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[Pic Share] Wei Shi Ye's 1st smile

While training for General Bei Tang’s next battle, I walked by our loyal puppy bodyguard’s route.

This boy missed his master’s smile and was trying hard to cheer MC up with bunch of flirting techniques, which the maid taught him! 38 more words

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[Pic Share] General Bei Tang Wang after bath *Blush*

After days of fighting those amazingly strong STRAY CATS, I finally realized why it took my heroine LEVEL 75 ( Atk 2000+, Def 2000+) to finish those darn cats… 31 more words

Visual Novel

[Pic Share] Today's catch: 衛時夜 Wei Shi Ye the Bodyguard

Another CG from 天女不想談戀愛 (Goddess does not intend to fall in love). This cutie is a Royal Guard who’s 120% loyal to his masterS. Besides his official hobby “EATING”, he’s quite fond of hiding above the beams with the mice too?! 7 more words

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