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The Road Not Taken

Always wondering about the what ifs, about the road not taken.

Road Not Taken

Scrape Of The Day

I photo from yesterdays Power Big Meet. More pics up in a day or two.


Father Internet

THERE WAS THIS twenty-five year old guy named Michael Brinksworthy.

At work in his cubicle he stewed and stewed and stewed, imagining the task bars of the bit torrent files on his apartment’s PC advancing. 1,756 more words

Short Stories

PIC-UP Mobile: For mobile by mobile

Much of the ongoing research in my group focuses on usability tools for application developers, centered on knowledge transfer and decision-making among teams of designers. At the heart of my approach is the notion of a claim as a unit for knowledge capture, sharing, and negotiation–claims provide a falsifiable, designer-digestible chunk of knowledge that encapsulates an interface feature, its upsides, and its downsides. 406 more words