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Echinacea flowers

By Tramont_ana

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EU - livestock production rules: Antibiotics only "when the use of phytotherapeutic, homeopathic and other products is inappropriate"

For organic farming, the EU rules that animal welfare has to be prioritized and:

“disease shall be treated immediately to avoid suffering to the animal; chemically synthesised allopathic veterinary medicinal products including antibiotics may be used where necessary and under strict conditions, when the use of phytotherapeutic, homeopathic and other products is inappropriate.” 28 more words



Anyone who can make a tincture also possesses the ability to turn that tincture into an elixir. Elixirs are modified tinctures that have most of the alcohol evaporated from the solution. 498 more words


Common Valerian | Valeriana Officinalis

This very beautiful herb is stronger than you might think! Its name is derived from the Latin verb valere (to be strong, healthy).

Valerian was already used in the Roman Empire as a remedy for… 46 more words

Essential Oils

Let the rose heal your emotions

One of my favourite herbal remedies is the humble rose, specially the pure organic rose hydrosol water (a by product of distillation of rose oil) and the pure essential oil. 423 more words

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Pork is a 'poison'

The Chinese philosopher Confucius said that a gentlemen should not eat pork. St Hildegard of Bingen mentioned in her book of healing Physica that the pig is an unclean animal and its flesh is neither good for the sick or healthy. 280 more words



There were only two Taraxian physicians in the city of Norka during the first generation of migration by that particular foreign group.

The first and the older practicioner of medicine was Dr. 3,346 more words