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Oblong tuning pins On John Broadwood upright 1889. Tuning for the man.

Came across these weird oblong shaped tuning pins earlier today. I was tuning a guys piano who looked a little like Ed Sheehan, the pop sensation.   295 more words

Keep it Tuned Up

It’s a question I get asked all the time, usually when I’m saying goodbye to a customer whose piano I’ve just finished tuning: When will it need it to be tuned again? 344 more words

Boone Man Donates a Rain-Proof Piano

BOONE, Iowa — Chuck Behm had a piano he was planning to throw away. The piano tuner and technician works on lots of pianos, but disposing of a working piano did not seem right. 215 more words


Hyundai baby grands

Had the extreme pleasure of tuning one of these the other day in southside Dublin. Absolutely magnificent instruments. A pleasure to both tune and play… 7 more words

Zen and the art of Piano Maintenance...

My decision to learn my father’s trade seemed on the surface to have come quite from nowhere really yet it has left me puzzled as to why it hadn’t occurred to me earlier. 1,064 more words


Is There Such Thing as a “Free” Piano?

Maybe this has happened to you: You’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a piano for yourself or one of your kids and you come across an ad that says this: “Piano, free to good home!” 250 more words

The Piano Tuner

The piano tuner was an angry little man, with good cause. At barely five feet, two inches tall, he had once lived a grand life, was a celebrity even, ruling the world from a tower of fame. 534 more words

Short Story