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Are you Suddenly Single - euphoric or exasperated? Readers say:

Dear Page

I’ve got it bad, and that ain’t good, it’s fabulous! I’ve had more dates in 2015 than I had before I was married. I’ve met Tom, Rick, and Larry, and 20 other guys. 387 more words

Page Larkin Date Guide

San Bartolo Salesman and the Deer Mystery Solved

Black Pottery Earring

I was in an artisans’ collective trying to surreptitiously take photos of some of the offerings–not because I could ever replicate them, but I have been checking to see if people are interesting in my buying them. 289 more words


I can't breathe without you

A boy is talking to a girl…

Boy: Are you an air?

Girl: Why?

Boy: Because I can’t breathe without you!

Note: This is just for fun.

Just For Fun

[Watch] Luke Bryan Lyric Pick Up Lines! #Hilarious

Luke Bryan has some catchy lyrics.  So would those lines work at catching a girl?  A young lad by the name of Tommy puts them to the test. 19 more words


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Hi wife, are you the sun?

It’s early in the morning, a  husband woke his wife up and said something.  The wife was shocked  when asked by her husband but was moved after… 74 more words

Just For Fun

I Could Have Been a Rich Man's Wife

Once upon a time, I lived in a historic neighborhood, though the history had yet to obtain a capital H. Recycling was required before recycling was the rage. 925 more words

A Day In A Life