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de-Sitter and Anti de-Sitter spaces

Here I want to define the n-dimensional de-Sitter and anti de-Sitter spaces. Before that, I quickly review some subgroups of where .

Groups of matrices… 811 more words


The Feynman Technique

Richard Feynman is considered to be one of the most important physicists of all time. He was a pioneer in quantum electrodynamics, won a Nobel Prize, and contributed to  solutions to many physics-related questions and problems. 393 more words


Why is the sky blue?

Light can actually bounce off particles. Whaaaaaat?!

Firstly, the air on Earth is made up of loads of molecules that we NEED to live – Oxygen, Nitrogen, and water vapour. 216 more words

An Uncertain Determinism

A quark withing a particle
of the nucleus of an atom
in a molecule of substance
of a rolling snooker ball
is neither here nor there… 67 more words


Philosophy for Preschoolers

When we made the decision to reproduce, I had no idea it would involve more deep, philosophical discussions than I had as a freshman in college. 662 more words


What came before the Big Bang?

Cosmologists used to think the universe was totally timeless: no beginning, no end. That might sound mind-melting, but it’s easier on the scientific brain than figuring out what a set starting point would mean, let alone when it would be. 690 more words

Here’s How the Latest Gravitational Wave Announcement is Going to Revolutionize Physics (Futurism)


Astrophysicists are excited at the possibility of observing the merger of neutron stars to test what happens to matter in some of the most extreme conditions in the universe. 1,403 more words