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Prompt XVII

“Paul,” Dana said, “You forgot to write a prompt. Yesterday was Monday.”

“Holy biscuits and hand grenades, by the one rabbit, you are right, Dana!” But the damage was done, and Paul felt saddened by this. 116 more words


No I do not have the time.

Last week while I was coming home from an event, chatting with a friend on the train, I briefly noted two boys sit down across from us. 572 more words

New York City

The Pick Up Line

My current favorite “party story” starts out something like this….

“So this one time, when I was in Egypt, I got the best pick up line of my life.” 349 more words


Are You A Banana? Because You Are A-Peeling

As I mentioned earlier, when you advance in Duolingo, you accrue ‘lingots’ which allow you to purchase stuff: fancy outfits for your owl, extra lives.   426 more words


the hit list

Well, here’s my week in review:

– the laundry repair man hit on me

– a homeless man (young) hit on me

– a homeless man (older) hit on me… 125 more words

February 19, 2015

“Hey, girl. My name is Derek, but you can call me Genie because tonight I’m going to make all your wildest dreams come true,” Mr. Derek said, giving a smoldering look. 1,131 more words


Pick-UP lines!

Do you like to flirt? Well, then today I will give you some funny and cute “pick-up” lines. Those things have never worked on me.. Unless someone uses the funny ones. 355 more words