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The Riviera Romagnola: Miles of Beaches, With History in the Background

For someone from Bologna like me, the first introduction to the seaside as a child is often the so-called Riviera Romagnola, the stretch of coast facing the Adriatic Sea in Emilia-Romagna, about an hour’s drive from the region’s capital. 792 more words


Santa Piadina Lisboa

The Lisboa eaterie scene, it is diverse and often eclectic.  it is celebrated by food critics and gastronomes alike.  What, therefore is the point of Santa Piadina, a new Italian piadinerie in Bairro Alto. 243 more words

Irene Pomatto

Ricette di un cuoco italiano in giro per il mondo. Piadina

La piadina romagnola

Io vengo da Rimini, e noi in Romagna si impara a fare la pasta (o per lo meno si imparava) e la piadina prima di imparare ad andare in bicicletta. 266 more words

Piadina Romagnola flat Italian Bread





Piadina Romagnola


500 gr. Flour

200-ml. water

10 gr. Salt

50-ml. milk

50ml.olive oil

10gr. dry east


Traditionally Piadina Romagnola it is made with pork fat this version it is more lite. 98 more words


The third day of Zoe was characterized by a synergy between Hip-hop rhythms and dance with a power and rebel from punk, rock bands.

As it was in the previous days people started to arrive at 20 o´clock. 364 more words


Salad and Burrata Piadina Wraps

For a little over a year now, I have been waiting for quinces to come back into season so I can make a version of Philippa Sibley’s Hansel and Gretel dessert. 507 more words

Breads And Sandwichs

Sajtos-sonkás piadina

   A piadinával először egy debreceni streetfood bisztróban találkoztunk. Annyira ízlett nekünk hogy az első adag elfogyasztása után rendeltünk még belőle. Most átalakítottuk Nektek, reméljük ti is imádni fogjátok! 135 more words