The summer of ’07 was harsh. Taking up science added to the woes. School education wasn’t enough for two of them or all of them in their class. 338 more words