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PICADAY - May 26th 2017

May 26th 2017 – Family Time!

The weather was stunning again today and we decided to take full advantage of it! Did a lot of PE at school and the kids were covered in suncream haha. 69 more words

Picaday 2017

PICADAY - May 25th 2017

May 25th 2017 – Ugly!

I have no idea what has happened to my skin lately but it it horrible! I have broken out in little tiny spots all over and it looks red a blotchy 😩😩 … 67 more words

Picaday 2017

PICADAY - May 24th 2017

May 24th 2017

Today was a good wee day. It was my last Transition Day with the new Primary 3s and work pretty much flew in. 39 more words

Picaday 2017

PICADAY - May 23rd 2017

May 23rd 2017 – Upcoming Weekend!

Firstly, I would like to say how devasted I am with what has happened in Manchester over night! Young children and families killed in a vicious attack 😩 thoughts go out to all involved! 124 more words

Picaday 2017

PICADAY - May 22nd 2017

May 22nd 2017 – Toast n Jam.

Today was a funny day. I woke up feeling like I needed a good few more hours sleep, but I was feeling happy about going into my work after my good news on Friday. 93 more words

Picaday 2017

PICADAY - May 21st 2017

May 21st 2017 – Lazy Sunday!

As you probable guessed from last night’s photographs Jamie was very hungover haha. We visited my parents and Rhian for a littlw bit and then went out for some dinner at Frankie and Bennys 😊🍝 last time I was there was the day I bought my wedding dress haha! 68 more words

Picaday 2017

PICADAY - May 20th 2017

Today was too good of a day of just one photo…

May 20th 2017 – ALLY, ALLY LOVE!!!

Today we woke up early and Jamie headed out to play golf with his work buddies, I visited my mum and built up my new bed in the spare room for Rhian with my dad! 241 more words

Picaday 2017