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Pick up lines

You know that moment when you wanna start a conversation with someone and you wanna say something smart like a pick up line? Don’t say you have never thought about this, because then you’d be lying. 32 more words



Thatcher sat at a comically tiny table that came up almost to his knees in a chair that was equally tiny. The table was set for tea, with a light blue kettle in the middle and three miniature tea-cups set around it. 653 more words


Water and Electricity

It was my first summer at the Bridge, long before the guy in the laundromat asked me if I went there often.

One hot day, a guy with a guitar showed up and sat down just beyond the sidewalk across the street from the vendors. 377 more words

My True Life

Days 0859, 0860, 0861, 0862 & 0863

Oh dear. Just 107 days from the 1000 I gave myself back in 2013 and I’d still prefer to change the plans of three other people just to avoid sharing a crowded pub forecourt with Halfman and his wife. 417 more words

10 pickup lines that should be picked up and tossed out

Picture this: it’s 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday and you’re out gallivanting at your favorite uptown spot. Singing, dancing and sipping on your drink of choice (alcoholic or not), you feel like nothing can ruin this perfect girls night out—until he strikes. 509 more words


Charm: The Pebble Watch Pick-up Line App

Ever had that moment when you just needed a pick-up line? Or just wanted a quick laugh? Well, no need to fear, because Charm: The Pebble WatchPick-up Line App is here! 230 more words


Day game

During the day I think the key thing is to be direct to avoid seeming creepy. A direct approach as part of day game could be to ask the following 3 questions: 21 more words