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Kanen bij de Kachel

Kanen bij de Kachel. Foodtruck event organized by Kanen bij Ten Kate! Take out your agenda (okay, that sounds kindda old…lets say…phone calendars/iCals/iWatch calendar or maybe you’re good to go with your memory), anyways, the point is make an appointment for… 97 more words


Piadina with chicken and mushrooms 

Tonight’s dinner is another one of our favorite! Piadina filled with spicy chicken tenders, oyster mushrooms, and Maasdam cheese, rolled and baked until golden brown. The chicken tenders are cooked with golden onions, garlic, and a mix of spices (adobo, black pepper, chilli flakes, and sweet paprika) then we added the mushrooms that were cooked with e.v.o.o… 108 more words


Let's Make Piadine!

Italians are not really in to Pitta Bread it seems since I cannot find it, instead they prefer piadine – a cross between bread and a pancake, typically prepared in areas surrounding Rome. 230 more words

Year Abroad

È questo amore? We ❤ Italy, Cardiff

For the non multi lingual amongst you (that includes me – I struggle with even English and speak only the most rudimentary Spanish and if they reply – usually at a million miles an hour – I am lost !!), “È questo amore?” is Italian for “Is this love?” and seemed apt for a post on the weekend on which Valentine’s Day fell. 1,116 more words


Nonna's Piadina And A Breakfast Pizza

This recipe is from the wonderful and talented Liz Larkin (aka mrslarkin, aka the scone lady of Pound Ridge NY) on Food52. It is her Nonna’s recipe for… 688 more words

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