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Winter Sprucer 2.0: Tasting Notes

As soon as is it humanly possible after the fermentation process is over, bottling begins. There is no harm in leaving the fermented beer inside of your carboy/fermentation vessel for a little while considering that the alcohol generated by the frenzied activity by the yeast post-fermentation now acts as a natural preservative, but the longer one waits to bottle the longer one is going to have to wait in order to sample the finished product. 815 more words


Christmas Tree for Life - Post Script

As a Post Script to my blog post  ‘Christmas Trees – For Life, Not Just For Christmas’ I thought I would respond in pros, cons and pictures to the comment I received. 476 more words

Potted Christmas Tree

Humpty Dumpty and the Hobbit

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve discovered my fascination with fantasy creatures of folklore and modern fiction. I loved fairy-tales as a child, and I presume that some of that influence inspires my love of dwarf, miniature and unusual conifers. 354 more words


Love at first sight

The first time I saw this conifer I was absolutely in love. Seriously. This is one of those fantastic trees that deserves a place in every garden and rates among the most hardy conifers around too! 195 more words