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Great American Eclipse 2017

It may or may not be a double rainbow experience. I was not on drugs at the time!

Casper Wyoming

Black Hole



Containing nothing that’s ambivalent,

more than dark,

which would only be dreary,

death’s non-spiritual equivalent

crushes our intellect to theory.

Passage through is most certainly… 68 more words

SI vs Metric Notes

Below are the notes from todays class.  Just remember that we will be using Metric Units as much as possible to do calculations.  We will use SI units only when it is convenient to compare what you already know and can relate to. 220 more words

Class Summary

IOP Early Career Physics Communicator Award 2017

The IOP Physics Communicators Group invites applications from people at the start of their careers in physics who have undertaken activities that support and encourage excellent communication of physics. 76 more words

August 22nd - International News Round-Up (Part I)


Sudan Tribune

Chad’s PM has arrived in Khartoum and will hold talks for three days on the matters of political and security co-operation. The two countries signed a deal in 2010 that normalized relations between them. 438 more words

International News Round-Up


Chasing the shadow

Eclipsing expectations

Love the star treatment



The most hyped solar eclipse of the century passed over the U.S. mainland today. I viewed it through a homemade pinhole camera. Pinhole cameras, made of a hole, a length of empty space, and an imaging surface, have only two adjustable parameters: size of the hole, and distance between the hole and the surface, which is a focal length of sorts.   492 more words

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