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White hole

In general relativity, a white hole is a hypothetical region of spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, although matter and light can escape from it. 409 more words


What is Starter?

Starter is a device that causes the crankshaft in an engine to turn and operate. Different kinds of engines require different types of starters. For example, the starter in an automobile receives electric current from the battery which , in turn , starts the starter motor. 68 more words



In the end, I decided to fly back for one month after all. It burnt a hole on my wallet, but oh wells. This may be a much needed “break” before PhD. 390 more words


A Level Chemistry

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A Level

Why Bullet cannot pierce through A Bullet proof Jacket?

A bullet cannot pierce through bullet proof materials because all the kinetic energy gain by the bullet comes to halt and is easily absorbed by the material. 135 more words


So What do Scientists Actually do All Day?

Let me just start out by making one thing very clear… This blog is NOT a place where I explain Scientific concepts to you in a well meaning but slightly patronising way. 848 more words


Basics of Tensor Calculus & General Relativity|A Digression into Special Relativity

So far in this series I have given the definitions of vectors, scalars, tensors, and manifolds. As a result, much of this series has been mostly mathematics and not necessarily physics. 2,009 more words