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The Primal Art

“Picasso doesn’t make me feel like dancing,” that was the sum of my arguement to my friend George. We were having lunch one autumn afternoon in November and our always fascinating man talk turned to the subject of art, in particular, which is more of a primal, base art, Music or photography. 384 more words


Why Do We Love Being Scared??

KMOX –  finds it thrilling to be scared , from films and haunted houses to costumes and lawn decorations, Americans spend countless dollars each year in an attempt to scare ourselves. 197 more words


The tag on this shirt is scratchy: and other reasons why I can't watch scary movies

I can’t stand scary movies. I hate them. And hate is not a word I use lightly.

In fact, I don’t handle ‘adult themes’ of any kind in movies or TV shows. 572 more words

BLOG: The Duchess Of Charlestown

High intensity interval training (HIIT): The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Everyone talks about it, people often claim to do it, but does anyone actually know what HIIT is and how it can benefit your health and athletic performance? 966 more words

Metabolic Process

NaPoWriMo Día 30: Pavlov's Dog, A Haiku

I remember when
Pavlov’s bell rang. Salivate.
Poor conditioned dog.

© Paz


Today’s prompt is to write a poem that begins with the line, “I remember when.” 42 more words


Are You Scared Or Are You Excited?? Your Body Doesn't Know The Difference!

I shared with my Facebook community yesterday that I had an amazing call with a coaching client in the morning.  She has been thrust into uncharted territories against her will and is experiencing what we’ve talked about here before as the muddled up part of a transition.  366 more words

Dr. Wayne Dyer