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Bursting the Big Bang Balloon

The current received wisdom is that the universe began with a big bang some 13.7 billion years ago and that it has been expanding ever since.   780 more words


How Nobel

Everyone has a goal and objective in life which they strive for. Bankers, money. Celebrities, fame. Footballers, well, literal goals. However, I believe that we humble scientists rarely set foot in such trivial pursuits. 514 more words

Physics is made of mathematics and words, always words and mathematics. Whether the words represent “real” entities is not always a productive question. In fact, physicists do well to ignore it.

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Pascal's Principle (Form 4 Physics)

Pascal’s principle implies that pressure in a fluid is equally transmitted in all directions. Using the knowledge that Pressure = Force/Area, we can lift heavy objects or amplify a force. 9 more words


Discovering the Total Contents of the Universe

The earth, mars etc. are the 9 planets of our Sun. Our Sun is located at the outer fringes of the half arm of our galaxy name. 198 more words


Two examples of two-sample

by Greg Kotkowski

Science never stops to astonish me. Lately, I’ve found out that two seemingly different approaches lead two independent groups of scientists to obtain almost the same results – so called… 698 more words


Defining topology through interviews. Interview five with Renee Hoekzema.

First of all I would like to thank the AMS blog on math blogs for their recent mention of this series. It is always nice for Anna and I to know that people are reading and enjoying this blog! 988 more words