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To My Students, With Love

Sometimes, I think about all of you. I wonder how you are all doing. Have you all moved away elsewhere to further your studies? Do you still enjoy playing the piano? 20 more words

Thoughts And Feelings

Piano Parents: "15 Things You Need to Know...

…About Supporting Your Child Learning to Play the Piano”

Here’s a wonderful blog post by Elissa Milne, a fellow piano teacher whom I “met” in one of my online pro piano instructors’ groups—she’s quite a teacher, and lives in New Zealand! 31 more words

Piano Lessons Essex Ma

Coordination explained...

In piano playing, you almost always use both hands.  Sometimes it’s hard work getting both hands coordinated.  To improve your piano playing, it’s crucial that you develop well-balanced coordination between your eye (visual), ear (aural), thinking brain (mind) and arm/hand/finger (physical).  936 more words


The Five W's: Part 1 - Who?

Questions abound in today’s world. When it comes to music lessons, things are no different…

  • How do I start my own music teaching business?
  • Where do I begin?
  • 252 more words

The Collected Blues for Piano (published) of Elissa Milne

The first “blues” I ever wrote was a song I concocted for my primary school friends to sing one lunchtime – it turned into a song in my first ever musical. 450 more words

Piano Teaching

No tutor books for the beginner students?

For piano teachers who choose not to use piano tutor books for the absolute beginners, it can be a challenge to find suitable piano books that can be linked to how they introduce notation to the students and also when to introduce such books. 618 more words


BookTubeaThon: Day Three

I read a little over 200 pages on Day Three, and taught two piano students. A good day for reading and music!

Books for MKs is a charity organization that donates books to missionary kids on the foreign mission field all over the world. 45 more words