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The Beauty of Aurora's And Our Magnetosphere.

One of the most beautiful natural phenomenons on our planet are aurora’s; Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) and Aurora Australis (Southern lights). For those unaware, aurora’s are events that occur at high latitude (Antarctic and Arctic areas) and occurs due to the disruption of the magnetosphere. 480 more words


Contoh Script C++

Kumpulan tugas Mata Kuliah Algoritma Pemrograman Semester III : 137 more words


Watch this all-electric ‘flying car’ take its first test flight in Germany

April 24, 2017

Flying cars, that perennial dream for futurists that always seem to be at least five years away, may be a little closer to reality than we realize. 708 more words


another one...?

Hello, hi and WELCOME to my first blog post,

Hi my name is Aylin and I am an A-Level Physics, Maths and Chemistry student… yes, I am one of those extremely unskilled peoplez that seem to only be good at academic subjects (DON’T HATE ME, I BEG YOU PLZ PLZ). 426 more words