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Misty sepia-colored memories of the way we were

Sometimes photos bring back memories of a special time and place. Even if the photo is not very good it is worth trying to make it outstanding with some simple photo editing. 121 more words


Neutral color picker

I still use Picasa, the discontinued and unsupported photo editing and management software that was offered as freeware through google. It might not have the customization of PhotoShop or even PS Express on the iPhone, but it’s free and still has so many features I find useful, such as facial recognition, metadata tagging, basic corrections and EXIF data (as well as histograms). 224 more words


Picasa 3

Selasa,31 January 2017

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” Picasa 3 ”
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2016 was a year full of farewells in the tech world , So here a recap of all things that died in 2016 and will not see the light of day in 2017 .Every year the tech industry bombared us with a barrage of new products to pave the way of 345 more words


goog #panoramio and #picasa were shut down on 4nov16 and replaced by #gphot and/or #gplus

goog #panoramio and #picasa were shut down on 4 nov 16 and replaced by #gphot and/or #gplus

for extra help to find missing photos check… 57 more words


iPhone headphone jack - In memoriam: 13 tech products we lost in 2016

Ran across this today, and thought it would be an interesting item to share.  And as usual, I have a couple of comments to make on some of the items we lost. 324 more words