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Surviving Recital Season

Recital season is in high gear. This is the time of year where school wraps up, and our piano students take the stage to prove to their parents that we do indeed teach them something. 1,052 more words

Are Group Piano Lessons Right For You?

Are you new to teaching group lessons? If you’re nervous about scheduling your first group lesson, you’re not alone. I found it to be very intimidating, not only getting all the students together at one time, but keeping them focused on what I wanted them to do. 905 more words

Visual aids to teach musical elements during the limited lesson time

Explaining musical elements during the short lesson time can be tricky sometimes. Because it needs to be done but you don’t want to waste valuable lesson time in explaining them in length, but then you don’t want to give your students a quick answer just to save time, either, without engaging their thinking minds. 285 more words


Creative approaches to practising

Routine or “autopilot” practising can kill one’s enjoyment and productivity at the piano. Practice can become strained or monotonous because it’s too often primarily directed by a preconceived idea and too exclusively goal- or result-oriented. 381 more words

Piano Teaching

The Piano Teacher’s Posture

All good piano teachers are concerned to teach and monitor good posture to their students, and as players we are hopefully equally aware of our own posture at the piano. 1,529 more words

Piano Lessons

Be prepared! Ensuring students are exam-ready for success

When I was a child and teenager taking my piano exams, my teachers never talked to me about aspects like performance anxiety or stagecraft/presentation. I went to the exam centre on the allotted day/time, took the exam and went home to await the results. 704 more words

Piano Teaching

Rethinking the Recital

As a piano teacher I have had the unique opportunity to participate in recitals and performances from two very different vantage points.

One of my vantage points is that of a piano and violin student. 647 more words