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Acupuncture Improves Knee Meniscus Repair

Researchers conclude that acupuncture increases the effectiveness of rehabilitation exercises after knee meniscus repair surgery. Patients receiving acupuncture in a controlled clinical trial had less quadriceps atrophy, limping, locking, pain, and swelling than patients receiving only rehabilitation exercises. 1,165 more words



So as you know I advocate using natural remedies and ingredients to cure illness (and try and avoid the pharmaceutical nasties as much as possible*). I use Instagram (aine_bl) to post the things I use when a spot comes up, the flu strikes, candida flames up, or I want to have a digestive cleanse. 763 more words


Mrs Localvore Herbals

When the plants call, you have to answer the phone. I am fully immersed in the study of herbalism and have the entire dining room covered in drying plants and brown coloured liquids in jars to prove it. 314 more words


ImmunAg for overall Health

I have been taking 40mg of ImmunAg for almost a year. Before I started taking ImmunAg my health had a lot of issues. I have very high blood pressure and am pre-diabetic. 73 more words

How I cured my Malignant Bladder Neoplasm with ImmunAg

Malignant Bladder Neoplasm

My name is Margaret Youhana. I am 65 years old. I began taking ImmunAg 10 months ago for “high grade” bladder cancer. My problem with my bladder began what most consider at birth. 517 more words