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"You don't think you're good enough..."

Oh, you guys. I am the WORST. Apparently getting a job means I now just wake up, go to work, work out (yay!), go home, shower, pass out. 1,029 more words

Dates And Dating Experiences

"You're not going home without me."

I clicked this video because of, umm. Well, just because. I guess I expected it to be highly amusing, but it didn’t actually work very well with me. 381 more words

Gavin DeGraw

Funny pick up lines for girls

My girlfriend Thea forwarded these funny pickup lines to me and they seem to be in keeping with today’s theme of one-liners so I’m sharing.  I think I could pull off #14.  Laugh away….


He used that line on you?

Before I ventured into the land of internet dating I had heard so many people talk about pickup lines and laugh about them. I remember some from my dating days prior to my ex in the mid to late 90′s.   223 more words

Game of Throne Pick Up Lines

These were too good to not post!

source: cheezburger

- Colleen


How do I know if they like me; How she acts when she's around you?

So I started seeing a woman recently, someone who I met through a friend of mine, and so far so good. Now of course before this stage there is a lot of things flowing through your head when you first meet someone that you’re attracted to. 960 more words

Small World

I must confess: I have a favorite pick up line.  Not that I parade around town trying to pick people up all the time, but it’s nice to know I have it in my back pocket in case of emergency. 569 more words